Tom Clancy's EndWar

Tom Clancy's EndWar
Strategies for game consoles - it's always sick theme. On the one hand, consolers also really want to drive across the screen herds of tanks, on the other hand, the standard gamepad for such training fits very poorly. So developers are looking for new management scheme. For example, in Tom Clancy's EndWar is the voice.

Principle the idea of ​​a very sensible - not digging the interface, famously shouting into the microphone: "Division 12! I order you to cover me from the left flank! ", And immediately on the left are heard thunder and explosions - this is a nice subdivision in 1912 somewhere off-screen hero to the rescue. Feeling, I must say, pleasant. Unusual sensation. But it is very inconvenient to all this is implemented. First, we need a long and tedious to configure the microphone (and, it turns out, not all microphones are equally useful, such as a headset Logitech earned their first attempt, but a similar product from Genius in general refused to "cooperate" with EndWar), carefully place it at a specified distance from the lip choose Sensitivity - all for the sake of the right moment and hold down the gap slowly and clearly pronounce the "division of twelve ... ... ... attack the enemy's alpha ... ...." With any luck the game even understand what you want from it.

In general, voice commands - they are from evil. Perhaps the console is a forced compromise, but to poke his arm in a mini-map - much faster, easier and more convenient than shouting into the microphone. The idea was excellent, but for performance - alas, Fail. Hopefully, the discovery of Ubisoft will not be forgotten, and eventually this system will bring the same to mind.

Tom Clancy's EndWarTom Clancy's EndWar
Sometimes, the mission of defense of the object are passed without the participation of players - set up the troops for cover, and you can drink tea The golden rule of EndWar - see the tanks, immediately lead to the attack helicopters. Against air attack enemy armor helpless

Stone-paper-scissors ...

... That is, tanks, armored personnel carriers, helicopters. In this formula, in fact, is the whole gameplay Tom Clancy's EndWar. I saw a tank, bomb him from a helicopter. Observed a helicopter, shot him from the APC. What if spotted APC, I think, guess yourself.

There is still much as two types of infantry: heavy is good for defense, not suitable for attack, light exactly the opposite, only knows how to beat the heavy infantry of the shelters. Triumphant minimalism. The top of the tactical mastery - this is when the offensive at the same time involved infantry and tanks, but still near and helicopters circling. To fight against such mixed units - is like a puzzle to solve, "insert the correct key in the desired lock. Interestingly, but with strategic games have little in common.

On the battlefield, placed the key point - the so-called "radio tower" - which must be taken or, conversely, to protect. Conventional combat the problem boils down to in order to capture the required number of towers and survive a certain time, for it is scored a victory.

Tom Clancy's EndWarTom Clancy's EndWar
Reinforcements do not appear on the battlefield out of nowhere, they effectively emerge from the womb of the cargo plane The camera can move freely around the battlefield, but explosions and destruction, it must show in the most favorable light

Active pause - seemed to have many years of ironclad standard of the genre - is missing. In general, this is correct, Tom Clancy's EndWar - romping action rather than a thoughtful strategy, there is no need to analyze the distribution of forces on the battlefield and to plan the operation point. Division Six, attack the enemy! Shooting, explosions, thunder, excitement! In this case, the camera tightly screwed to the selected unit to, God forbid, the player will miss any particularly juicy pyrotechnic effect. A free to carry a camera on the map - why? This is some exaggeration, it is not necessary.

And if the valiant soldiers injured in battle, that's okay. You just have to take them for the nearest bush and give some rest. Power panels will recover by themselves. Polite programmers from Shanghai really, really try anything not to upset the sensitive western player.

And even if the unit is completely destroyed in the heat of battle, you still should not grieve. The game has an almost unlimited number of reinforcements, which arrive on the battlefield for as killed in battle with our advanced detachments. Care of the Chinese want to scream.

Tom Clancy's EndWar Know your weapon, soldier
In Tom Clancy's EndWar under the control of the player are very few types of troops. The more important to know the strengths and weaknesses of each of them to instantly make the right choices in battle. After all, any mistake could result in serious losses.

Light Infantry - is effective against the engineers, is vulnerable to any military equipment. Is able to capture control points.

Heavy infantry (engineers) - in the shelter is effective against any technique outside the shelter are vulnerable to any technology. Is able to capture control points.

Helicopters - effective against tanks and artillery, are vulnerable to infantry fighting vehicles and engineers.

BMP - effective against helicopters are vulnerable to tanks, artillery and engineers.

Tanks - effective against infantry fighting vehicles and any infantry vulnerable to helicopters, artillery and engineers.

Artillery - is effective against tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and infantry, vulnerable to helicopters. In addition, artillery units should only be used at long distances, closely approached the tank is easily cracked down on them.

Staff cars - strictly speaking, are not combat techniques, they are intended for information support. In combat, are vulnerable to any enemy.

Tom Clancy's EndWar

Chilling story

The story begins quite cheerfully, quite in keeping with the old paranoid Clancy. Tell us about the bleak near future, depleting oil reserves, a new round of arms race and militarization of the near-Earth space, etc. Tutorial missions tell about attack anonymous terrorists, equipped with the latest technology (for example, it does not cost anything to fit in anywhere in the world a huge transport ship and the roll out of it a couple dozen tanks, combat helicopters). It starts with the confrontation of three superpowers: the United Europe, U.S. and Russia, where every neighbor suspects of complicity in the mysterious terrorists. It would seem that a great tie, now begin intrigues, political maneuvers, betrayals, personal drama, the conspiracies, the investigation ...

But alas, it starts only one - dull entertainment called "grab some random spot on the world map, because it is strategic and it should definitely grab." Captured? Ok, now take another one. And another. And yet twenty. Or even thirty. Congratulations, you've been single-player campaign Tom Clancy's EndWar. You're appreciated, it was a real dynamic campaign?

No, comrades, it was the usual trash.

Tom Clancy's EndWarTom Clancy's EndWar
Forest - the ideal shelter for infantry soldiers in the trees are virtually invulnerable, while retaining mobility Meet these towers in the game perform the role of the checkpoint. For tens of missions you have to grab and beat them

Theatre of the horrors of war

Play against live opponents much more fun. Here we are offered a choice of two modes. The first - a classic multiplayer over the network one-on-one "or" two for two, with or without AI. Fight the real enemies are not so boring as a predictable computer idiot. People are cunning, do deceptive moves, hide their intentions - in general, in good company, even the "stone-paper-scissors" into a tolerable pastime.

The second mode - this is, without exaggeration, pride and zest of the project. It is called the Theater of War, and it introduced a kind of global dynamic campaign where hundreds of players trying to redraw the political map of the world, attacking and defending territory, bases and cities. The parties are the same - Russia, Europe and the USA. At the end of each day, summed up, shifting frontlines and it becomes apparent how far the team has succeeded. In principle, this is a separate game within the game, the full strategic MMOs with different levels of command - from small to global planning of tactical operations. For those who deal in such pieces - very, very cool.

Tom Clancy's EndWar Tips
Try to protect their troops. If your unit has suffered heavy losses, to order the immediate evacuation of key (R), and your soldiers will soon leave the battlefield.

As participation in hostilities of your units gain experience, which is initially not very helpful, but eventually turns out to be indispensable. The fact that not everyone is an upgrade available for all troops - the improvement is more useful, the more experience should have parts that are entitled to it.

However, to gain access to any upgrades, it is sufficient to achieve rank of "veteran" (one star). Further growth experience fighters ("elite" and "Heroes") is only meant to enhance their fighting qualities, and new abilities will not open.

Tom Clancy's EndWar

Sound and Light

The picture in the game unpretentious, it is clear that the console - but it is very natural and pretty. With World in Conflict for manufacturability not compare, but to compete with it, probably no one is going. And the task - "all summer" - made perfect. The balance between good graphics and a lack of brakes followed.

Model soldiers and equipment are very detailed, obviously, made with love. Almost every little upgrade is changing the face of combat units - the tanks have additional guns, infantry rearming. Consider these details in a fight once, but a realistic sense of diversity, of course, arise.

With regard to physics, it is, roughly speaking, there is almost none. Destructible objects is virtually absent, rarely, rarely throw a couple of trees thinner or blow up a separate building. Downed helicopters fiery comets falling directly on the standing infantry, but the soldiers do not pay attention to such little things in life.

Language localization of cloth - but it is in the original such an army specificity, could not be helped. Traditionally inexpressive voice, as if in a dream actors read their role - but there is military talk, they can be. A couple of times amused by the attempts ozvuchateley portray strong emotions such as panic. Unknown soldier so enthusiastically shouted, "We end! The enemy moves in the decisive attack! They break on the right flank! "That unwittingly anticipated continued:" Strike! Gooool! "

But fortunately, in this case, acting separately and is not necessary. Tea, then we do not have the quest and not RPG. Although to some it is the genre include EndWar, the move is difficult to formulate. Perhaps it would be correct to call it "arcade strategy".

Tom Clancy's EndWarTom Clancy's EndWar
Fight night somewhere in remote Siberia - what could be atmospheric? Only a tank battle on Red Square