Grand Theft Auto III

Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Action
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Developer: DMA Design

Grand Theft Auto III
It is believed that deep in everybody, even if it is the most pious members of society, hides a ruthless sadist, waiting for the right moment to break the shackles of civilization and escape. And I think I tend to agree with this view, otherwise how can we explain the stable attractive for us to violence as such. Even the ominous letter "M", which in our time play tag, intended solely for adults who actually performs the opposite role: it attracts the attention of no worse colorful covers and high-profile advertising slogans. Realizing this, the developers happily walked up to the consumer, creating more and more violent games. One of the latest developments in this area - Grand Theft Auto III (GTA3).

I will confess at once, the first two parts of GTA does not cause me special delight. This crime epic, quite frankly, was designed for the amateur, but implicit in the concept it might well hope for successful development. That is what happened. Feeling the full potential of next generation gaming, DMA Design Team has undertaken to raise the series to a new level by putting everything that happens in a fully three-dimensional world.

Grand Theft Auto III
The main problem of the original GTA was just graphics. The combination of volume sets and two-dimensional sprites is the cause not only external thanklessness but awkward controls. Static camera fixed above the rooftops, did not allow to fully enjoy the control of the car, which crashed hard into the wall and clung to lampposts. In that case, what is the GTA owes her, if not rampant popularity, at least, known? Come to terms with a lot of minor bugs helped unprecedented freedom of action, which allowed to move freely through the vast city, does violating the Criminal Code. The player himself can decide what he will do: perform tasks Mafia, or just wander the streets, stealing cars and taunting cops. Fresh sequel, of course, inherited all the virtues of their predecessors.

This intruder! 'll Patrol!

Grand Theft Auto III
So you have - a criminal element looking for easy money. Nursery Crime - spit-covered metropolis with a sarcastic title Liberty City (Liberty City) - an ideal place for such activities. At this time, all events occur in the same city, new sites that become available as you complete missions (there are, incidentally, 73 pieces). An interesting feature of GTA3 is the presence of the developing story. To make the story progressed, it is necessary to cope successfully with the key assignments. But besides them there, and countless of optional quests (the choice of jobs is really amazing - stealing cars, the war gangsters, transportation precious body Boss, etc., etc., for example in one mission should be to shoot down planes carrying drugs, and collect Getting any sleep poison out of him).As before, to get a job, you need a time to be about a certain phone booth, or read the message, which came to a pager. It is particularly important in scenarios episodes of miniatures is usually dressed to the engine.

Should not expect that to you to go to shed important task. Like any boy in the wings, you start with a trifling errands, such as hydrating the ladies of easy virtue. Later, when your credibility dorastet to the desired mark, crime syndicates are imbued confidence in your person and you can test yourself as a killer or demolition. Retribution in such a case will not be long in coming. Not that the police were very concerned about the fate of the inhabitants of Liberty City, yet few public killings are able to attract their attention. The main thing to remember: short arm of the law, but many of them. Excessive impertinence could trigger the arrival of the FBI or even military units. Hide from the watchful eye of Themis will help the dark streets and workshops for repainting cars. The second is preferable because the streets patrolled by helicopters.

Grand Theft Auto III
For many a game of catch-up with "blue uniforms" was another favorite pastime in the earlier parts of GTA. Indeed, who needs all these boring missions, if you can cleanly and specifically delay. Benefit the city greatly increased in size and became much interactive. Home - it's not just the box, blocking the road. You can go inside some buildings, or climb to the roof of the fire escape. Also, nobody will deny explore beaches, subways, bridges and other attractions. Almost everywhere you will find something useful. In addition to the 11 types of weapons including uzi, sniper rifle and rocket launcher, there are kits, mystical items, cleaning the scale of crimes, and cartridges.

And now I'll surprise you: it turns out you can make money without going beyond the law! Almost without leaving. For example, having stolen a taxi, you can get a tip, hydrating passengers. Firefighters also pay more for extinguishing fire, and the cops - for the arrest of criminals. And what, in my opinion, a good business: first, to kindle a fire, and then you come to extinguish ...

The wheels are different

Grand Theft Auto III
Creation of DMA Design is another confirmation that the car - this is not a luxury, but only a means of transportation. On the roads of the city travels a great variety of cars, each of which can easily be yours. It's enough to throw out of the car driver and take his place. Next, with your purchase you are entitled to do anything. Machines, of which only 81 and the model differ in their characteristics: one faster and one is better managed, and the third has a stronger body and so on. But apart from the gas pedal and brake every car is equipped with "transistors" tuned to a certain wave. Switching station, you can choose a favorite style of music or silly talk show those annoying commercials.

In the car chase and shootings quickly become useless. Watching this process gives no incomparable joy. Each contains 17 rattletrap deformed and separated parts. Can come off the bumper, doors, roof, not to mention the broken windows. It is not excluded that after a few minutes in sports wheelbarrow, you will fly almost naked frame with the engine ready to explode.

Oil Painting

Grand Theft Auto III
Graphics is good.Of course, the look on the screen is unlikely to cause an attack of euphoria, yet involuntary memories of the first part of GTA makes a great respect the work done by DMA Design. Huge city generated a whole, without any fog. Quite a smooth three-dimensional model, the quality texture and lighting effects are complemented by weather events, and lots of small details. In addition, in Liberty City is a change of day and night.

The game has many points of view. Apart from a few species from a third party is a kind of "out of sight" and, especially for masochists, a classic look at the top.

Case number

Grand Theft Auto III
I think the verdict will not be a surprise to the reader. The authors have worked so well that ask, "And hit it?" even somehow inappropriate. GTA3 - one of the most worthy of development for the PS2 to date. But there is one "but." As I've said in the beginning, this game is very cruel. So severe that the government has banned her cheerful Australian distribution on the territory of their continent. Therefore, if you faint at the sight of virtual krovischi and body parts flying in, or wish to protect your precious child from strong words directed you it is worth considering before you buy Grand Theft Auto III.

On our website will be published and a second article on the GTA III (I think you'll agree that this game deserve it) detailing the technical features of the game - stay tuned!