Contra 4

Contra 4
If someone forgot to recall: Contra 4 is a kind gift from Konami to all fans on the twentieth anniversary of the famous series of the past. Keyword - "fans" as seriously veterans will appreciate the gift only virtual carnage. Those veterans who 20 years ago served in a glorious eight-shelf, and found only Contra: Hard Corps youths let stand up to the side: it is completely deprived of the plot, there are no forks in the road, the main characters differ only in color and pants, and more still to open the passage. As for the current generation of gamers, the gameplay is so airtight dream about them except in nightmares: an attempt to overpower the initial level of play even at the lowest complexity can ultimately cause this hatred, in general, nor the innocent Nintendo DS.

Contra 4 Save Me
In contrast, no less heartless with respect to the player Castlevania Chronicles X, stored in Contra 4 is simply not accepted. But if you broke the gameplay for some important reasons, the game will offer to start with the same level, but will have to pay for precious life of the characters. But amid rampant in the game is even archaic - a generous indulgence.

Contra 4Contra 4
«Bill Rizer, whitefish from a helicopter into the jungle" - a picture of that name long ago should hang on the wall of every hardcore. Familiar scenery everywhere: here, for example, a quotation from Contra III.
That has turned out such a "night for those over." But those "who favor" should be just as happy: the individual level, as well as some bosses forced to recall the many hours on the NES, spent watching television with friends. And new levels and enemies did not lag behind the classic - by the way, the game became much longer than its predecessors: Be ready for that perfect pass Contra 4, so to speak "with one token" takes at least a couple of hours. In terms of learning the levels of hundreds of sunken attempts it will be not less than a few days! And co-op will not accelerate, but slow progress toward goals: for example, remember the level with waterfalls from the original game and the loss of one of the players, if the first was raised slightly above the position? Here you will find exactly the same thing, you can give a touching nostalgia will. As to the innovations, old fans really be surprised that the opportunity to carry two weapons at once and the new ability to upgrade: it is enough simply to take two consecutive means of destruction of the same species.

And the only absolute lack - "blind zone" between the screens. Alas, this disease seems to be chronic for flat two screen shooters, whose ancestors were "vertical arcade" (in their usual home versions of most of the original image invariably cropped). You either put up with it or not.It is unlikely that this evil is truly scary fan of classical Contra; if you're out of those - boldly raise the estimate by two points, our current guest, you are perfect.

Contra 4 Hardcore lovers
Lovers of hardcore here glory and honor. Developers are ready to all efforts to encourage gifts, among them an interview and art gallery, and comics, and characters-away from previous games show, and even the original Contra and Super Contra as Super. But the main gift, of course - a mode Challenge, challenging the most Steadfast Tin Soldier. How do you, for example, the need to pass the level with absolute hits or even without firing a shot? Four dozen additional events such sense to extend this crazy fun for a few days.

Contra 4Contra 4
The difference between low and high complexity primarily manifested in the speed of the opponents - at first they behave hesitantly, but on the last beat all records: the running speed and firing can only envy.
Contra 4 Alternative view
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idfongwong (Live Journal): It would seem that all the rules of the original Counter fulfilled: indeed, the first level - a hair's breadth a remake of the jungle from the very first 8-bit Counter, only the complexity of higher than the original (with the Contra: Alien Wars on SNES'e much more difficult, to say nothing about the Contra »Shattered Soldier for PS2). Ho ect a ma-aa-vermillion problem: two screens, of which I some time ago was nearly broke his eye in Sonic Rush. But this was Sonic, and this - Contra. That is an arcade 2d-shooter, more than half of which takes place "on script": to explore the area, you can not worry about what you catch up with any surprises in the form of a stray bullet and got out of nowhere turelki. Alas, I only have two eyes, and not four, to control both screens at once, separated polutorosantimetrovoy "partition". What's it called? "Complexity" of the game? The game is really elementary - real_lain yesterday passed it in one sitting. Issued to her on the PSP - the price should it not been for all fans of classic 2d-apkad. For there is a very nice finds, such as the ability to carry multiple weapons at once, upgrade them, clamping the right Shift to shoot, not budging ... But that's jumping from one screen to another, disturbing focus on gameplay - completely fight off the urge to play. Especially on the second level - the laboratory, which should be run, Kill vrazhin, fall down from the ceiling (we lovingly show on the second screen, where they fall ... while on the first screen to meet the hero with joyful hugs run out some zombaki). In general, once a capital Fail C generated by "race for originality."