Europe II

Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Strategy First/1C/Snowball interactive
Developer: Paradox Entertainment

Europe II
Good afternoon, my dear readers!
Did you know that this year will bring you Santa Claus? Most likely, it will be something very nice, white and fluffy. But it may turn out that this will be another masterpiece of Paradox Entertainment, localized alert teams 1C and Snowball interactive - "Europe 2" Europa Universalis II.

If you remember, quite recently counters domestic stores abound in the first part of the game - "Europe 1492-1792: time for change, and this is now ready to enter full-fledged sequel. This situation is explained very simply: in the west of the first part of the game was released with modest plans - to enable the devotees desktop prototype to play in "Europe" on the computer. But, quite unexpectedly for the creators, all self-respecting strategy from the gaming world have rushed to buy up this undoubted masterpiece. At the same time, Snowball has managed to have very high quality localization and, together with 1C, bring huge profits for itself and paradox. Now, however, created for the nine months, "Europe 2" has to swim in the wake of the popularity of older brother, went on sale simultaneously in Russia and for the hill.

Europe II
So, now before us, instead of western Europe, in all its glory there are 180 nations that are scattered all over the world, including even the American Indians, Lithuania, the Golden Horde. But the undoubted leader of People's Choice, of course, will Zimbabwe! The time interval in the game also has expanded to more fully capturing the Hundred Years War and the Napoleonic campaigns. Due to the fact that France and Britain are traditionally dominant powers in the game, the creators have adjusted the time of action under the most interesting events and provided us with the world powers to torment as much as 400 years from 1419 to 1820.

Many changes to come on and the game system "of Europe." Following international practice, the sequel has learned to handle a lot more chips and souvenirs. Regardless of what country you prefer to lead to ruin or prosperity, you have to think seriously and to the right if you're with the role of the monarch? It's no joke to monitor a huge number of parameters on which depends the happiness of your population. Significantly increased the amount of historical events and somewhat modified their character. Now, almost always, the game invites you to express your attitude to the different events. For example, if you are presiding over the Grand Duchy of Novgorod, sooner or later encounter with the requirements of merchants to expand their rights. If you support them, then take a step towards free trade and in the future to increase their income, but the stability of the State will suffer dramatically - the aristocracy and the clergy are not easily lend themselves to innovation. If, however, reject the requirements, then avoid it, but will have to strengthen the power center and conservative attitudes to quell further attempts at dissent.In short, as in life, every coin there is two sides and not necessarily one of them promise something good!

Europe II
In general, the internal politics of the game makes every second of the monarch walking the razor's edge. There are 8 scales, the combination of which determines the internal structure of your country. For example, there is a scale freedoms of citizens, where extreme values ​​are the absolute freedom and serfdom. Shifting to the left, that is, to freedom, we are improving productivity and morale of the population, but increases the chance of rebellion and the price of a army. Other scale - the ratio of defense and aggressive doctrine, innovation and conservatism, centralization and decentralization, in general, everything will not list.

In addition to the internal politics of the game no less development and external. However, if the first part of this was the only hobby-horse, the "Europe 2" it takes its place beside the arrangement of their state. Because geographically, Europe expanded, then religion has become much more that has radically changed virtually the entire style of play. Build a large state has become more complicated. Necessary to monitor the level of tolerance for "younger" religions, to send missionaries to reduce the risk of uprisings. There are certain cases when you do have to distinguish insurgent from the territory of the state as a vassal to somehow keep control over them. You also can not conclude dynastic marriages with the states of other religions. Accordingly, the conduct of their voluntary annexation or Vassalization also impossible. Only if you put up these demands as the price for a peace treaty after the long war.

Europe II
But, apart from religious differences, must now reckon with the cultural. You can send missionaries, and in case of success surrounding areas over time change their beliefs and cultural structure that will facilitate a process of peaceful and military talks. As the conditions for concluding a peace treaty can now claim Vassalization, any combination of areas and benefits, and again change the state religion. Can provide and to demand a right of passage of troops through the territory of the state, can act as a guarantor of independence and proclaim himself a defender of the faith. These are just some innovations - all listed simply not strong enough.

As for the external decoration of the game, despite the inherent game of this genre of graphic simplicity, the user "Europe 2" is friendly to all one hundred percent! When you hover over any index appears more "bubble" tooltip. In the game there is a book of statistics, where all graphics development, numbers, dates and other information. User Guide Snoubol also paid great attention to following in the footsteps of their foreign colleagues. Took into account comments and suggestions made by players after the first game. Current user guide is additional validation of the historical consultant, the addition of describing not only new elements, but those players that have raised questions earlier.

Europe II
That, of course, interested in all the patriots, the game is historically accurate and to Russia. That is, the role of our homeland in the game exactly the same as it was considered at a historic moment. For example, at the beginning of the Great campaign, Russia does not exist in principle. 1419 - this time a number of principalities, most of which are vassals of the different states.That will be whether Russia and what role it will play - it depends on you. As for the sights, which was honored to receive our homeland from Paradox Entertainment, it has everything! All-all significant and remarkable what has happened to our country during these four hundred years, takes place in the game. Snowball did not fail to boast that through the cooperation and willingness of Swedish campaign to go to meet our wishes, they managed to achieve the most authentic reflection of events and characters that occur in Russia, not only for us but also for foreign gaming fraternity!