Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War
Was not in the Middle Ages, the best way to make a brilliant career and fortune than the protracted military conflict. And there was no conflict in European history longer than the famous Hundred Years' War. More than a century the French and the British brought each other in offering an obscure political intrigues of their own monarchs. But while some fought for the land, the other for the honor, and the third for the King, then there were those who fought for itself - and for the money that was spent without counting the opponents to pay mercenary armies. That mercenaries often determined the balance of forces on the battlefield. And you will become the most famous of the medieval "soldiers of fortune" - unless, of course, have the patience to go through Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War to end.

You start the way an unknown scoundrel without a family or tribe - and also so without a face and name. There is no choice, a favorite would have to create literally from scratch, and only then go to the nearest tavern, where people like you, adventurer - a dime a dozen. However, no counterparts on the craft (they are also competitors) should be interested in the newcomers at first - their way is straight to the bar, for an audience to the host institution. The latter is not only known for the whole neighborhood crappy beer and burnt lamb, but also acts as an intermediary between the mercenaries and prospective employers (ie Britain and France). Yes, the one-eyed rogue can show the shortest way to riches and fame, so listen to it carefully - let the landlord prepares lousy, but he has a good connection.

Do not neglect, and other interlocutors. Many of them have visited the battle and ready to share their experiences. Others are not averse to a permission or excuse latest gossip, and even give some political-military secret. Furthermore, among the assembled motley audience around you can meet friends and potential allies - although the friendship in the world of mercenaries was always a relative concept. Finally, in the inn there are merchants. And where is the merchant here and goods - from cheap leather armor "for the first time, to heavy armor, and (which is probably more useful) new knowledge about military affairs. True, the merchant, strangely enough, loves money, and to find a trader with a common language, they have to make a sword, then someone else's blood. Welcome to the war!

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War Who is stronger, the rights and
Each base in Bladestorm «attributed to" several teams. And before embarking on to seize another reference point, will be finished with them. Another necessary condition - the victory over the garrison commander (Base Commander), which certainly will as soon as you invade on the subordinate territory. As soon as the commander is killed, the resistance stops, you can collect trophies.

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' WarBladestorm: The Hundred Years' War
The best way to get rid of the enemy's archers - to crush them in the melee. Harass infantry cavalry - not the wisest idea.

Yesterday - for today - against

Careful examination of sections Contracts - an important step toward a brighter future. Here are collected all the available jobs, the planned amount of the fee, the geography of the future battlefield and the likely complexity. Here, of course, specify who pays for dinner - English or French leopard lily. Should not be too long to ponder who swear allegiance: you - the sovereign masters of their own way and always has the right to change employer. So it's even better turn out: first, supported by some, then over to the other, later returned again to the first. The balance of forces met, the war continues, and certainly not the end in the near future. So, hired need not worry about tomorrow. Just to live up to it unharmed ...

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War In reserve for a rainy day
Combat units will not necessarily look for - they can take with you. It's enough to gain recruits during the next visit to the inn and to determine which button you'll call them. Manufacturers are allowed for no more than three units, to operate at any one time is only one.

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' WarBladestorm: The Hundred Years' War
Understand what a mess in the battlefield is not easy - but skip the notice of the duration of the combo is almost impossible. Poupravlyat celebrities, such as the Black Prince and Joan of Arc, fail - perhaps that will bask in their glory.

One in the field - bomber

... That is not so easy in a general mobilization. Of course, no one at first does not require the newcomer to get into the thick of battle - the use of untrained soldiery minuscule, but colleagues can spoil life for good living. Therefore, the primary mission of becoming a kind of test of aptitude: the enemy is not too eager to get into a fight, the screen constantly appear quite comprehensible and concise tips, but to mark time in one place does not allow - or can not see you the first royalties as their ears. And without them difficult to move on. However, let's all in good time.

To get started, remember a simple but nevertheless very important rule - in Bladestorm is not the place heroes lone. All attempts by his own sword to decide this battle in the spirit of the Dynasty Warriors intercepted strongly and firmly: Any mob armed with sticks peyzan minute whacks arrogant upstart not only hunt geroystvovat, but at the same time and kidneys, and liver and other internal organs, the existence of which the medieval doctors, even not suspected.What follows from this conclusion? O-che-form-LIMITED: once on the battlefield, immediately find yourself squad junior in rank, and willing to stand up for myself and for you. Those are usually around a dime a dozen - orphan archers, spearmen, and platypus, have lost their commander, the crowds strolling through the French forests, waiting for the emergence of a suitable substitute. And no one requires you to run once the selected squad throughout the game, or even before the completion of the mission: you are free to throw some wards and taken under the wing of other at will - just press the "A". Say more - the more often you change teams, the more diverse it becomes the protagonist and the freer you will feel by changing the infantry to cavalry, and vice versa.

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War Wisdom of War
As already mentioned, most shortcuts in Bladestorm responsible for various activities and special skills of the selected group. Moreover, in different departments - and skills tend to be different and, consequently, so does the button assignments. Say, taking a top band of archers, you can click one to deliver fire, using some sort of optical sight, while another key is responsible for the use of poisonous arrows. However, once you switch to the horsemen, and the same button will allow, for example, to organize a swift cavalry attack. Another function of the keys - of them can "fix" employed in the tavern troops to then call them to the rescue (in case you have not yet found their subordinates) as needed.

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' WarBladestorm: The Hundred Years' War
The higher the level of the hero, the more teams want to see him as their commander. Connick for an effective attack requires a good overclock.
Of theoretical issues go to the practice - namely, what to do when confronted with the enemy. Fans of Dynasty Warriors so upset: The local game mechanics much closer to the old parts of the Kingdom Under Fire; for example, individual character attacks in Bladestorm meets only one button, the other is set aside for one or another feature of the selected group. In general, those who are accustomed to dancing on Pade, once smashing enemies with endless combos, initially will have hard times - seems like you are driving is not a mighty warrior and an ordinary soldier, confidently owning only his right hand. Meanwhile, to understand (and accept) the game mechanics Bladestorm, you'll almost certainly get used to the local management model: it is, on mature reflection, and functional, and logical.

Own battles boil down to capture key points on the map. One of them is usually required to win the contract for the rest, a change of ownership, provide you with additional experience, extra money (which, as popular wisdom, there are no superfluous), and a reputation - Another important parameter in the unpredictable world of mercenaries. Note that to perform the mission you are often given a few days - so do not rush headlong to carry out instructions of the authorities. It is better to organize within the allotted time a couple of raids in the rear of the enemy, repel as many settlements and then put an end to military operations. Oh, and do not forget to pay attention to special requests from friends and acquaintances: if successful it will bring additional profits are often greater than the official fee.

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War Of the armed forces
Arms in Bladestorm - big set, and each of them, of course, has both strengths and weaknesses, what are the wise commander must consider. For example, spearmen, or armed with halberds warriors can be an ideal means of combating the enemy's cavalry - even encased in armor rider barely cut through the woods copies. In addition, halberds allow hem the horses' feet - cruel, but often a necessary measure. At the same time kopeyshchiki vulnerable in fights with knights and foot did not hurt mobile: in case of attack from the rear, they hardly have time to regroup, and even personal valor commander will not save the situation. Archers and crossbowmen better not admit to blows. Something that they, of course, in this case sense, but their main strength - at a distance. Ideal option for shooters - to attack the enemy, already involved in a head-on collision with another unit. Said horse is not a universal force - if only because he needed the space for maneuver. And it is something just sometimes sorely lacking.

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' WarBladestorm: The Hundred Years' War
Attacking at full speed and heavily armed knights - certain death to anyone who dare to intercede in their way. Until the enemy had no time to run to your employees, why not check out the strength of the armor of enemy soldiers?

Gave a misty, forest thicket

Frankly, the recent series of Dynasty Warriors, and if it was for that praise, it was only for the crowd rather briskly moves on the screen angular Pinocchio, whose population grew from game to game. The first images Bladestorm no optimism for the future of technical performance does not bode well - the same as Dynasty Warriors, but in the European middle lane, with faded colors, cloudy picture and not too detalizovannye three-dimensional models. Surprisingly, the final version leaves a much more pleasant experience. Soldiers superbly animated, picturesque landscapes in a measure, forbidding-looking castle walls instill proper respect. Some excess of "soap" on the screen is still there, and the enemy troops from time to time to materialize out of nothing almost under your nose, but these flaws can tolerate. But the audio component of the less fortunate - if a bit monotonous, but High-quality music is consistent with what is happening, then the work voice actor does not hold water. Well at least you do not often forced to listen to others' performances, to the same story scenes to save time allowed to pass - a mercenary, like a wolf, his legs are fed, and war heroes will not wait.

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War Will fly to pieces zakoulochkam!
Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War
The developers of the Omega Force would cease to be themselves, if irrevocably renounced combos and all sorts of related military stratagems. So, although you can fight only one button, frightening enemy giant figures there still is - a chain made up of your own infrequent attacks, strokes and entrusted to your care unit. In addition, a character with subordinates may briefly pass mode Bladestorm - moving at the same time with great speed and causing the counter to all losers truly devastating attacks.

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' WarBladestorm: The Hundred Years' War