Runes of Magic

Runes of MagicRunes of Magic
Field number 5632453. As always, with the monsters. Tools to collect resources in the inventory of the character are not needed - the pick and ax arise from nowhere.
A quick glance at Runes of Magic it becomes clear what inspired its creators: WoW spirit hovers over a deliberately simple models of characters, hovers in exclamation marks above the heads of NPC, and decreased slowly, describing a circle above the starting area. Trying to RoM considered as a separate product, now and then stumble on the familiar elements of design, instantly dispel the illusion of something new.

Since the creation of a character you do not leave a feeling of deja vu. When launched, were available only to people with a disproportionately long legs and a six character classes, in addition a couple of weeks after the release of the complement appeared elves and two more classes. Surprisingly "old school" tutorial introduces the basics of the game, offering to kill the monsters here five and a dozen of those: apparently, the remarkable initial location of LotRO, konanovsky Tortazh and the process of creating a death knight from the same WoW passed Developer Runes of Magic. With all the quests as predictable: in the first village (the zone for the new characters then a) you are flooded with requests lime population of wolves, wild boars and walking mushrooms, incidentally explaining how to collect wood, metal and herbs. In game three mining profession, and several production - you can learn everything, but the charging will take time, but you can only specialize in one profession. The very same process of crafting is not much different from what we've seen in other MMOs - in general, it is for the better.

Runes of MagicRunes of Magic
PvP-match in full swing. To avoid confusion with his strange, on the back of each player's flag with the color of his team. In Runes of Magic rather emotional character, but the animation is such that cry.

Like all

Given that WoW came out five years ago, one would expect from Runes of Magic the best graphics, but do not: location look much poorer (the only exception is water) and do not spoil the details, monsters randomly wander across the meadow, as in the eastern MMOs, and characters, while having a large number of polygons, badly animated and sometimes partially sink into the landscape. The only thing that really managed to RoM, - music can not be said about the effects of fresh spells and cries of characters.To match them to the interface, not zhaluyuschy high-resolution (high - this is from 1280x1024) and is also great reminder of WoW.

However, and the creation of Blizzard borrowed from predecessors, many elements of design. Runes of Magic in this respect seems to be stuck between western and eastern MMO and a monkey in a famous anecdote, does not know who to join. On each task with more or less interesting plot here than a dozen typical quests from the category "kill-fetch". Strengthening the items with runes (similar gems in WoW and mascots in the Warhammer Online) coexists with an opportunity to raise (and if it fails - lower) quality stuff using special stones. And without that not very thoughtful location killed the same grind monsters, and a pioneer here itself will not be able to feel - maps of all regions are known in advance. Finally, when death from the hand of another character your character loses the item from inventory - feature inherent in the Sino-Korean games, and unpopular among Europeans. Despite the prospect of being killed and robbed "(true, free fights between characters are only available to PvP-servers), the game was a place duels and arenas (rating and honor points are present). But here RoM unpleasantly surprised: record on the third day of play on PvP-game, my character was at one stage with the men 49-50-th level, becoming a burden to your team and easy kills for the enemy. However, this lack of developers have already fixed: in the nearest patch in the arena appeared split over the levels (1-29, 30-39, 40 and above), which should provide more interesting fights. Another would be to the other absurdities were noticed - there is definitely a project to develop.

Runes of MagicRunes of Magic
Blood looks ... um, frankly absurd. Furniture in the house you can put anything you like. It would be that arranged.

A class of good, but two - better

Upon reaching the tenth level your character gets to choose second grade. Thus, before the release of "elf" additions to the game, there were 30 combinations. However, do not expect freedom a la "double specialization in WoW: between two classes (primary and secondary) can only switch in your home - the base housing and a small trunk for the subjects given free of charge. Naturally, the house can equip various furniture, but also to the possibilities of EverQuest 2 is far away. Yes, and an additional class in fact is not very great help in the battle: the main class can use only a portion of the secondary skills. However, the obvious benefit is undeniable: a knight, a priest will be able to treat himself and the robber-magician will not only have melee attacks, but some of my spells. To some extent, "two-class" is similar to the build in WoW, because all the specialization of the character is only in the choice of an additional class and abilities (they can buy and improve a talent points, which are awarded for killing monsters and completing tasks). But do not think that the secondary class will have the same level as the original - it will have to pump from the ground up (no one forbids complete the quest the main class and pass - added that he would got experience). Little help in upgrading the second class will also be artifacts that allow to accumulate experience and talent points.However, they, like the services of a stylist, mounts and many other useful things that are sold in a game shop for real money - Runes of Magic was originally developed with an eye to the "shareware". If you think this is a plus, easily add to the game yedinichku assessment.

Runes of MagicRunes of Magic
You can rent a horse for a while or buy forever. For real money. On the general background of minimalism in graphic design worked texture puzzling.

Runes of Magic About Us
2005. Based German company Forgster Interactive, dealing with the publication of online games. Is headquartered in Berlin.

2008. Frogster adapts to European and American markets Runes of Magic, developed by Taiwanese Runewaker Entertainment.

2009. Frogster signed a contract to remake The Chronicles of Spellborn: Dutch MMO, failed due to a small number of subscribers, will be translated into the shareware business model.