Civilization III: a kind of hypnosis

Hmmm. Strange situation. Aged Sid Meier. Aged Civilization. No fresh design solutions. No radical innovations. Fantastically stupid AI. Gray design. But they laughed all over the Call To Power. Above the Call To Power 2 also laughed, but smaller. Spoke, saying that Activision went to gamble, gave way to light bread. Only now Call To Power 2 were quite good implemented battle. Lacked a direct control over the units. But how cool it was. Do a detachment, you put tanks in front, behind the artillery, and could take almost any city. Implementing an excellent and if still in control of both Heroes Of Might And Magic, it would be really cool. And what about Civilization III?

She us back to the Stone Age, now in the old units attack one by one. Or, for example, take the same schedule. Again I have to admit that the Call To Power 2 looks beautiful. And much more. That I remember, Firaxis has announced the work on Civilization III and then crawled a lot of incredible rumors. Up until that game is fully three-dimensional, and revolutionary in every way ... Liars, scoundrels. Lied, but did not know what to tell lies! All the same. At the level of Civilization 2. It's a shame. Comrade Sid, if only a little had to patch up the schedule for 2001. People spoke the truth. Out designer Brian Relnords from Firaxis and tight cost. Okay, to hell with it, with graphics. It's the same CIVILIZATION III. And SID MEIER'S! It must be a carbon drive. Maybe I'm a fig or pondered in games, but fun I got not a lot.

Here let us, for example, consider the following scenario. We take the largest map, put a maximum of opponents and start playing. Somewhere in the year 500 BC, the whole map covered, littered, covered cities. From the cities dazzled. They are all around. Structure of the State is flying to the devil. Near the city of Odessa, is a German, French, Chinese, Greek and Zulus still priperlis. Heap is small. Very soon on a map the place does not stay no matter what! Cities are hit or miss, if only a little more, otherwise produesh. Opponents go an awfully long time. Horror. The nightmare of some sort. Well, since I did a lot of nations, then increase the map. As in such a situation to play and get more pleasure, mystery to me .....

AI. Chituet in black. The higher the complexity, the more chituet. But in reality - an idiot. That told me Mr Bismarck war. And what do you think? Become one unit to send to my city of Smolensk. Yes, there on the protection of some veterans face. Even the last idiot, it is clear that it was time to change tactics, but not Bismarck. He persisted in sending units to certain death in Smolensk. Do you know why Smolensk? Because it is closest to the German border. No to the sea to cause an unexpected blow to the capital, so it's best to turn units on the death drive in Smolensk. Or take the situation with the construction wonders of the world. Here in Kiev, I built the pyramids. Long and hard. Prior to completion of construction to me there were 8 strokes. And then I see a message that the French also began to build the pyramids. Well, I thought, let them build, I somehow only 8 moves left. Imagine my surprise when two of the bloody French have built the pyramids, overtaking me. And perhaps they clicked on hurry production. Okay, okay. I'm here in Kiev, the construction immediately switched to Oracle, not to lose strokes. Prior to the completion of the oracle that left 4 strokes. And once again overtook the French. And Oracle has appeared in the same city where the pyramid. How? Where did the French have so much potential, so early in the game to build bundles of the wonders of the world? Well, if I was a complete lamer and played this game for the first time. So after all I have to triple play in the first Civ'ku. And in the second game. And in both Call To Power play. And here I am stunned. No, in those games AI was a cheater too hefty, but that would be so much ...

And take, for example, their workers. Initially button automation, I was delighted. And then, generally regretted that this button is. Well, where you select the mine on a completely flat and green lawn? I've done it before reclamation.Then he clicked on the automation, and working down the reclamation and put stupid mine. One conclusion. Drive in to the automation. If you want to do something good - do it yourself. And take the types of rule. Forget about the diversity of Call To Power 2. All remained at the level of Sid Meier's Civilization II. The outcome is not comforting. It's a shame. It's a shame. For myself, I made a very terrible conclusion. Call To Power 2 interesting. Game of the Activsion even more innovative. I may be wrong, but I think that Civilization III diagnosis of "Daikatana". And this game has all the chances to do with Sid the same as the poor man Daikatana made with Romero.

I also want to describe the main points of the two civilizations and try to explain why I like Row2.

1) Military operations. PAGE 2 better than one. There was a step forward. Detachments can be combined and their effectiveness is severely increased. Civ 3 have returned in 1991. It hostilities exactly like in the first tsivilke. This parameter is set bold plus sign Row2. Civ 3 did not deserve even a minus.

2) Types of statesmanship. In Civ 3: Anarchy, Communism, Democracy, Despotism, Monarchy, Republic. That's all. Again, no progress since 1991. And now the types of government in Row2: Anarchy, Communism, Corporate Republic, Democracy, Ecotopia, Fascism, Monarchy, Republic, technocracy, theocracy, tyranny, Virtual Democracy. Not need to have an analytical mind that would understand where the best. I also want to note that in PAGE 2 of these types of government not just empty words. They mean by a set of unique features, introducing the player a wide freedom of choice and the main action. Bravo Activsion. We put a plus sign Row2. Civ 3 gets minusik.

3) Cities and all of their concerns. In Civ 3 incredible, breaking all the permissible scope, plenty of cities have not enabled me to get at least some pleasure from the game. Cities on the map are not many, very many of them, so many that have not reached the middle of the game, they have nowhere to put. Soon the situation becomes even comical. By using any of the cells, even one cell in the form of the island, and it fit the city. You need to have nerves of steel to quietly observe all the ugliness associated with cities. Unfortunately, I have such nerves do not differ. Needless to say, that in the PAGE 2 of this there is no trace ... But it is, to the word. The main emphasis here is on what I wanted to do. Perhaps someone like the system with the workers and with all this Labuda, but I'm much nicer option, used in Row2. The idea of ​​solving the problems of roads, irrigation, etc. simple, but at the same time brilliant. No messing around with the workers, no glitches associated with automation. Just every city has a reserve labor force, aimed at the public works. This all can be adjusted. God, how to smartly and most importantly - comfortable. Nakhodka Activision has helped me save a great many nerve cells. What can I say except well done! Now about the buildings in the city. Who would that be did not tell me, the menu Row2 much more convenient. At least the fact that it can set all the buildings and not be distracted by trivialities. Built for convenience divided into subgroups: Troops, Buildings, Wonders of the World. It would seem a trifle, but only in the game think about the convenience of the setup menu of the city. In Civ 3 all that I have not discovered. Again, all the old-fashioned. As it was, and remains. Has traditionally been, I put little plus and minus PAGE 2 CIV 3.

4) Culture, etc. The model presented in the DSC 3, not to my liking. By the way, think about the idea of ​​making cities in batches! Not smacks marasmus? Each nation (even the most insignificant and downtrodden) has its own culture and customs, which she religiously saves. Imagine a situation where, for example, the city of Poltava to say that they align themselves with the Americans because their culture is higher! Well, imagine? Brad? Another one! Yes, the same unhappy Ukraine with each passing day finds a new talent, and proves that we are there once, somewhere, were terribly steep. What we do has a story that we need to know. But take those same Taliban! Something they do not hurry to join someone ... In short, the idea of ​​culture is not bad, but the implementation is utterly miserable. The very idea of ​​transition from one state to another - idiocy. In fairness, I note that in Row2 culture received less attention.

But! Developers Row2 still managed to find a number of original findings, which are not in CIV 3.For example, if you build a temple in 80% of your cities, the population is sure to take into account, and you get a bonus. If you build in 80% of your urban universities, get a bonus for science, but if you build a pot, it would be a bonus in the financial sector. This is logical and correct. And I enjoyed it very much. In the DSC 3, I have not met this. This nomination is likely an amateur, but I give my preference Row2. Here is a summary of the main points of which I love Row2 and do not like DSC 3. You can, of course, still go on and on, but is it worth? I still can not convince anyone. I just said why I like Row2. And finally, the main question. And why did it happen? Why is the game from Activision I like more than that from Firaxis, so even with Sid Meer headed? Yes, because lord Cid leaves on past glories. He generally can do nothing, but the game will buy it. Gamers dear, imagine that the Civilization III Sid did not, as someone else, and was called to play on another. Would you buy it? Praised you would it? Yes, never. You would hardly ever look at her. But in life everything is different. Sid Meier's Civilization III - is a kind of hypnosis. At a subconscious level, people may not agree with the fact that a game with such a name is worse than Call To Power 2. That's the whole point. Tell me, do you know at least one developer Row2 without looking into the "credits"? Yes I'm sure not. Therefore, they have not zazhralis the glory and fame they have yet to get, so now they are plowed as dumb. I only wish them luck, and now all hope lies with the DSC 3, I relate to PAGE 3. I believe that if the STR3 will be released, it will become the new standard.

5) Interface design, graphics. Graphics in CIV 3 - sheer frustration. Featureless landscape on the map with poor color palette, a panorama of the city - it is generally the devil knows that it is better to have it was not. A look at the intro CIV 3! Is not this an example of misery? Pop some. Holy smoke, Sid Meier - a brilliant designer, but a pile up ... For comparison, look at the introductory movie Row2. Stylish, bright, it immediately prompts for the game. Gets. Acts very Attracting. Design menyushek and everything else in the DSC 3 I fundamentally do not like. Well, not friendly. Is not in him feelings for style. Aa-and, perhaps, you do not understand what kind of a style I'm talking about. Then play a game of Row2. Pay attention to the emblems on the submission of the text. Moreover, in contrast to Firaxis, Activision was not too lazy to create a video for every wonder of the world! How pleasant it is to build a pyramid, and as a reward to look at a beautiful act.

And take the game map. With what love in Row2 drawn and animated crabs, bears, elephants, crocodiles, deer, etc. Feast for the eyes. Furthermore the card itself is much more colorful. It might seem like you can make a beautiful civilization? You can take a look at Row2. Although, I clearly understand that the graphics in these games is not important, but you do not mind if she too will be good. I do not mind, I am even!

So this award the prize I give Row2. DSC 3, as it has already opened, receives nothing.

PS: I quote from the review of Call To Power 2 on Absolute Games: "By August of the same next year, Hasbro / Firaxis have promised to release a new brainchild of founding father - Civilization 3. Date is very approximate, but you can say for sure that the third incarnation of all pereplyunet . Talent with Master does not take away. " You see ... Talent of the master ... All pereplyunet ... Sid Meier before leaving the game we all did this installation and we piously believe. Talent talent, but still a good idea to run the game.

PPS: I Row2 already felt sorry for ... The game does not deserved called names just because she was not called Sid Meier's Civilization: Call To Power 2. Hmmm, there is no justice in the world ...