Superman Returns: The Videogame

Clark Kent had dreamed of returning to a wide screens for many years. But only relatively recently the main savior of humanity still looked into the theater - where, incidentally, he was greeted by a much more subdued than expected. After some time after the premiere of the chief superhero of America and got to game consoles - not without help from the omnipresent Electronic Arts. However, he is a superman, we've waited for?

Superman Returns: The VideogameSuperman Returns: The Videogame
Purple Bizarro almost nothing inferior to Superman, but prefers not to save and destroy. By the way, for it will even play. Long. Among the opponents and come across a rather exotic creatures. However, Superman, they are still not adversaries.

Former football player?

Creating an interactive version of Superman Returns directed studio EA Tiburon, make a name for the series Madden NFL. Developers have tried to approach the matter creatively and in the first place ... severely disfigured plot. Of course, we understand that the confrontation of Superman and Lex Luther was not enough for the needs of screenwriters, and the need for the emergence of new characters not in doubt. The trick is how to write in the course of events. Made it very badly. Villains popping up like little devils of the woodwork, and then somewhere to disappear without warning. Of the goodies are not left at all anyone - even his beloved Clark, Lois Lane. Under the hot hand Tiburon got even Luther himself: he rolls in storyline is still present, but the game every time mysteriously evaporates. However, the story - it's bad. The main trouble Superman Returns related to the gameplay, the implementation of which leaves so many questions.

Superman Returns: The VideogameSuperman Returns: The Videogame
Thanks to the tremendous speed Superman can be anywhere in Metropolis for a few seconds. Heroes of Superman Returns in a short time are able to parse the structure of any magnitude. For example, out of the way podnadoevshy billboard.

Lost Highway

Reasonable to assume that by refusing to follow the plot of the same movie, the developers will give us the freedom, which is usually so lacking in "licensed" games. Alas, the dream remained a dream - Superman is forced to rush like mad to Metropolis, do one stupid job after another. No right to choose the hero is not in sight: an attempt to take time off from work inevitably leads to disastrous results.

As to the tasks at them head did not break. Destruction of meteorites for workouts, participate in a semblance of gladiatorial battles for the amusement of one megazlodeyu, return to Metropolis to meet up with others ... Monotonous mission from the category of "save people, protect public property, occasionally replaced by monotonous fights with weak, but numerous enemies which cover the next boss.

Superman himself, as usual, indeed virtually invulnerable and kill his opponents fail. But the Metropolis and its inhabitants are like "puleneprobivaemostyu" can not boast - and every failure of the hero entails the destruction of municipal property and civilian casualties. Losses and loss of population can be tracked on a scale at the top of the screen - as soon as she filled up to a critical point, Superman count the losses.

Superman Returns: The VideogameSuperman Returns: The Videogame
Since the robots have to deal more often. Explosions were great fun. It's a pity about the rest of the same can not be said.

Looking for talents

One of the major talents of Superman - the ability to fly. It quickly turns into the main advantage of the game. In the air, Man of Steel is able to develop answered by a serious gallop, and the developers gave a sense of insane speed with a single uncomplicated technique - far involved the motion blur. However, when the screen clouding grayish haze see anything becomes difficult. But take your breath away, do not argue. A map will always help to orient it the same radar.

In addition to safety, in the arsenal of our ward are Superforce (move the truck from one street to another - a piece of cake) and several types of radiation. The latter is useful when you want to blow up or, conversely, to freeze any object. In addition, in the head with a curl obviously hid a small X-ray machine, and along with telescope. Thanks to them, Superman differs incredibly sharp vision and literally permeates the views of many obstacles.

Managing all this wealth, subjectively, to make easier and more convenient, however, complain at all desire can hardly get: anyway, Superman obeys commands properly, but to the layout of buttons you can with the time and getting used to. But here is to adapt to the camera - dismiss! Angles there a worse than another, and attempts to rectify the situation right arm gamepad is usually the desired result does not lead.

Contradictory impression is left, and graphics. And from the first minutes. On the one hand, there is a huge city like hedgehog spines spiked with skyscrapers. And this town (especially with a bird's eye) looks really huge and beautiful. Of course, flying close to any building, it is easy to detect a deficit of polygons, and textures are far from ideal. And yet Metropolis does not disappoint. However, the coin has another side - a clumsy, awkward, and even some crooked Superman himself, in addition, a very mediocre animated. And after three-dimensional models of ordinary citizens of Metropolis is even worse! Do not forget also about annoying special effects: even for a PS2 they are very clumsy, let alone remember the power of the Xbox 360.

Superman Returns: The VideogameSuperman Returns: The Videogame


One gets the impression that the fathers of Superman Returns so to the end and did not understand what game they wanted to do. And as a result - is firmly stuck in the quagmire of their own and others' ideas. But gamers are a result of the game, probably for the curious admirers Clark Kent in general and the movie "Superman Returns" in particular, but completely impersonal, unwieldy and, ultimately, just boring.We believe this hero deserves a lot more! Despite the predilection for cheap posturing and blue skin-tight leotards.

Superman Returns: The Videogame Other supermen
True to custom, to run a project for all platforms at once, Electronic Arts paid attention and Nintendo DS. Version of the game for this console did the same command, nevertheless portable Superman Returns is markedly different from the older sisters. First of all, everything in it to more accurately with the plot, although without the "white threads", of course, has not done. Secondly, the actual gameplay was divided into two parts - a tactical step by step and action levels to get to that can only be faced with a boss or a wetland in a cage marked with Disaster. Actually, on and begins a nightmare, as action-level DS-version is really scary: the same problem with the camera to be present in other versions, "multiply" in control of the wretched and weak schedule. Tactical mode also presents an unpleasant surprise - it turns out, the stock moves from Superman is limited. Do not stay within the allotted limit - Metropolis will be destroyed. Version for the PSP, however, and canceled altogether.

Superman Returns: The VideogameSuperman Returns: The Videogame