Cooking Mama

Collection of mini-games on the DS is often wrapped in different wrappers: some go on big names, others invent something new. Found such that the game would undertake to teach them something. Or is it fiction? Cooking Mama is hardly a benefit for the person you dare to go to a cook, but as a master-class treatment with a stylus, it is even nothing.

In the kitchen, where the unfolding dramatic events of Cooking Mama, has all the necessary products and supplies, to feel the virtual scullion. There's even a mother, that counts points for each of your culinary experiments, a timer and a great cookbook with selected mother's recipes. Enough to choose one of the favorite dishes, and Mom will propose procedures for each of them and have a separate mini-game. Sometimes a recipe can be slightly changed, and the chain will be reconstructed, but the essence remains the same.

Cooking MamaCooking Mama
First, in each cell Pour cooked "something", then wait until everyone is properly fried, and then flip. All - in one mini-game. Cut something has to very quickly. Good, "led" the stylus around the screen is not required - just lightly tap on it.
In Cooking Mama stylus has cut cucumber, shred the tofu, turn down and allow the fire on the stove. The duration of each mini-game is less than a minute - the time counter in the corner of the screen sometimes attaches to the fulfillment of what a culinary job twenty, even ten seconds. Stay within the allotted time, and Mom will award you a medal. Do not have time - it will have to correct the tainted food.

Not all mini-games consist of a single action. There are also those where it is necessary to show the wonders lightness. For example, do five meat cutlets, and then all five izvalyat in grated cheese, and dunk in the sauce and anything fried. And to all this is not burnt, have all the same stylus pop-frying the contents.

Cooking MamaCooking Mama
Soups cooking easier, but even with them boring. For example, a mini-game "twirled fire according to the instruction" is not accompanied by a detailed description of how and what to do. So the first mom trying hardly be reckoned, and the end result will be spoiled.

In addition to the basic mode, where you can cook only one dish, there are "combined". There are encouraged to prepare in several recipes. The main principle, however, from this still does not change - a chain of mini-games is doubled, but the fun of it will not, unless it is more difficult. In general, prior to the third mode (which will improve the speed of cutting anything that comes their way), and can not reach. And look there, by and large, no matter what. The first frustration overtake a player, when the pattern begins to repeat the action several times during the recipe.Explanatory promotion effort, but to nowhere the leading points system, there is provided, as well as allusions to the storyline. All this is unprofitable distinguishes Cooking Mama from the nearest relatives - Trauma Center: Under the Knife. Continue to scrape the screen with stylus would not want the same after the second night, when Cooking Mama is nothing we can not offer this, which did not have time to get bored with the day before.

Cooking MamaCooking Mama