World Racing 2

World Racing 2
But the genre of racing, it seems, really is immortal. Whatever happened in the world, the race will continue to go out and do not lose their national recognition. Of course, customers will achieve love is not everything. On projects like Live for Speed ​​or rFactor, know one, but that's ageless Need for Speed ​​or Forza Motorsport on everyone's lips, and to the arcade with psevdosimulyatorami "people's path's not overgrown. That team Synetic has decided to earn additionally on fashion trends, and released the second part of the project racing World Racing.

"The first series of" warm reception from gamers is not received. It was beautiful, solidly, but without raisins, and more like an interactive directory of stories concern Mercedes-Benz, than the game.

World Racing 2 Farmers
World Racing 2

It seems that lately all the developers turned to some farmers farmers. Any new project is trying to impress us this grass. Was no exception, and WR2. And the grass is not so much realistic as interactive! If you traveled somewhere on the field, it necessarily primnetsya.

World Racing 2World Racing 2
The only real existing track that is included in the game - Hockenheimring. Here at a red Mercedes you have to first face driftovaniem.
At this time we are waiting for something quite different. Leaving the best components, including graphics and tracks (in both urban and off-road), the German magicians have added many new features. Immediately obvious that Synetic has not been lost, and studied other people's achievements. It seems that most of them liked the TV series Project Gotham Racing.

Especially caught the liking of the system to encourage the player for a spectacular drive. As in PGR, here we must go nicely: Do not butt rivals, not to cut off the road, fabricate all kinds of drifts, jumps and other tryukachestva. Well-traveled cycle? Get bonus points. Crashed with all the dope into a lamppost? Sorry, but senseless ride with you fine. The result is then summed, and the points received in the blink of an eye turn into money.

And here makes itself felt first pitfall WR2 - career mode. So straight-dubolomnogo its incarnations, I can not remember for a long time. Tell me, what a game this whole mess with bonuses and cash, if the career mode you can not even choose a car? Not only here in general, all of you have already chosen. No freedom, only gradually passing around a hundred missions.Straight Urban Reign of some sort. There's even a character pumped, but here it? Just sit and watch.

World Racing 2 PC-shnye joy
Of course, most developers paid attention to PC-version of the game. It is not enough that all looks beautiful, so still and patches with the additions right there. On the official website you can download for six new cars from Brabus, ten wheel drive and seven vinyls. And the developers promise to delight us so very often.

World Racing 2World Racing 2
You will be prompted to travel not only on the asphalt. What arcade racing be without nitro-acceleration?
What else is in store developers? Yeah, you need to pass a line of drifting and gain drift points at the three hundredth of a Mercedes. Oh, must go from point A to point B, not to scratch our Volkswagen. Is it true that you give us to participate in the race for Pagani Zonda on the Nurburgring? Oh, here's a thank you!

But it would, perhaps, be nice if all the jobs you could go with the first and second times. And to all the machines in the game looked like, and in a variety of races to participate. But here emerges the second problem - rivals. They would not have to go sports car, and in some Carmageddon'e, on the tractor. They cut, pushed and generally behave in a completely un-athletic. Fortunately, in the latest patch developers guessed include setting AI. And what would you do to those who because of this, the twentieth time passed Arrivals, cursing everything in the world?

Still, the game leaves pleasant memories. It is very beautiful levels, good texture, bright sun. There are circular routes and huge levels of freedom of movement: if you want to jump the bridge, want to ride on the field, no one interferes. Maybe the car models are far from perfect, or at least their counterparts of GT Legends. But as they are beautiful and dirty fight - one lovely sight! In general, World Racing 2 - good fun for half an hour after work. I came, I turned on Miami or any Italy, download your favorite car and skate as much as you want.

World Racing 2 Garage
Vehicle fleet to a new World Racing is very impressive, and takes less of the machines themselves (they somehow remained, as before, under ninety) as the number of brands. Indeed, in the last part, as everyone remembers, there were only Mercedes, at the same time the number of producers has risen right up to seventeen pieces, and there is a world-famous brands like Skoda or Volkswagen, and exotics like the Caterham or a Morgan. It is unfortunate that there is everybody's favorite Lamborghini or Ferrari, but a chance to break into the trash a landmark sports car, like Pagani Zonda, standing beyond the five hundred thousand dollars, too, falls every day.

World Racing 2World Racing 2
World Racing 2World Racing 2
And I do not remember that somewhere in cars not just myalis and covered with mud, but also scratched! And the size and depth of scratches depends on how much you apply. Before the game starts you in the mandatory offer to choose your appearance goschika.