Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: 1C
Developer: Nival Interactive

I do not know whether it was considered "Etherlords" hit long before the release, but the professionalism, craftsmanship and innovation Guys from Nival Interactive "no doubt. The game was supposed to get at least a qualitative and become a worthy representative of its genre, though, if we set strict limits, that "Etherlords" totally individual, unique in its kind, all perfectly natural - there is no, with what would be a problem: whether the menu, the management or the structure of the game. Despite his personality, the game combines the best of strategy, RPG and adventure games. Still game genre name is extremely difficult, and because developers are not puzzling, identified gaming accessory "Etherlords" completely abstract and ambiguous - a strategy. Yet it is precisely this definition is the most accurate reflection of what we do in the "Demiurge." We think. Yes it is. Tactics of warfare - the main thing in the game.


All doubt on account of hits, rather nehitovosti new project, "Field", have fallen on Russian Game Show, where "Etherlords" were first introduced to the masses. "Etherlords" - Russian project that once again we proved that the Russian game industry is rapidly growing and thriving. Its flower has not bloomed, but the bud matured, and may at any time to dissolve.

Any training mission on the huge world "Etherlords" in the game is missing. When you first encounter with such a system, then learn to play properly will be difficult and will take a lot of time. The system prompts and explanatory texts, already successfully used in "Evil Islands" will accompany us during the first hours of the game and the "Demiurge". The abundance of buttons, menyushek and other equally appetizing Fen just dizzy. No clues have already mentioned, even the most "cool" strategy will not do. Panicky confusion and ignorance of how to begin to take place after several hours of gameplay, by the most ordinary educated bet. In another way. And after the first encounter with something so that might require a public intellectual abilities, the game will give us enormous explanatory text, which basically helps, but its volume is too high, because the next time, I think you would prefer to think with your head rather than read an explanation of chewed developers.


The whole world is in the "Demiurge" is off the air. All around us, come and gone on the air. We ourselves out of there and leave there. However, the better the developers themselves about the unique structure of the universe "Etherlords" no one will say: "tongues of fire, flood waters, the firmament and rock firmament, a verbal and dumb - everything here is off the air. Everything comes from him, and dying back in him. Aether does not know barrier in their path. Ether everywhere. And it is for life - the life of the universe Ether.Its main stream is born from the center of the universe. He dazzles as new-fallen snow, and therefore called the White Ether. Besides, who could restrain him, conferred great power. But can it slightly. The existence of the White ether - just a brief, illusory moment. His deep river every now and then splits into four streams. They are not as powerful, but they live much longer. This ethers Chaos Movement, Vitality and Synthesis. "

Each of the types of air creates his race: Ether of Chaos - cha: cast muscles, unbridled temper and a great desire to go into battle, the Movement - Kinetic, constantly gazing skyward, with a straight faces, shapely bodies Kinetic are a race of wisdom and cunning and vitality - Vital which, while not pursuing any fantasy purposes only struggling for their existence, for the right to live, and ether synthesis - synthetic, representing a race live mechanics. Each of the races has four wards of the hero and set them creatures - the creatures.


In Etherlords is present as four types of games: Duel, Mission, Campaign and Multiplayer. As expected, start with the campaign. Campaigns in the "Demiurge" two or one campaign consists of two parts. As you wish! The first - for the Alliance of Light (the kinetic and Vitali), second - for the dark alliance (chaotic and synthetic). About ten entirely different and independent of each other missions for each of the parties and linked plot. Each mission we're starting from scratch. The experience gained in the trash, the book of spells - in fire, the artifacts - to the facility. And each time, at the beginning of the mission we have the castle and a couple of young Lords. After some time we can hire new heroes, as well as build additional essential buildings.

Maps in the "Demiurge" impressive detail, the design and beauty - it is the merit of a very powerful game engine. The rest of cards "Etherlords" resemble maps of Heroes: towers, forts, mines, laboratories, the cave monsters, castles of the enemy, scattered resources, artifacts, spells, and global, of course, aggressive heroes hostile factions. The enemy, however, as you can to strike at your castle. A castle - is the breadwinner, so do not neglect his guard.

Duel - is the heart of the game. What could be more fascinating confrontation between the two lords who took himself under the command of one of the races on one of the dozens of arenas? In the "Demiurge" - nothing.

Economic system in the "Demiurge" are eight different kinds of resources you can get three different ways: taking out a single copy on the map, capturing the building, it produces, or received as a trophy after defeating the other heroes. All these resources are only used for one purpose - to further purchase spells and runes that modify spells.


But even with a full "zapazuhoy" the most powerful spells, filled to the limit of the different runes, your character can show a serious battle, its complete failure. Because passing the extraction of resources and study maps, you can not avoid random battles with not pose a mortal danger creatures and need to visit all the buildings and houses, for both of you accumulate experience, which is so needed in the battle against a serious opponent .Accumulating experience, your character evolves, and get a certain score, a transition to another higher level, which increases the health indicator of the hero and proposes to investigate one of three random skills that define the specialization and add more personality to the hero in the movement and combat. Eventually you develop into its own unique strategy and tactics of warfare.

Highlight "Etherlords" for which was conceived and the game - it's a duel or a battle, which has already been mentioned above. It occurs in a frontal collision on the map, and rendered as a separate item of "duel" in the game menu. Battle in the "Demiurge has two phases: attack and defense.

When attacking player a spell, gives commands to cause the creation and chooses who it will go on the attack. Disturbed creatures come to the center. The enemy begins to defend itself by saying its spell and sent to intercept slave monsters. Then comes the phase of the attack and forced to defend a player already. But victory can be achieved by a huge number of different ways. Combat asset hero - a magical book, consisting of five pages of spells, the quality, strength and quantity of which depends on the outcome of the battle. But in the pages of a magical spell books can be repeated, and the battle we have five random spells from our book. Accordingly, the more often a particular spell is repeated on the pages, the higher the probability of obtaining it at our disposal during the battle.

Manoj in the "Demiurge" is the White Air, from its numerical value depends, again the quantity and quality (strength) of your spells. The magnitude of the Ether depends on several parameters: the type of territory to the course of the battle, during which he, too, can vary. Clearly, more successful than your move, the more mana is added to your account. Spells in the "Demiurge" is simply a great many - about three hundred. The most common of them - it is a challenge creatures, followed by debilitating and buffs. But there is also such exotica as "Earthquake" and calling other natural disasters.


Every creature in the "Demiurge" has two options: attack and defense. If the attack the attacker than the protection of the defender, the latter dies. If not, the defender strikes back, and the reverse is happening. If an enemy creature got to the hero, he loses life points equal value, attack the monster.

Fight in the "Demiurge" is dynamic, despite its turn-based, and its visibility is supported by stunning visuals and high-quality special effects, as well as the choice of suitable camera angles, what is important. All the beauty and the more dynamic battles do not convey. This is a must see!

The game fascinated me. Graphic decisions "Nivalom in the Demiurge, the most courageous, because and stunning effect. Modified engine "Cursed Lands" was the best option in this case because year ago, engine "Evil Islnds" Even last fall, looked very, very solid. Modifying and amending it, the creators of "Etherlords" were perhaps the most tech that is currently possible, plus a generous system requirements: The game is easy even for the five hundredth Celeron, on the eight hundredth same "stump" third generation "Etherlords" just fly. This is a great achievement guys from "Field Intreraktiv" that even on average, by Russian standards, computer acceptable gameplay possible and even guaranteed.

But talk about a miracle-chart "Etherlords" can be infinitely long, it's as though not sound trite, must see. See, watch and enjoy, well, and, of course, play.And the satisfaction of the game you are guaranteed a seal of approval of the Russian manufacturer, the Moscow team, "Nival Interactive, already proven in the market of computer games, as the developer's number one in Russia and one of the best, in my opinion, in the world.