Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)

Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)

Tim Schafer - a great man. He regularly every few years, he finds that kind of fireman hot vents, the gaming industry. Will throw a couple of "shovels" of ideas, mechanics, and interesting findings, and then again goes to work. Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts - Tim Schafer's ingenious designs that turned on its head turned, it seemed, all the dogmas of video games, but managed to stay in this niche. Brutal Legend traditions change also did not ...

At the wrong time, wrong place

Eddie Riggs - the best helper in the world in organizing rock concerts and in combination - the protagonist of the game. Can customize any guitar, build a drum set for a few seconds or rebuild the scenery for the stage, and indeed, it is - that is called, and the stove, and a carpenter, and in mice hunter. " A clever fellow, even though metalworker. In the blood from him - a truly heroic starter, multiplied by the love of heavy music. The image of Eddie's many seem familiar, and not without reason, because in the project involved himself, Jack Black (see sidebar). It was he who gave the hero of his voice, appearance and character. So the protagonist Brutal Legend has turned one of the most colorful characters who attended the game industry's history.

The main problem is that Eddie feels out of place. If born at the wrong time. He would be in an age when the metal (the musical direction, but not material) was real, "alive", rather than what is now - one of pop music remained. The last concert has changed the lives of our protagonists once and for all. Saving boobies guitarist, he dies under collapsed part of the scenery. But here everything is just beginning ...

Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)
What else to say - beautiful! No wonder that the protagonist crush on her as soon as possible. Local mod and songster, an outspoken representative of the glam-rock. At first - the main opponent of our hero.

Through the Looking Glass Tim Schafer

Schafer's team managed the impossible - to create a comprehensive, logically sound universe, based on - lyrics of groups like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, etc. Grotesque, dark, full of incomprehensible beings, but to the horror attractive - "Through the Looking Glass» Brutal Legend is unparalleled. Giant Mountains, volcanoes, collected from the bones of enemies fortress, even the local shops (called playing the guitar) - all fits in a given style of the authors.

History began, as usual, many centuries ago, when the mighty Titans inhabited the earth. They left behind hundreds of different artifacts and devices that use energy as a power metal.Current residents of "Looking Glass" did not find all this good use, and only Eddie Riggs under the force to know all the secrets of the Ancients. At this and put their trust his new colleagues: Leader of the rebel movement, Lars, his mischievous blond sister, and future lover protagonist. That newfound hero to help them in the war against "evil forces". Glam-rockers, emo and goth - these are those who have to fight. Painted, creating a solid nepotrebschinu - shows that Schaefer made a game for true connoisseurs of the metal, which subtly ridicules the vices of the "new generation" of heavy music. After all vyshenapisannogo may give the impression that Brutal Legend - hilarious farce, delight for those who are "in the subject." In part, you're right - an inveterate metallyugam happy here, but mere mortals will get a lot of pleasure from the abundance of cool gags (gag - a joke, based on the apparent absurdity of the situation, statements or actions).

Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)
Grand descent from the ivory mound followed by a prayer Eddy, facing the way, the evil gods:) At the sight of such training takes your breath away! But this is only a battle with the first boss. Chop off a villain, all three languages, and the trick is done.

Not sure, but it sounds cool

It is necessary to say a big thanks to Jack Black and other guest stars, because thanks to their efforts many jokes and tricks downright blossom before our eyes. Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath), Lita Ford (The Runaways), Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Kilmayster Lemmy (Motorhead) - even if you're not a fan of heavy guitar riffs and piercing vocals, the names of these people, most likely you are familiar with. Their appearance is transferred to measure reliably, but, naturally, in the caricatured manner. 108 tracks have been licensed for the game. Among them are works by such groups as: Slayer, Ministry, Whitesnake, Motley Crue, DragonForce, Manowar, and many others. The list wormed even fictional band Dethklok from the television show "Metallapokalipsis" which airs on the channel "2x2". Especially since that voice is also not podkachala. All the actors and musicians work out their own bread at 100%, and even more. To our great regret, because of the absence of any localization of the Russian gamers get high half of the game simply does not get it. Either teach English or looking on the internet fans' orders.

Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru) Issues of self-censorship
Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)
Brutal Legend was the first in my memory that project, in which censorship can be adjusted directly within the game. In the beginning, before Eddie heroically dies, he will express a couple of tender to the lackadaisical guitar. You are granted the right choice: to listen to abuse for what it is, or "zapikivat" every word expletive.Later, when awakened from thousand-year sleep demon Ormagoden will destroy the concert area, you still have a hard choice. Witness the violence in the full-length - with splashes of blood and raschlenenkoy, or limited to the minimum cruel moments. Reaching an audience through such an approach, grows at times. And before that had not guessed?

Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)
Lita Ford over the years, it seems, only prettier! It's a pity her girlfriend a bit too similar. These shots remind Resident Evil - Eddie merely crushes naughty ready.


As I hope you have understood - to the emotional and artistic point of view, Brutal Legend all just fine. But this is not a movie, but from a purely gaming moments in the project, not all that smooth. From the outset, you will be available two main types of Weapons: Axe The Separator and electric Clementine. Battle Axe is useful in close combat, and the guitar - to shoot enemies from a distance. With the help of "Clementine" will also have to perform many vital steps: activate a variety of artifacts to inspire confidence in the hearts of supporters (thereby improving their combat skills), build new facilities in strategic mode (more on that later), etc. Follow these guitars insert in the form of mini-games in the style of Guitar Hero: need time to press lights up on the screen controller.

The combat system plays an important but not dominant role. At the lowest level of complexity can peck on the two attack keys in any order - is still something sensible comes out. At higher levels, do not forget about the presence of the block - it will save in a difficult moment.

A little later the hero razzhivetsya own car, motorcycle, and ultimately the personal army of rabid fans. Moreover, any weapon or vehicle can be improved in many ways. Put the guns on the car - no problem! Give a "separator" fiery brilliance, and "Clementine" to teach hitting several targets - go for it! Here comes into play legendary Ozzie in the role of guardian of the secrets of the metal. Mr. Osborne - a nice fellow, and after a couple of admiring the replica to the car Eddie agrees to help us. For a modest fee, it is worth noting.

Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)
Ozzy Osbourne - the keeper of the secrets of metal and part-time - the main upgrades on the weapons. This infection with the swoop will not take, especially at the beginning of the game. Never mind, my guitar cool down its ardor.

On the one hand, Brutal Legend - fripleerny adventure action game. On the other - real-time strategy. And if in the first case everything is clear: we go on a typewriter on the huge world, we carry a variety of tasks, we laugh at the jokes, the plot to move, "reeling" and so on, RTS-component of the game is not so obvious. Firstly, the game starts as a pure action-adventure, and it is difficult to understand where there may be a strategy to shove. Secondly, the project was released only on consoles, where strategic genre - an infrequent visitor due to unsuitability of joysticks to control, sharpened under the keyboard and mouse.

About an hour you will shred enemies in the cabbage and travel the world, then, gathering a small army, rush to the first strategic battle. It can spoil the impression of the game: look at what is happening we are all the same - the third person, micromanagement is made painfully awkward, but on the battlefield is going on a continuous confusion. Very unhappy - the first battle to horrible, but all will follow a light, even hard-core strategists. Have to contend with the operation, follow the lives of dozens of subordinates, and themselves enough time to fight with enemies.

Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)
Eddie spends "two-pronged attack." Joining together with one or more fighters, you can perform a variety of special moves. Fountain fan shower. Good guitar solo will activate the building houses the fan-service. Fans, in turn, serve as a precious resource.

The main resource in the game - not gold or wood, and the souls of the fans. Every fight is decorated in the style of a rock concert in which your problem - how to amuse the fans and beat the enemy base (and thus discourage foreign fans). Thus, we find "a well Souls" build "a fan" building (in fact - a stall where they sell T-shirts, CDs and other paraphernalia), and the souls of the fans start the river flowing at the concert venue (your site). From shower Lepim recruits, artillery, sharpshooters, and others. The more souls - the more you crap units, and the steeper one can refine the base.

Micromanagement is designed extremely complicated and not always logical. Digital crossing is responsible for four major orders troops: "attack", "defend", "follow me" and "hold position". The cursor can be fixed on a certain object, and then give orders to (usually either "attack" or "defend"). On paper, everything is simple, but in fact - far from it. To give orders can only be in close proximity to the troops. Keep track of all units at the same time - unreal. Just sent two detachments of infantry (the young metal-dubolomy) to the front and distracted by the creation of the shooters, as the infantry killed, and the fan booth began to attack. And so - permanently. Over time, however, you begin to get used to the large reservoir management and some conventions of combat. Eddie learned to fly over the battlefield, and control forces a bird's-eye at times more convenient. It will be possible to develop fighters, build new buildings, improve the equipment. The main thing to endure the first few battles, and the game will go down in the right direction.

ru) "/> Blackjack
Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)
Jack in the role of Eddie Riggs carries the scene MTV. Jack in the role of a Mexican wrestler ("Supernacho).

Jack Black - the famous American actor, comedian and musician. Film career began with small roles in the film by Tim Robbins' Bob Roberst "in 1992. To date, published about thirty paintings with his participation, including "The Cable Guy," "Enemy of the State", "School of Rock" and "King Kong Peter Jackson. Voiced characters in various cartoons and animated films: Poo ("Kung Fu Panda"), Zeke ("Ice Age"). Due to the very rich facial expressions and specific exterior, Black became a master of gags and parodies. In 1994, along with Kyle Gass founded the rock band Tenacious D, which exists to this day. About Jack can say that it's incredibly versatile and remarkably bright person. And is not afraid to be funny, which is also important.

Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)

On the face of an awful good inside

Go is to understand (and accept), Brutal Legend - the game is technically outdated. And not a year or two, as often happens, but years of such things at five. Bad textures, a serious shortage of landfills, the brakes engine - all these factors clearly do not honor the game. In all of this, the draft Double Fine Productions do not really want to curse. It is necessary to pay tribute to artists, designers and animators - but thanks to their hard work and diligence of the appearance of Brutal Legend is not annoying, especially an excellent look narrative scenes. Lighting and special effects, by the way, also improve the picture but not much. Although all of the games Mr. Schaefer is not masterpieces with graphic point of view, for unknown reasons, this does not prevent them from getting the most flattering assessment from both critics and gamers from simple.

Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)
The heat of battle. Ginger pattern in the snow - give orders to commander. Most of the troops will soon tighten demolish enemy "castle". From location to location heroes travel to this lovely pickup truck.A kind of tour regularly try to disrupt the envious and ill-wishers.

Thank you, Mr. Schaefer!

Four and a half years, Brutal Legend is in development. During this time, got a lot of games, was replaced by generation consoles, and in general - a lot of things important happened. But the game still went out and break the bank. None of her million polygons or textures of widespread relief, but it has a soul. It so happened that in our century, when the ball is ruled by heavyweights like Uncharted 2 or Grand Theft Auto 4, Brutal Legend looks like a black sheep in their background. In the same way as previous work by Tim Schafer, it remains a niche. Maybe that's why she gives so much pleasure. Did you miss us on these projects.

Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru) Reflecting on the two
Multiplayer game features simple but concise manner. Most of all, he recalled the Battle of Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes (Xbox). You opponent choose one of three warring factions and rushes into battle. Problem, as in single - destroy the enemy base by any means available. Allowed only to play online. You can choose from three warring factions:

  • IronHeade - human army under the leadership of Eddie Riggs. Characterized by a high rate of movement and outstanding strength, but with persistence they have problems.
  • Drowning Doom - edakii necromancers who actually goths. Weak and slow, but know how to suck the life energy of the opponents, thus equalizing the chances of winning.
  • Tainted Coil - demonic faction. Represents the interests of the glam metal. These monsters are remarkably tenacious and replenish its forces at a furious pace, but weak in attack and very one-track.
Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)Brutal Legend (review gameland. Ru)
IronHeade Drowning Doom Tainted Coil