STALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ru

STALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ru

"There are a mere two stalker:

- Hey, bratuha, but where is the anomaly at Jefferson Memorial?

- I do not know myself the third day of the Capitol looking for ... "

This traditionally unfunny anecdote stalkersky well describes the metamorphosis that took place with a series STALKER to the third part of it. Hardship with unruly oscillators quests and wars of factions, the developers decided to make a RPG-component of its game "on the old-fashioned entirely by hand, borrowing, in addition, a few good ideas in a series of Fallout, its successors and imitators. As a result, they have turned Ladnaya, catching game, nice, not only its famous atmosphere (and she, fortunately, has not disappeared), but also more coherent and dynamic than its predecessors, the gameplay.

STALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ruSTALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ru
Even without a highly detailed texture image often striking in its authenticity But for vehicles with GSC approach traditionally disregard

RPG without the XP and LVL pt

This is not to be understood as meaning that the RPG-elements in the "call of Pripyat has become much more - not just them wisely altered, resulting in everything worked much better. Surprisingly simple way even managed to get rid of the perennial disease role-playing games, which can be called "meshochnichestvo" or "five old ladies - this is the ruble." The essence of the problem as follows: the game can offer arbitrarily fascinating story and a rich world, but the adventurers will still spend a lot of time and effort, picking up from the earth all that is bad, and dragging himself to centners junk dealers in the hope to pass for a penny . The developers of The Call of Pripyat "delivered us from the harmful petty habits - now the buyers will only accept a rare serviceable weapons and equipment, and collecting scrap metal to do it makes no sense. Of course, if you suddenly saw her - assault rifle of his dreams - next to some unappetizing corpse (and if the corpse seems appetizing, what machine do? "), Then nothing prevents the lift from the beauty of the earth, covered with kisses her beautiful body and include the German gunsmith. But the fate of the vast majority of profusely scattered over the zone of weapons is unenviable: rose, noted the strong depreciation, learned valuable ammunition dumped.

STALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ruSTALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ru
Smile! Now to your bullet will fly! Military think that simply sitting, and, in fact, protect my box with the property

The absence of STALKER usual experience points and levels, too, oddly enough, is beneficial, since eliminating the other endemic diseases role-playing games - all the time needed someone to kill. Saw a bloodsucker? No quest at him - let him. Dog? Let the running, maybe some bandits a bite. It is quite another matter if the bloodsucker or dog saw you, but often unwanted meeting, you can simply escape, and it's much more logical and realistic than pretend to be a manic set up the tank, destroying around all living things, even unpleasant.

In free from the tedious routine of RPG-time developers take a player quite good, quite unconventional quests. Of course, in comparison with the best role-playing games, "quest filling" Ukrainian cake looks pretty poor, but we must not forget about the limitations imposed by the campaign setting (in particular, no women, families, and permanent way of life or large settlements), and a relatively modest games.

With scenic view, "Call of Pripyat" really looks like a small copy of Fallout 3: disappointingly short and, in general, simple main line of the plot is combined with lots of side branches allowing to explore the territory, and taste "swing".

STALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ruSTALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ruSTALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ru
The most advanced detector shows the location of not only artifacts but also the anomalies. A few seconds, the search and "Flame" in the pocket.

Since the "pump" has no character, but only their arms and "snaryagu, developers before trying to make this process as soon as more complex and multi-layered, that it seems a bit overdone. Do technicians no longer get to do an upgrade with a sledgehammer, a pint and such a mother, as before - you need three sets of instruments. Two of them are quite easy to find (around willingly share stray pickup), but for the sake of the latter required for the most advanced upgrades will have to dig a lot of corners. As a result, by the time when they will find, not much is needed and because the game remains the most personal. Upgrades themselves seem more meaningful than the "clear skies".Interestingly, the optics and the muffler is now impossible to install on some models of weapons, where in the past often they have no problem "getting". Red-dot sight and laser pointer and other tactical lewdness at Picatinny as there was and there, but can be installed "ergonomic handle" as aprgeyda.

Another successful aspect of the study area and the quests were hiding places, because the system "nychek has also been redesigned. If before the Zone has been scattered many depressingly empty containers, where sometimes if by script materialized and not very useful items, now is the opposite. Stumble upon an empty container cache is impossible, because there are none at all - the content is right on the ground. But by carefully combing the area can accidentally stumble upon a cache, the coordinates of which you are not allowed. Get a tip, by the way, now is not so easy: it no longer buy in the PDA dead will not read, caches open only to thank you for completing the quest - but the findings and are usually more interesting than before.

Best of all, that even with known coordinates, sometimes it is necessary to smash his head and jump as the first (and the second, which is already there) look clear, where is the treasure to be desired. And it does not even matter that there, in that secret place - only to be recorded as found.

STALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ruSTALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ru
Somewhere in there hiding ... But where? Immediately selling the pistol, but the kits and bandages will be useful

The joy Roleviki-pedants, game statistics takes into account not only the number of caches and devastated by slain enemies. Of "karma" is not here, but it picked up quite a suitable replacement - to achieve. After completing a series of quests, making important choices or having achieved some significant results, the player receives a note in a private matter. Earn all achievements can not - some of them are mutually exclusive - but a careful player has finished "Call of Pripyat," all in "stripes". Pleasant is combined with the useful: some advances have provided a regular and quite appreciable gain in ammo and medical supplies.

Well, of course, more or less important tasks performed or not performed by the player, have an impact on the final, made a la Fallout or The Witcher.

Causes antires here so even a cut ...

Before continuing the story about the virtues of "Call of Pripyat, should clarify the question" And what about emissions? "With the emissions it's all good. On the desktop practically throws (we have for the whole game was just once, it seems - well, no comparison with the nightmare that was "clear skies", and this without any patches at all).

Abnormal same emissions occur quite frequently, and now they are not only fraught with the need to run to the nearest shelter, but also create new artifacts in already Peeled Plum player anomalous fields, which tells how Captain, will inevitably entail additional profit. But with proper training can wait till release and outdoors, to get the owed "stripe".

Another problem, fairly exasperating, not only in "clear sky" but in "Shadows of Chernobyl, has also been solved. It is a long loads between locations. Shuttling back and forth between the cordon, landfills, agricultural industry, the dark valley, military depots, with a dull loads encountered on a regular basis, that is, of course, affect the gaming experience is not the best way.

STALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ruSTALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ru
Yes you do, old chap, sore throat! Now we are going to treat ... Bolts for mine useless, which is logical. But why are useless and grenades?

Now all three locations, they are big, and the vast majority of movement takes place within them, so I do not have to ship: first "trimmed" Zaton, then a neighborhood of the plant "Jupiter", and then decide the question in Pripyat. The transition between locations is carried out only by the conductor, for rather big money, and has been locked until a certain moment in passing.

If you wish, go back to "a past" location, it is possible - and the plot is even needed to be done, but as the need arises rarely and furnished it as a serious long journey, it does not interfere with play absolutely.

STALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ruSTALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ru
Red Heat And so it was hanging while I'll leave aside

At each location there is a guarded "safe place" with a technician, a physician, a mattress to sleep (helps to "squander" time) and a chest for storing things, so walks with a guide, just to store or dispose of surplus swag is usually not necessary .

The next object of traditional gripes - the ballistics of weapons. Here we enter the domain of subjective, but the feelings were much better. Anyway, the middle-man of the enemy is quite possible to kill Headshots-burst of three common, no armor, ammo. The flow of weapons allows great increase the distance over which the shooting, but the vital principle of "three bullets - squinting" remains unchanged.

In "Clear Skies, we recall, it was a very painful process for both sides: the enemy long suffered because of him all the time get the bullets and the player - because the enemy is not dying and not dying.

STALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ru ER: The Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ru "title =" STALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ru "class =" center2 last png "/>
Guys, do not relax! Another three double blast to shoot! Sometimes from an excess of drugs taken in seeing double

For opponents, inhuman, machine-gun bullets which are not sufficiently convincing, the developers of The Call of Pripyat, "prepared for the royal filth. If somewhere in the middle of a game just once to prove himself undiplomatic, treacherous and bloodthirsty, you can get a shotgun with drum magazine dvenadtsatizaryadnym. By itself, it's pretty bad (but there are unique pieces and abruptly), but to really "bump" manifests itself if you install a gas engine on it and even modify the file. Auto with high rate of fire allows you to make Snork and bloodsuckers on the one-two, a local gremlins tearing to hell.

But with new monsters and chimera byurer have to tinker. Chimera is a "Snork in the triple-wide: slightly more sluggish, but much stronger and more tenacious. Fortunately, unlike Snork, chimeras do not go in flocks, so that enough time to adapt himself strafe, and everything will be fine.

Burer, like Yoda, a mutant with a hangover, Lupit player with hard objects as adept muddy side of the Force, pulls out of hand weapons, slow bullets - in short, fun, snake. Its good to knife (if you can quickly reach) or too long to catch moments from behind cover when it is not concealed from the bullets of force shield.

STALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ruSTALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ru
Only in the "Stalker" zombie decided to entrust a firearm. And it has paid off! It looks a trifle, but there are swarms and bite hurts

STALKER and technical progress

Many people like to abuse STALKER «for an outdated graphics. These claims are partly true. Developers themselves admit that their engine has already reached "retirement age", and its harder to learn new tricks. But frankly, the beauty of local scenery is not particularly affected - breathtaking as ever. However, for completeness of sensations need 3 or more gigabytes of RAM and 64-bit system, allowing to include the maximum setting on the quality of textures. Otherwise, blurry textures (particularly land) is strongly smeared impression.

The situation is worse with the monsters and characters. The monsters in STALKER never particularly impressive in appearance and cosmetic improvements here are unlikely to help - you need probably a new engine, with all the modern tricks to get something not just ugly, but really scary and disgusting.

The key characters has attached a completely human heads - looks like it's funny and fresh as can be seen clearly that the heads of living of these people, and not a figment of imagination of artists. Such an approach can only deduct a plus along with its realistic landscapes. However, no facial expressions, emotions do not - they are even through the eyes of the interlocutor is not being followed. In general, there is still, to grow and grow.

LKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ru "class =" center2 first png "/> STALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ru
The helicopter looks cut down from a stone. Not surprisingly, he fell Developers love to fall at least Pushkin

But the worst thing is not it. The most terrible thing - it's "a spectacular". Not only that there is no direction in principle, and absolutely no action is interrupted by strange pauses, so still and the animation looks terrible. Particularly painful to watch, as stalkers drink vodka: whether to blame the animators, or loss of pre-retirement engine, but they shed half past the mouth, at least! When the characters are just standing, then for some reason all the time slightly pulled down, and it's perfectly obvious.

As a result, instead of adding to the game "the movies" scene on the engine, only to spoil the impression. Would be better if they replaced the comic, I swear - Comics normally get.

STALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ruSTALKER: Call of Pripyat, the review Gameland. ru
Help is coming! Beginning of a beautiful friendship

If we ignore the external parts and revert to the general behavior of computer-controlled characters, there are dual impression. On the one hand, Revamped life simulation runs are usually quite good, and the feeling of life in the Zone creates (stalkers and criminals have learned to go through the bodies, finally!). But the strange behavior is also quite ordinary: it is possible to observe how stalkers froze, turning in different directions with weapons at the ready (and nobody around for hundreds of meters), the opponent will fall into a stupor in the middle of a fight ... After the crashes and error scripts taken a back seat plan, the strangeness of A-Life have become the most visible "bugs".


GSC Game World is clearly moving in the right direction. "Call of Pripyat" relieved of most of the shortcomings of their predecessors and therefore played easy and pleasant. The only pity is that the game is fairly short, and the theme of Pripyat remains, in our view, inadequately disclosed.

In any case, the developers almost learned how to make not only atmospheric, but also "licked" the game and STALKER 2 in this light that looks very promising. They would have directed clips to find ...