What were you doing when I came out of Doom 3? Surely, it is not so than now. Over the past five years, only not changed, only the engine id Tech 4 (on which the shooter was going to Mars) remained unchanged. In the hands of Raven the studio he had in 2005, which in 2009 looks almost identical. When developers get to it first, they, in cooperation with id Software created a Quake 4 - the one from all parts of the greenest.

Look at the screenshots in the article, and you will see that the new Wolfenstein far away from the previous shooter Raven. The picture you see, again, green color, so even with the textures and models, though five years ago. That is what catches the eye first of all - the game has just begun, but seriously its no longer want to receive. But there are on clothes, and escorted ... No, if we were seen off by Wolfenstein on the mind parting, too, would have been sad. Wolfenstein will accompany gameplay - this is a fun game, although the stupid and ugly.

If you sneak up to the Germans from behind, you can silently kill him - the protagonist of the profession spy In the foreground behind cover you can see our allies. They hide from the wrong side. Idiots

The fact that it would be foolish, it was possible, however, predict: no part of the series did not differ serious plot. The Germans, following the tradition of old games, "hack box" to the underworld, and then call the zombies and giant spiders, create groups of magicians and spies, invisible. The protagonist arrives in a small town, where these experiments are carried out. There he finds the leaders of the resistance forces, listen to them rant about anything, and then kills fascists in the sewers, castles, mines, and even in streets.

Generally speaking, all plot and dialogue clips games are divided into two types: either you meet with allies and learn from them, who and where you want to kill, or see how the Nazis include some terrible unit, then the infernal machine exploded, releasing on freedom of a new type of monsters. No kidding, one of these two options is reduced most of the scenes. Particularly disappointing that the authors of this weakness can not see the game and stretch each such episode to the impossibility.

In an attempt to move away from archaic old "Vulfenshteynov" the developers were allowed to move freely around the city, where you between missions communicate with friends and buy equipment. The problem is that it is filled with the Nazis - not only have to spend hours running around the same streets, so also from the enemy all the time firing back. The idea of ​​an open city was probably the most unsuccessful author's idea.

In a parallel dimension that's flying the giant pincers In the game runs regeneration: maybe more, and will

Itself as the best of their discovery was the "Veil", a parallel world in which you can navigate by clicking a button. Screen at this very green in the air appear strange flying beetles, enemies and bullets start to light up in some places open secret passages and grow up the ladder. Sometimes, finding the invisible hole in the wall, you can go to the rear of the enemy or fall into a secret location. But for a long time in the "veil" to be impossible: for it consumes you want to restore in specially designated areas. As the story the hero gets all the new features in a parallel dimension: he learns to slow down time, include an energy shield and increases the damage from bullets. The last two skills, though, in a normal game is completely useless: it is always advantageous to slow down the enemy, than to let it reinforced all of the machine. But the battles with the bosses, each ability is useful, these fights are generally by the memorable scenes games.

In the arsenal of the hero is a classic arms fortieth (singly rifle, a pair of machine guns, flamethrowers, RPGs), and retrofuturisticheskoe, for example, the Tesla Gun, which throws in all directions, lightning. No wonder the developers in each interview were trying to screw a few words about the arsenal: it is really interesting. In addition, it can be improved for the money earned during missions. Screw the silencer, increase the size of the drum or reduce impact - all this can be done at traders in the city, they have as you progress and skills related to the "veil". And in Wolfenstein can throw a grenade had come up again. So if you see on the screen icon, threatening, you should not run far away, but on the contrary, fast enough "gift" to repay the reptiles of the same coin.

Angular tubes, washed ceilings and fascists - all we saw ten years ago The game has a Nazi symbols! How is that just missed the press?

Bizarre set of weapons - the same selection of enemies. Conventional Nazis immediately rejects: they are boring and dull. AI in the game in general is rather weak: the soldiers continue to sit behind cover when you are hitting them the butt of the ear, they focus not see the hero and spit on the deaths of their comrades. Supernatural beings are more interesting. Soldiers invisible force you are pressed into the corner with a flamethrower in his hands: yobbo sneaks from behind and kills a couple of strokes. If the room is a magician, he can impose on his fellow Nazis energy shields - to deal with such a villain, have to take the room by storm and break through to the magician, ignoring his enchanted friends. When the room bursts attack in heavy armor, it's time to include a slowdown in: you have to circle around the enemy and aim at its vulnerable points that are highlighted in the hereafter.And coming on the open space, be wary of attack from above: as soon as you start around the bomb explodes, raising his eyes to heaven - there is certainly circling armored soldiers with jetpacks. It remains only to quickly hide under the roof and looking out, to make accurate shots. And it's not all villains, but there's still very interesting bosses. Different types of monsters, a great multitude, so that the tactics should be changed regularly - this is one of the major pluses of the game.

But even these positive qualities do not allow Wolfenstein stand out against other samples of the same genre. So even minor flaws in the field of game design annoying: they are superimposed on one another, turning into a big common flaw. Developers simply do not recognize the worldly logic. For example, an energy shield protects from electricity here, but not from the fire. Why - an enigma. And it is nowhere explained, you will learn about the strangeness only by experience, once burned to the ground. Or here's another - if the hero comes out of "Veil" in the place where in reality there is a wall, it breaks into pieces. Yes, there "worldly logic" works, but again goes out unfairly - because of the green world can not see where this is the wall, and where they are not. You innocently changing mode - chpok - and falls dead. A screen appears, saying, sorry, mate, no luck. It seems that this is bad game design.

Leonid Aleksandrov will now be two minutes of formulaic phrases to say the obvious, but we will not listen to him and go brewed tea Rail entertainment in the spirit of the Call of Duty are rare, sometimes accompanied by bugs, but this does not become boring

Monsters are regularly out of the long polished locations, some doors do not open up until they do not unlock the writer. Once the hero was not allowed out of the room until he picked up a new weapon. Door was shut, took a gun - and she, without explanation, to open wide. This, of course, minor flaws, but in the quantities they act on the nerves.

With an online business, too bad: graphics in it gets worse, and a boring game modes other. Lessons Enemy Territories nobody, apparently, not learned. The team responsible for the multiplayer, whitelist after the release of Wolfenstein began mass layoffs - this is about something so he says.

Spirit of the show in the new part was definitely - and old-fashioned design of locations and enemies in something familiar. But to the desired level of quality developers from Raven not have lasted: the game is unlikely to return the TV series to its former popularity.

Wolfenstein Chronology
  • 1939 - The outbreak of World War II.
  • 1945 - The end of World War II.
  • 1981 - Castle Wolfenstein (Muse), the two-dimensional stealth-action game.
  • 1984 - Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (Muse), the continuation of Castle Wolfenstein in the same genre.
  • 1992 - Wolfenstein 3D (id Software).It was this shooter made FPS genre
  • popular.
  • 1992 - Spear of Destiny (id Software), a direct continuation of Wolfenstein 3D.
  • 2001 - Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Gray Matter), the first game in the series with fully polygonal graphics.
  • 2003 - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (Splash Damage), free
  • multiplayer shooter
  • on the basis of RtCW.
  • 2008 - Wolfenstein RPG (id Software), a game for mobile phones.
  • 2009 - Wolfenstein (Raven Software).