The Settlers: Rise of an Empire

The Settlers: Rise of an Empire
In this game, everything happens before your eyes. Svalennoe lumberjack tree is not fiction convention, but a real commodity, after all your stock, then it will be as much timber as they cut down a hard-working settlers. The deer graze peacefully in the woods, but suddenly he gets an arrow in the side and falls to the ground, and then to him with a huge meat knife of the hunter and slowly begin to Cutting the carcass. When you have enough hams, the hunter sits down in the cart and you are lucky cargo at the warehouse. Butcher leg will take, will bring the store and prepare those same meats, which are so fond regale the locals. Before the institution of a tailor standing cabinet with clothes, and how many shirts hanging, exactly as they are. Trade with other settlements, too, is very detailed: the deal does not mean that the desired item instantly appears in your bins. Almost simultaneously with two warehouses go two carts: one of you with money, the other - to you goods purchased. But it happened that way, say, attack the bandits and utaschat cart in his camp - crying your money, buy you never see. Unless, of course, do not send their troops punish thieves and return the stolen good. In the interactive aquarium, it should be really, otherwise it makes no sense for him to watch. Suppose, for logging take too many woodcutters, then new trees do not have time to grow and soon the site of the former thicket will only stumps. And the deer do not wish to graze in places and will go to other wood. In the end, the cutting will aimlessly wander your hunters with bows at the ready, from time to time reporting that can not find game.

Upgrading of buildings is also very intuitive: first, above the ground floor being finished first, and then a rollback will be out your will, and the second one. By the way, now there is no need to build separate houses for the citizens, because they live in the same place and working. This is, firstly, very convenient to us, and secondly, corresponds to historical reality, if they really care about someone.

The Settlers: Rise of an EmpireThe Settlers: Rise of an Empire
The priest after the service collects alms and full casket goes to the castle of the ruler. Opium of the people stuff cheap. You can instruct the soldiers to escort precious cargo. The wagon rolls slowly enough, but the soldiers are running pretty quickly.

Women and the Knights

For the first time in the series in our settlement, inhabited not only by men. Women, however, does not work, but, nevertheless, they are vital to global prosperity. The fact that his wife, settled with her husband, begins to woo him in every way: bring food, new clothes, watches over the purity, etc. Bachelors just hungry, trying to quit work and dive into the nearest store for bread. Or, tired of the hopeless mud in the house and personally take up the bucket and mop. Here then we have to wait for them to yourself items as follows, and again went to work. Another matter married settlers - these inject without a break (just like in real life, right?), Well, perhaps that will meet a bear in a remote forest path, and screaming in horror, rush away.

On our behalf missions will a knight, which we are free to select from a list of candidates. Moreover, each bidder has some their abilities: one is able to collect more taxes, the other to lure the enemy troops. In addition, the knights are immortal: our loyal vassal, pretty shabby enemy on the battlefield, goes not to the other world, and home to the castle. There he sits out for a while, licking wounds, and then is ready to return to duty. This immortal - the only game in support of role-playing component. Gradually the settlement grows, and meanwhile the knight gains rates, which allow to construct new buildings and create things hitherto unknown, and therefore, our citizens are more and more demands. Settlers no longer content with bread alone, but want to dress warm, fun, live in beautiful houses, but still save money. But appreciate the irony: when it requests the villagers, most of those miners meat, fish, wood, stone, ores and other things, does not change, they are still only interested in food, and nothing more. If in the middle or end of the game in the central square you can see bare-chested man, you should know: This showed up in a hick town to eat. Visual aid to oppressed peasants in a feudal society.

The Settlers: Rise of an EmpireThe Settlers: Rise of an Empire
After an armed seizure of the territory of all on its houses burned to the ground. It's a shame, but the developers give our opponents a bunch of different buildings, not making them playable. In North Africa, not enough forests and fertile land. The matter is complicated by the fact that trees grow exactly on good soil, so I have to choose: either no food or building material.

Jingle of coins and the clank of swords

The economic system in comparison with the previous series great simplified. There is a central warehouse, where all the extracted dumped good, non-consumer goods. It is here smiths come for the ore, the tailors of the hair, carpenters for wood. So now our task is to optimize the chain of production, and provide the settlers with all necessary that they should not be distracted from their main job. Accents others, but such is the spirit of the times, today the original idea of ​​The Settlers would have seemed too old-fashioned.

At the beginning of each mission, we provide ready-made stock, church and castle. Ourselves we can neither endure nor to build these buildings, and the loss of any of them means a complete failure of the mission. Against the backdrop of universal beauty difficulties seemed to be created only in order to better set off this little world of pastoral. The battles are rare and brief. Still, the game is called "settlers" and not "militias" and civilians are created for a peaceful life, sorry for the tautology. The military part of the game deliberately rudimentary. We have only two kinds of troops: infantry, armed with either swords or bows, but fighting machines: ram to storm the gates of the enemy, the catapult and siege towers to take the wall. And although the tactic here by and large one - of the frame and forward, however, looks very neat. Do fighters excellent training, and on the battlefield, they are not the crowd, and in the ranks and units.

The Settlers: Rise of an EmpireThe Settlers: Rise of an Empire
Each card is divided into several territories. To grab one of them should be put there watchtower.And it is better if this tower will not be vacant. To our settlers found a life partner, we need urban festivals. The central square rolling out barrels of mead, sounds cheerful music, and the townspeople rejoice heartily.

Stolen landscapes

Fixed screenshots are hardly able to convey all the charm of the game. The local world is full of life: a stream carries its waters, skirting the coastal rocks, barely perceptible swaying grass, the wind playing in the trees, jumping hares and butterflies, winter night follows a spring dawn, and then a bright summer afternoon, gradually turning into purple autumn sunset . This world lives even without the participation of our beneficiaries.

To schedule only one serious claim for the camera view. In Anno 1701, we could include a panoramic mode, showing the landscape to the horizon. The roof line against the sky - the dream of every city planner. Here, this picture is the background for the main menu, and while it can not get in the game, the camera simply refuses to "keep your eyes" from the ground. It may seem that for such a small flaw is not worth picking, and, of course, for any other game it would have been that way, but not this time.

The Settlers: Rise of an EmpireThe Settlers: Rise of an Empire
Milk a cow - it purely masculine. Each shirt can be calculated: six of the nine bins are empty.

Pressed his face against the glass

Of course, computer and video games are a waste of time and The Settlers most shameless example of this. Justified by nothing: if we wanted to hone skills warlord, then would choose a different toy, with extensive combat system and rich tactical opportunities. Wish we found ourselves in the shoes of a wise governor, also would not have gone here.

Caption "Victory. Mission accomplished! "There is always too early. Happy-ends are usually cut off the most interesting. But this game represents an urban myth of a carefree life in the country, where everyone finds his place under the sun, and where everyone is happy. Lumberjack holding an ax on his shoulder, briskly directed by popular among a tree along the road telling us how he had great things and how he liked our village. Skinner, gesticulating violently, paints passers dignity just made in his shop clothes. A stout woman of our town is a thriving soap shop. This interactive aquarium gives part of his peace, and we who are on this side of the screen.

We are tired, we need a holiday. This fussy quest for another purpose: to save all mankind, to earn all the money to seduce all the girls to visit all corners of the world. But eternal rush of time bored: you are driving at one, then another, but for some reason do not become happier. Restless trembling inside of habit pushes to run somewhere, do something, but, my God, another beautiful sunset missing today, fall from summer differs only line in the electronic calendar, and a living person does not notice, even when confronted with his nose to the nose. Boys with blinders on the eyes, like a good racehorse, laid out a hundred percent, and die without leaving the race. Probably, The Settlers is not for them, but rather a woman's game. In general, the genre of interactive aquarium games for the sake of soothing contemplation, often attracting girlfriends and wives, rather than the stronger sex. Male half of humanity somehow believes that it has too little time, although it is all the same. Meditation - the best sedative, treats not as a symptom, the most reason. Farthest travels who does not move in space.

The Settlers: Rise of an Empire Brief history of the series
The Settlers (The U.S. - Serf City: Life is Feudal) (1993)

On a green screen, jumping rabbits, and the settlers posverkivaya funny black eye pixels, hauling logs on the paved paths you. Do not be fooled: a light-hearted graphics lies a complex game with a puzzling economy. Dozens of different products, iron ore in a blast furnace (you did not forget to provide her with coal?) Smelted into metal, from which then the blacksmith ... Settlers did not take by the scruff and can not make bread to carry prospectors, there has to consider the priorities for delivery, consider the location of buildings and carefully weave the web of roads, so that the economy was not in a stupor. And one more thing: everything is happening very slowly. Real life on the other side of the monitor.

The Settlers II: Veni, Vidi, Vici (1996)

The old idea of ​​carefully polished, and in some ways and improved, but basically the game has not changed. Here is the schedule great step forward, and the interface is friendly, and then in the first series under the icons of buildings was not even signatures. True, something had happened to the random maps. This game has become so standard, which henceforth will compare the entire series. The object of worship, totally deserved.

The Settlers III (1998)

Now the look has become more beautiful, but most importantly - the game disappeared flagged road. Instead, the settlers themselves are now looking for the shortest route, and where they go, over time, "tread" path! Incidentally, even in the sixth, just released a series tropochki we are paving the mouse.

The Settlers IV (2001)

Series at a crossroads. The picture has changed little, but as for game design, the fourth part if he did not know where to go: like, totally worthless to copy a previous game, but some innovations deprive series identity. A small hitch with the head before jump into the pool.

The Settlers: Heritage of the Kings (Settlers V) (2004)

Transition in 3D proved fatal. Ubisoft has done one of his specialties tricks: let's take a legendary series, threw all of it, which won the love of the public, and instead offered a fantasy on themes, fashion in the last RTS-season. Thank you, all clones of Age of Empires, and so lacking. The fifth part of an overnight lost reputation, deserved the previous series.

The Settlers II: 10th Anniversary (2006)

All that is needed to fans of the series: an old game with modern graphics, right? This product can only come in the wake of a time when games were awarded three-dimensional arrangements of legends. Although the mechanics of almost no change, some things still have improved. For example, the computer itself is now paving the shortest path between two points chosen by you. Here only the general public hardly noticed the game in retro style.

The Settlers: Rise of an EmpireThe Settlers: Rise of an Empire
For the walls will require a lot of building materials, but then your city will become almost invincible. The arrival of spring, when from under the melting snow penetrated the first green, impossibly beautiful.