Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles
From the first time it's difficult to understand what the salt trick. While on the DS, one after another out new series Castlevania, on PSP Konami gives us a three-dimensional remake Akumajo Dracula X Chi no Rondo for the PC Engine, which outside of Japan, who played very little. And if the words "three-dimensional remake of" do you remember about the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time or Ninja Gaiden in 2004, driving obsession. Castlevania series has long been in something akin to skrolshuteru - practically every enemy move or attack on the simplest path, and the difficulty in passage appeared only because of the abundance of enemies, awkward arms, brake characters and lack of space to maneuver. Just imagine that the path of endless head of Medusa, plotted their deadly sinusoid, we can retreat to the side - after all nonsense out, right? That series and no luck with "honest» 3D. So Dracula X Chronicles on the mechanics is a two-dimensional platformer, and the polygons here - only a rather controversial way to modernize the image.

In addition to refined graphics, the changes at first sight to be seen. If you're one of those 15 (calculated on the editorial "Death Star!) Readers who are still unfamiliar with Chi no Rondo,« Chronicles "will turn you into a kind of metaigru. At every level, every step you will subconsciously remember: "And here it was possible to break through the wall ... Oh, and the truth may be. But in this candlestick was hidden key ... Oh, wow! But this room I do not remember ... Was she or was not? "Finally, after reaching the fourth level, you will discover the original Dracula X (now it is officially called the Rondo of Blood) and refresh your memories ... unless, of course, not zavyaznete in Symphony of the Night, which, ironically, hidden away a little earlier, at 3 '. That's "three-dot" is not a typo. It's about a secret alternative level, which can be accessed from the second (or with a "second-stroke").

Castlevania: The Dracula X ChroniclesCastlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles
Both characters have an additional non-combat weapons. Richter was able to find a clock to slow down time, and Maria - turtle, a shell which she can hide from enemy attacks. In the screenshot you can discern the remains of the shackles on his hands and feet of the skeleton. The game will be able to make out such details, but if you really look closely.
Feel like everyone is confused? Generally, Dracula X Chronicles - a very interesting piece of fruit for game designers and igroanalitikov. Triangle "original-sequel-remake of" turned prezanyatny. Itself Chi no Rondo was very progressive, with its non-linear level structure (each public could then go separately), two fundamentally different playable characters, as well as many secrets and strange design "bows," such as "incorrect" mirror or chasing Richter / Maria fireflies.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles SECRET!
Secrets in the Dracula X Chronicles set. We will tell you how to open the Symphony of the Night and the original Rondo of Blood, and if after that you still stay with us, you will learn how to find all four captives and get a good ending to the main game.

So ...

Symphony of the Night hidden in level 3 '(alternative third). To get there the easiest way to level 2 ', and to get to 2' to the first level does not go into the door right after you go down the stairs and break the wall of the left, then drop down and fight with the serpent.

To make a 2 'to get to 3', get to the second segment level (where you will begin to attack the gargoyle), find the first piece of the bridge fail, get up on it and wait until it collapses. Once you fail down, you will just have to sit in a boat that takes you straight course on "third replacement" level (watch out for people, fish!).

3 'Go, "where he goes, until you find the room in which the right closes the bone snake, and left hanging green" bulb. " Hit it (eg, ax, if you're playing for Richter), and it goes down. Climb up and proprygayte way to the right. In the end you will have to wait for a white tombstone. Break it and inside find Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Start the game will be a point «Original Game» main menu.

Rondo of Blood zanykana on the fourth level. From the column of six fire-breathing skulls go right to the wall. Hitting the bottom of the wall, you'll find a bomb, attack her, to set fire to the fuse and blow up the wall. Go further right until you see two riding up and down beams with spikes. Using them as stairs, climb up, then jump again to the right. There you will find a candle, which is hidden Rondo of Blood, to congratulate you.

Castlevania: The Dracula X ChroniclesCastlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles
Mediocrity - it is certainly bad, but when trying to use flashy Chronicles tone of Rondo, obtained fairly crudely. Behind Mary - the same green bulb that you want to hit to open the way to the Symphony of the Night.
However, the continued, Symphony of the Night, once again to turn everything upside down - Belmont became the villain, and threatened him (note, not a whip) is not someone, and the son of Dracula is very feminine in appearance, whose name is an anagram of the name of the mirror father - well, it's as if the Legend of Zelda protagonist named Frodnonag. But Alucard was much more mobile than all his predecessors, Belmont. Monsters, copied from Chi no Rondo (certainly not all), the constant quoting of structure and design of levels - and even the lack of levels as such, the possibility at any time to return there, where there was to beat the resurrected skeletons and collect a couple of levels. Perfect balance of tradition and innovation ... seems to be the same goal set for themselves and the creators of the remake. And also deepened the game into the research side. Beating the last level Dracula X Chronicles and inspection of titles, you'll see a mocking phrase in the spirit of "Sorry, Richter, but your Dracula in another castle." I mean, to the end he died (who would doubt!), Go look around Kaslvanii four hidden girls to open a "real" ending. One of them - your secondary character in a girly pink pantalettes named Maria Renard (Renard, if you read her name in the English style).Soplyuha much easier to manage than Richter - instead of the back flip, it makes far more useful and familiar double jump, in addition, girly, like Inspector Tequila, is able to slide on their bellies ... sorry, on the tummy and climb into the narrow slit, inaccessible big guy. The zoo, which replaces Mary normal weapons, too, has a large effect of damaging than the more traditional arsenal of Belmont. And these scenes on the engine of her participation! Dracula: "Come here, I'll suck your blood!" - Maria: U-hm-hm! Do you want, you and approaches scarecrow in the garden! ". Incidentally, although the included "Chronicles» Symphony of the Night and is made based on the version of the first PlayStation, Mary is present in it not only as an NPC, but also as a secret playable character - before it was available only in the "Symphony" for Sega Saturn . However, its ability to have undergone significant changes - they are now more in line with what was in the Rondo of Blood.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles SECRET!
We now turn to the girls. Previously, all you can to rescue Mary. At the second level, when we began to pursue Behemoth (creeping ox), from the fourth, the highest candle, knock the key. Get away from the "behemoth" as long as he does not slam into the wall. Going further to the right, go down the stairs, over which hangs an eye in a cage and get into the dungeon with people-fish. We go right to the end, open the camera key and find Maria. Now you have the right to play for it (it can be chosen in the menu).

The second girl, Tera, hidden at the level of 3 '. As soon as you see the first door on the level, do not enter into it, and break through the wall below it (must start at the top). This opens a passage to a secret location, where you can go down the stairs to the room of Tera - and save her.

The third hostage, Iris, located on level 4. " To get there with our favorite 3 ', surmount all Spiked balls, riding up and down on the chains. One of them breaks through a hole in the ground - jump back, but gently (the ball still lying at the bottom). Defeat the boss Dogether, and you get to the fourth level of the alternative.

Go right until you are blue and yellow frog. To the right you will find few statues of her girlfriends and one free pedestal. Lure wah in there, and left open the passage to the bottom "floor". Walk further left and down the stairs. You will find yourself in an ice cave. Walk to the end of the right and find Iris.

Finally, the fourth girl, girlfriend Annette Richter, sharpened at the seventh level. It can help out only if you have already saved Theroux and Iris. To do this: in the first part of the tower (with skeletons) to destroy the bone barrier and press for it (standing on it). If you do everything right, from top to drop a heart. Further, at the very top of this segment is a door over which hangs a big gear. Beat on the gear until the door opens. Behind the door sits a bird with a key. Kill the bird, take away the key. Go to the next section (with the harpies), go down, then head right. Seeing the locked door, do not open it. Initially, climb up and press a second button for ice. After that, the bottom will pass to the camera Annette. "Attack" key prison doors, you go see the movie, and continue to pass the level as usual. Now you can battle with the ghost of Shaft, the latest incarnation of Dracula.

Castlevania: The Dracula X ChroniclesCastlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles
Reception Item Crash eats a lot of hearts, but it and the effect is much more solid and spectacular.Especially to Mary - it causes enhanced version of its little animals. If Richter is now not sat down and then later have some time to go sticking out of his coat (or a coat?) Spears.
Another two captive Dracula simultaneously working housekeeper. After freeing them, you will get special amulets, allowing destroy invented exclusively for the PSP bone and ice barrier, behind which are often hidden more rooms and bonuses. Prizes in the remake of quite specific - tunes from the soundtrack of all three. Collected plastinochki can simply listen to a special player, but you can "hang" at various levels, changing the musical arrangement as you like. With all due respect to Mrs. composer Mitirev Yamane, seems like a pretty stupid idea, even if the reflex desire to collect all the CDs and there, then pick up the soundtrack to every level of the more "correct" than suggested by the authors, does not pull any droplets.

Much more playable addition - mode Boss Rush, dismantling the chain of bosses, not interrupted by wandering through the castle. As in Portrait of Ruin (PoR), you can relegate the villains together, with no restrictions on duplication - can be two different characters, or two identical. Alas, you can choose only from Richter and Mary (Oh, and in fact in PoR had more than six characters ...)

Castlevania: The Dracula X ChroniclesCastlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles
Another feature in common with Portrait - an opportunity to include the Japanese voice acting. At this time - no not cheat, but a common item in the setup menu. The chip is obviously aimed at hardcore fans of the series, the very ones who will miss the catchphrase of Dracula miserable pile of secrets. Yes, the texts were copied, a replica overdubbed, but the level of Anne Rice or Bram Stoker's "literary" part is not reached and still splashing in the same swamp as the early Resident Evil.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles For comparison
Castlevania: The Dracula X ChroniclesCastlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles
For comparison - the same place in Dracula X Chronicles, and Rondo of Blood. Incidentally, these Spiked balls need to bring down to open the passage to Dogether'u and level 4 '.

Castlevania: The Dracula X ChroniclesCastlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles
Same story with graphics. Bad word about her to say.Appearance of characters has changed, but new models are cute and well animated. Interiors and landscapes, too, have been reworked, and three-dimensional backgrounds sometimes gives the impression that the small screen PSP - space deeper than the thickness of the console, such neat scenery. The emergence of bosses also furnished a very pompous, in the best tradition of early horror films. One problem - in this scene is becoming noticeable that Richter and Maria faces of two polygons each, though, because they are drawn without pretensions to realism, it is especially eye and cuts. "Shuternaya" grayness environment is much stronger than annoying, but you get used to it gradually.

The main question here is, of course, "Why?". Why bother to do this hocus-pocus, peremodelirovat in pseudo-3D location of the original locations Chi no Rondo with minimal differences, adding poshlenkie bonus plastinochki and human-butterfly as a brand new boss? For "training" gamers who to get stale, but still tasty candy "Symphony", will be forced proprygat on his hind legs at least three levels of the main game - and there, you see, and draw? But lock-in that - is it really in the plans of Konami quasi-3D-remakes of older "Kaslvany" for the PSP, and we will still see carved into landfills, and Simon, and Trevor, and Morris, Sr.?

Or is this event like the recent April Fool's trailer for a nonexistent film Legend of Zelda? "Look, as we can!" Yes, Konami, we believe in you, you can. Can make new good "Kaslvaniyu" - though the two-dimensional, though the three-dimensional. But while you "chant behinds, your creativity wants to put on a par with the works of more talented writers from the site Only they, unlike you, the players do not take money.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles Expert opinion
Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles Marina Petrashko - What is the Belmont slow! And the walks, as if to count carries a vampire, in the improper place. Pumped is not given, instead, if you please remember long sequences of "safe passage". Braking, hostile to the player and, eventually, simply "negotichnoe" show! 5.5
Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles Michael Razumkin - If you're not a hardcore fan of the series and do not suffer from nostalgia for the Rondo of Blood, run from this game like the plague! Dracula X Chronicles - a good example of how not to do a remake. Only opportunity to play in "Symphony Night restrains me from an exponential disk with a hammer of destruction. 5.5
Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles Ilia Chentsov - Brave (not to say "bold") experiment. Fans probably will buy two disc and will be opening the Rondo, compare the original with a copy of - the differences, I assure you will find at least. You can play it, and Symphony - the bonus is not superfluous, but in general the product puzzling: that now, ten years to wait for a remake of Chronicles? 7.0
Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles Sergei Tsilyurik - Awful, unplayable, sickening. Worthless plot, thoroughly rotten game mechanics, no study of the world, for which so love the last part - absolutely nothing good. "Sit down, two." A couple of extra points - a portable version of Symphony of the Night.Let devoid of memorable «What is a man?» 4.0
Castlevania: The Dracula X ChroniclesCastlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles