Trauma Center: Second Opinion

Trauma Center: Second Opinion
"You have absolutely nothing to fear. This is my sixteenth operation, should she ever get! »Retry? Y / N

All we ever went to kindergarten. And in his free hours of quiet time we played there - with each other and dice without any prefixes. And it is we have fun - play in the profession. Or rather - "the shop", "a plane" or there, "the hairdresser."

- Zdlafstvuyte! Chevo want?

- Aphids green cube.

- Since you chetyle wrappers.

I remember: "the hospital" to play really did not work. Well what really can be a hospital, when really no one to cut, nothing and nowhere? Thus, self-indulgence is one ...

Trauma Center: Second OpinionTrauma Center: Second Opinion
Tortured to death, of course, no one will, but the profession turn out for the lovely soul. Retry? Y / N Matter how careful you are, depends on the final score on the results of operations. It really does not matter what impact, but still nice.

Surgery - is raging therapy

It just so happened that, in speaking of doctors, all somehow imagine exactly surgeons - a sort of knight clamp and scalpel. It is believed that the surgeon - the principal, a nurse with him - so that gives clues. In the world of Trauma Center are a bit different, since the events of the famous "simulator healer" occur in the near future. It is the future, as two drops of water would be consistent with our present to you, if it was not one "but": there is medicine has advanced. Do not need more variety of creams and potions, they will replace the generic gel. Support weakening the body life-giving universal injection. Much easier to handle and, yes, universal, and numerous tools and devices. And only the people all the same. For example, a novice surgeon, Dr. Derek Stiles. What he does? Knows how to cut, chop, sew, tape up ... In other words - to use instruments. But here's the thinking for him have his sister. Listen to her sister, gamers! It tells you when and where to cut, to plunge a needle and that is generally required to commit to the crucified on the operating table the patient not only survived, but recovered.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion SECRET!
To gain access to the sixth chapter, you must successfully complete not only the plot operation, but all the Z-epizody.Kstati, every X-mission can take place either at Nozomi, and for Derek. Think about it, if you ever need the special skills of one of them.

Trauma Center: Second OpinionTrauma Center: Second Opinion
The dying African child - the main enemy of your career! Angie - not just sugar-blonde, she - a ferocious incarnation of your medical conscience.

Oh-oh-oh! What is your rich inner world!

Yes, you will lead by the hand, and after a while you learn everything, understand the laws, by trial and error will suffer all the medical wisdom. You no longer need a virtual nanny to handle cuts refreshing gel to suck blood from a wound to improve visibility to cauterize the laser to probe ultrasound, to a place and time waving a syringe and forceps ... And then instead of sensible and experienced nurses, middle-aged you slipped irascible, arrogant and just like a stick girl character reminiscent notorious Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion. And then it stalled popret first story - will unfold in full force the characters, the action breaks out beyond a single hospital, and a story worthy of quite good anime mnogoseriynika, will open its arms. Artificial virus, strange events in Africa, the terrorists and the government, a mystical gift of Asclepius, and such strange terms GUILT and Sin - which just do not hear enough. And along with the hero, the player gets to the forefront of modern medicine: there is no ready-made solutions and the beaten path, this sister can go wrong, or even fall into hysterics. Here are pierced, and much more experienced and renowned doctors. Here ... Damn, this is a game whose rules have to clarify on the move. Thank God, your anesthesiologist strong nerves, served in the police and met with a sapper - otherwise you would never have to defuse the bomb in the fourth chapter!

Trauma Center: Second OpinionTrauma Center: Second Opinion
Nimble blood clots can easily bring you up to white heat. Carefully peruse goals and objectives of the operation - are looking for a clue. A good surgeon is like cutting - although the tumor, although the posting time bombs ...

Doctor, remove the mask, I recognize you!

All that we have once seen - in the Trauma Center: Under the Knife for Nintendo DS (reviewed in "SI» № 206). Now came the Nintendo Wii. Let's start with the principal and will gradually converge to detail. So, the important thing: Second Opinion - a remake of the game itself. Here you will find exactly the same story, exactly the same set of operations, and exactly the same characters. But now everything a little differently.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion Difficult?
The roar of lamentation about the complexity of Under the Knife, it seems, was not heeded by developers: too easy mission remained light, horribly complicated - not to just have not weakened the grip, and those games where clues, perhaps, worth to poprozrachnee, still churning confused and make thoughtless sort out the options, over and over again to torment the unfortunate patient.If still on the Nintendo DS is your way to fame, glory and peace throughout the world stopped dying african boy - you know, here he will not give any concessions.

Trauma Center: Second OpinionTrauma Center: Second Opinion
Do not have time to handle the cut antibiotic gel? Now, suck blood, waste time. The first of the "additional" missions for the Nozomi Weaver. Here it is necessary to piece together the fragments of the forearm bedolagi.

And how to get microbes to breathe deeply?

Forget about stylus - here's the TV remote and a stub of the handle. Stump, as it turned out, it is very convenient to choose the tools: in the lower left corner of the screen appeared a special "dial", which laid out and all of these torture devices, once memorized, that is where you have already quietly to himself a single slope toe instantly choose the right. Those who are now thought that, well, small achievement, any virtual surgeon respond quickly and brutally. When the account every moment longer, when you can not afford to distract the view of the unfolding deep in the patient's drama, when in my head for a moment carried by a million ideas - choose the right tool in the wilds of the interface simply can not be distracted! The left hand is now busy with important work and makes our lives, leave her alone, remembering the console. They will be the manner of a laser pointer, wield a tool selected (previously, this role was played by a stylus). There are no significant differences are found - all the same cut, catch, burns, tucks, and inject darn. A careful player will notice only that the use of forceps is now more interesting - it mimics the console by pressing the top and bottom (respectively Button "A" and "B"), in addition, the developers have got rid of inappropriate mini game "chest compressions" in favor of electric shock, interesting simulated using both halves at once the miracle of the controller. There is something else, but more on that later.

Trauma Center: Second OpinionTrauma Center: Second Opinion
ECT was invented specifically for the Wii-controller to successfully give a "escaping" the patient must use both the two halves, with the right moving them in space. In the world of Trauma Center, some doctors have amazing skills, which are called gifts of Asclepius. Under your leadership, Derek master Curative Touch - it is a short term slow down time, giving the chance to quickly and accurately deal with the problem.

Scratches on the table - a sure sign of diligence of a surgeon!

Unlike the second: external data. Say what you like, and Trauma Center went on to raise: no joke, from the graphic minimalism DS did not jump on the PSP, even - on the whole Wii! Immediately without processing a file can not do. So, what do we have? Completely redrawn sprites all: backgrounds and characters. It's not just about the detail and resolution - the design itself is now much tidier and more pleasant to the eye. Of course, has been revised and the whole 3D-graphics: the body of patients no longer resemble sacks of potatoes, dig them - a pleasure! But in each barrel of honey, for an absurd law of life, the universe and, in general, every now and then somehow seeping tar. Thus, having tuned in every way a copy of the previous game, we never came, oddly enough, quantitative improvements.Game in the Wii version is on DVD, and we expect more from her voice more emotion to the dialogue portraits, more animation, and even what a scene videos. Alas, the spartan minimalism of the game still resembles a theater performance: in the same scenery the same "talking heads" throws at us the story, expressed in millions of letters in the same dialog rectangles. Then our doctor suddenly from somewhere erupted voice exclaims: «Let's begin the operation!», And instead of a solitary button promotka all this talking-we finally get access to the full palette of possible actions, such as: cutting, removing, injecting, beat the current, sew and bandaging.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion I wonder?
Talking about the plot, just need to make some important reservations. Firstly, the fact that the story is good in itself (above it worked Isogay Sego, who managed to shine in the credits Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2) does not mean that the script and turned just as good - only some of the dialogues operating in a harmonious narrative are not glued. Sometimes the story is stalling, sometimes it sketchy, and then suddenly threatens to drown in a whirlpool of events. Derek conversation with a girl suicide bomber who did not want salvation, and burdened by them will cause stir something in the soul of even the most callous cynic, but after ten minutes the game suddenly again becomes detached, sterile - until the next brilliant episode. Really, it was worth to give the writers more freedom to implement story in the game.

Trauma Center: Second OpinionTrauma Center: Second Opinion

So-oo, posthumously-otrim ... Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, what have you got? "

And finally, the most delicious dessert for those who came along and across the original game in anticipation of the additives. Atlus would not be a, if not darts for a new meeting for new operations. Deeper into the game and beating the entry, each was surprised to find that the hitherto linear level structure there were any forks. Infrequently, but without meanness allow us to get used to the very short robe of Japanese stars Surgery Nozomi Weaver. Barely holding a scalpel in her appearance, he immediately says: Nozomi no match for Derek - it is collected, serious, cool-headed ... She is entrusted only to the most complex operations of its patients are considered uncollectible. There will not be enough trick with switching difficulty levels - just Extreme. But what a pleasure! After all, unlike the main campaign the local jobs were originally created per superpowers surprising Controller Nintendo Wii. It would seem - the same tools, but the range of applications has increased markedly ... And because no nurses with those of its tips! We have to think about. Sometimes for long periods.

Trauma Center: Second OpinionTrauma Center: Second Opinion

Everything is clear: an allergy to the screws!

As always in such cases - the difficulty in estimating.Be a Second Opinion independent, primitive game - it may be received score much higher. But with demonstrable progress since the release of Under the Knife, she still could (and should!) To become a better, prettier and more interesting than steel. But what is forgivable DS, sometimes unacceptable to the powerful home consoles, with the bulk carrier, good sound and large screen. But most importantly ... Save the letter and spirit of the original, the remake of subtly loses in realism. As would be silly as it sounds, but with his own "opening" of the patient stylus on a horizontal plane - much louder, more intimate, more plausible than a distance of several meters led remote-pointer on the vertical screen, even the coolest TV. There is a revolution of pen tablets, Nintendo!

Trauma Center: Second Opinion It is not clear?
Initially, many scares copious terminology game. All of these tumors, metastasis, aneurysm and adenoma for any healthy person - a dark forest. Do not rush to turn the skis! Firstly, all the basic terms digestible explained in the booklet, and secondly, you, as a player, understand them, not necessarily - just remember what approach to any ailment needed. "Blot" to suck, "pimples" - burning laser, "mushrooms" - cut ... Who cares what kind of diseases and how they are called in Latin?

Trauma Center: Second OpinionTrauma Center: Second Opinion