Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell
Platform: PC
Genre: God Sim
Developer: MadCat Int. Software
Publisher: CDV Software

Beginner god job seekers
sex does not offer.

Heaven and Hell
For some reason I always thought: to be a god - a pleasant occupation, and perhaps even exciting. Thou doest thine own worlds, you want - with the magic you want - with the technical progress, or, more generally, deserted. Sunrises, sunsets - beauty, sitting and admiring. Well, at least, the laws of nature podredaktiruesh. Desired to humanity is the heliocentric system - sent elephants to turtles in a parallel project, a crystal set at ryumashki dismantled, land on the globe and pulled around the sun started. Lepota. But there it was - brave German boys from MadCat put me in place. Like, all these fairy tales: there is no God, the universe has turned into a big bang, people descended from apes, and have always been atheists. After that there were gods: bad and good. Or do they just moved away to smoke, while the amoeba upgrade? In general, it is dark. One thing is clear: an urgent need to pay presumptuous of humanity in their faith.

Heaven and Hell
It is hard to be a god, especially the god of atheists. First, it depends entirely on people - precisely because of their religious fervor turns mana, and without any lightning metnesh or earthquakes are not vyzovesh. Secondly, we have to rely on the prophets. Moreover, these paltry unwashed bigots clearly labeled alternate Almighty. Zam. neophytes to recruit supporters for military recruits for the army, caretaker monitors the buildings, etc. Total these guys seven. Property, incidentally, also participates in the divine: some building issue on the mountain of Manu and other help to strengthen the faith of population.

Heaven and Hell
In short, Heaven and Hell by God himself does not feel, maximum - unimportant deity of unknown origin. However, and this role would be arranged for me personally ... in any other case. The product of German developers lame in every limb. Graphics - merry, puppet and does not inspire feelings of divine power, to the same animation creatures slurred. Management uncomfortable. The left button rodent and allocates a unit, and gives the task. Pixel to the left pixel to the right - and instead choose a conspiratorial in the ideological camp of the enemy saboteur, you can easily send their "Pope" in the den of Satanists. On the right-click the same trouble, the unit it is, of course, cancel the selection, but a small mistake - and may lightning, for example, shandarahnut.

Gameplay - guileless, without any strategic depth, periodically turning into a routine clatter. All games load borne by a pair of the most important prophets taldychaschih good (or, conversely, harmful) message. Sometimes the process is, of course can be revived, using some alternative solution to the divine, but this does not spoil.For example, rush in your heretical preachers in the settlement of stale fruit - added one more prophet to the ideological power, or, say, the enemy suffered activists to distant lands.

Especially not encouraged me personally identity of good and evil. Heaven and Hell - twin brothers. Well, changed the colors, replaced the carrot sticks, renamed a couple of spells and buildings. Is that all? Why then do two campaigns, for good and for evil?

AI does not shine in IQ, is obsessed with obsession - hand-carry a reasonable-good-forever (stupid-evil-momentary) in a village, not give up. Even if (with the filing of your instigators), the prophets will be there waiting for only painful death. And if the campaign, he somehow keeps from land originally granted, then the game with a random alignment of forces does not leave him no chance. Just start the promotion in the same hole and the divine power to move all the boobies on his place of trade face to his.

Common diagnosis was not comforting: It is recommended as an atheist vaccinations to the victims of totalitarian sects. Hold on a fanatic for Heaven and Hell mesyatsok, you look out, instead of mumbling mantras: "There is no God, no God, no one would undertake such work."

Happy one - no one has yet undertaken to localize this dubious theology.