Patapon 2

Patapon 2

When suddenly the great uncle or aunt begin to behave like babies, it is at least puzzling. If they are not Japanese. They can be so historically. Adult Japanese aunt, with a naive person falsetto screaming "AE!" - In the order of things. Apparently, Japan's national feature of this - all great and important issue for small and frivolous. Consequence whether the geographical features of the country, or demographic. Let find out the cause of severe gaijin sociologists (one and all for academic beards and bald head), we're just stating - camouflage. So much so that later you can not tell a lot in front of you or small, and like him there with the seriousness they deserve.

In Patapon 2, we can finish the almost until the end, but did not decide.

We diligence morning, building construct ...

Like, the familiar screens running all the same tiny eyes on the legs under the hard "tap" the player. We gave them the rhythmic team knock - they perform them. Yes, even the complexity twirled: Play yourself on Easy, grief does not know. Mobs are dying troops scratched forward end of the card closer. On the other hand, Will you come by chance in the "barracks" under the tree Matel as glyanesh - moms who are there just no! The former types of troops in full force, and even toripony flying, yes robopony with mechanical fists, yeah mahopony-magicians ... And what's going on in the window of production of new warriors! Seventeen varieties of one patapona ten levels each. First, of course, happily: Well it's all mine! Then you start to get nervous and feel very sad. Where is all to do with, eh?

Patapon 2Patapon 2
This demon with a hammer near the end of the game will attempt to defend against invasion pataponov and their leader - the pathetic remnant of the original plot moves Instead Kawainui opponents last part - nightmare. That's here - the gates of hell. Ugly and clumsy, while trying to move

And pass the iron formation on the eve before the battle ...

Each of the following kind patapona opens when open two previous ones. First convert normal warrior in the advanced "rabbit": a walking eyes grow ears on top and, as in the last series, deprived of the opportunity to wear a helmet. Then turn it into a pig - is now available a new version of emanating from the first two: the tree. How much it will cost a player - think of scary. Only ordinary patapony are cheap, the farther along the winding paths of the upgrade, the more different ingredients required, the higher the level of fighter, the more necessary ingredients and the price of progress.

But that's not all! We also now have a special patapon-hero, wearing a mask, which necessarily have to take every war.With him, however, easier: no need to upgrade it, it is automatically available to all open our types of troops and types pataponov.

By mid-game altar, where the trophies are kept (they are also resources for breeding new pataponov), turns into a full dump: the bones, logs, hides, stones and bars, bottles of potions, seeds and sprouts. And that's not counting weapons and advanced conventional, horses for riders and birds for pataponov-flyers. You can drown. And all for what?

Patapon 2Patapon 2

Let no one think at times that the fight will be easy ...

At first glance it seems that all the strategic variety of units are bolted onto the game for a tick. For a second opinion - too. And on the third. The success of the fight is still largely dependent on the position of the elephant (the bear) on the ears playing. Well, the difficulty level a bit. Attempts to somehow pull the balance toward micromanagement of soldiers there, but you can not call them successful. An abundance of options for work, but its incredibly annoying unnecessary extensively. And then there's the new rhythms that have to learn along with the search for the optimal composition of the troops ... It is not hard to guess the total number of possible combinations of four attacks on four buttons - 256, and is very good that the creators did not set out to use all ... however, they stay still worth much earlier. Optional fully reproduce all the skills the perfect soldier. The game was good and its conditionality, the ability to jump or the ability to accumulate the power to strike only spoil the impression. As well as an abundance of new kinds of "miracles" does not help the passing game, but on the contrary, all the confusion.

Patapon 2 Be careful!
Sometimes, for unknown reasons, play a little "going crazy" and ceases to perceive pressing buttons. That is, you press them, and even how you feel the beat, however, patapony fall to the ground, cursing, soundtrack grinds. Not entirely clear what it is connected. According to the observations of Misha Razumkina, the game sometimes "stops to think" for 20 seconds. Overcome the "tempest in a teapot" we have not turned out, we can only wait. Sometimes a role is probably played wear buttons, PSP, costs a little differently to take her hand and she has a different susceptibility to depression. Unpleasant: lost last wish to play at a high level of complexity. Another annoying feature associated with the rhythm - in mini-games to evoke the "miracles", as in the first series, the buttons sometimes have to hit sooner than expected, listening to the cries of hints pataponov. On the background of the fact that miracles were more, therefore, attention gamer sprayed between them, and he slowly learns the hidden sequence of knocks, the news was unpleasant.

Patapon 2Patapon 2
At the end of the first game patapony boarded a ship and set sail, but an interactive sea battle do not wait. As you can see, the ship has broken, and in fact only ended introductory video So looks like the entrance to the Paraget. It allowed only a unique unit, the hero-in-mask Paragete If you play one, then your hero to help komupony - patapony-in-masked, controlled AI

We are brave heroes very short ...

And yet, in principle, for some "grand strategy" mass of fine tuning - a plus. There it balances, if I may say so, "the response of the environment" - an abundance of nuance and unexpected situations in the game world. And then? That's, like, and new types of troops were added, and new monsters, and even the unfamiliar rhythms, but still a sense of stagnation is not leaving. Again a hundred times with the butt Madzhidongoy? Necessary. "Dull pumping" rightfully reigns over the unfortunate gamers interested in the same time, looks like the coolest patapon-with-horns ten levels. Walk with spearmen at all-all battles? Still profitable. What? Sandy worm? Yes, as you can? Again run for the stolen Meden through the desert? No joke. Indeed, the impression that patapony not reach the edge of the Earth, there is not staring at his mysterious "it". Once again they are led by the same desire, but this time the insidious zigotony replaced by far less insidious (remember that history repeats itself, only the first time as tragedy) of the genus Carmen. It seems that we are selling the same game for the second time!

Well, not quite. There is, for example, the new mini-games. And a multiplayer mode.

And the enemies - the mountain-the mountain, not fighting, and miss ...

Special multiplayer Paraget reality, which can be accessed directly from pataponskoy village deserves a separate tales in the annals of one-eyed warriors. Most epic battles end with getting a trophy, eggs (especially funny is perceived by some "Egg Battle of the Northern Gate"). These eggs will throw in a Paraget and carry through it, so that in the end, the ritual altar while performing the same ritual dance to get rare and valuable prize, such as a mask for the hero.

Patapon 2Patapon 2
Ladodon, big-eared rabbit on a horse - one of the nicest komuponov. A name and then what! The right and left glove roboponov - individual units of arms

We would have won them all, but we do not notice ...

In fact, it looks like this: meets four overage blockhead, each ear headphones are plugged, it was easier to play, establish a direct connection and trying to figure out what's what. Disappointment first. Each its eggs to the altar can not pull, you agree to do it in the queue.A "superconducting" with an egg gets the most delicious buns. Disappointing second - the team should be given simultaneously (not just knock together and tapping one rhythm). If one wants to "escape" the second "beat", it will not work. Again the need to negotiate, and during the game, then remove headphones, interfere with each other cacophony of sounds and lose precious time that the multiplayer is limited. Disappointing third - the same ritual dance in the end. It's a cross between all the mini-games available in Patapolise only at times furious. And what all these divisions into levels of complexity in the game if the difficulty of exhausting "dance Donchaka" they have no effect?

Incidentally, in Paraget of buns you can walk alone, and this is the best option for the Treatment of local multiplayer. Instead, the heroes of other gamers (ordinary pataponam here input requested) the egg along with the player being dragged special komupony not try to operate asynchronously. Lepota. Here is such a get an amazing single-player multiplayer. However, the surprise of the game is not all.

Patapon 2Patapon 2

Some fan did not go like that. Previously, a player is Almighty and led his pataponov to the great goal, as the Jews from Egypt, steering them competently and individually. Yes, the almighty and Uniform is no multiplayer, but this ... um, quite a reasonable fee status. Today we are just a bunch of Great One, the legendary generals stupidly crowding in the hallway with their multiplayer characters hand-in-masks. Life and death pataponskaya no longer in our power, they are, as before, it is easy to die, and even easier to come to life, but we are not able to exterminate them in reasonable order or upgrade at will. Hang around some enigmaticheskie entity with unpronounceable names, imposed podpravlennye plot, and wound our pride ... No, no, so we did not agree!

Patapon 2 Commentary Michael Razumkina
First saw at last year's TGS man responsible for creating this game, I realized that the fate of sequels do not worry. After all, Hiroyuki Kotani so involved his creation, it simply can not spoil it. The first two hours, held for the second part, revealed: presentiment did not deceive me. The game is called, has expanded and deepened, taking into account, it would seem, every conceivable wish gamers past the original. The first thing that catches your eye - the presence of Easy Mode - an obvious response to numerous allegations of alleged excessive complexity of the game. The second change - a multiplayer mode where four players are invited to jointly fight the bosses for possession megaprizom of giant eggs. Frankly, I no longer rely on the opposition between the real players, but in an interview with Hiroyuki-san explained that considers co-op mode is much more interesting.

Like any self-respecting strategy, Patapon 2 has got a real tree development units. Now you can not, throwing the necessary ingredients to get any patapona.First you need to "open", and for every soldier tree would have to "pass" again. But that's not all. Pataponov now you can also upgrade for additional resources, which greatly affect their options. Made it, most likely, for the sake of balance. Indeed, from now on improving the army will leave more time and money. On the other hand, the system development has become much more flexible and thoughtful.

One of the most important, in my view, innovation is related to replay levels you. If before you re able to pass a hunting levels, or the lair bosses, but now all locations are available for re-passing, often with a different scenario. In a word, the game became more interesting, and the save-file from the original suit. Don Don-Don Don-Don.