Micro Machines V4

Micro Machines V4
Who as a child has not dreamed of a beautiful radio-controlled sports car? Is it that our parents, tired of endless "wish machine!". Excitement yard races from the curb to the Sandbox customized to count the days until the promised birthday.

At first glance, the idea of ​​Micro Machines spoil is impossible. Original, fun, defiantly. Develop - do not want. And here before us V4. One problem - after a few mikrozaezdov the player begins a painful headache and nausea unbearable.

Toy has grown, though only in breadth. If you believe the press releases of the game 750 assorted machines! Yeah, certainly not. In fact, only 25 cars, just all of them painted like a God in the soul lay. In addition, now available not only aerial vehicles, and water. Comical portraits of opponents - and those are gone.

Micro Machines V4Micro Machines V4
Often the time taken up by a bonus decides the outcome of the whole race. Some nice multiplayer brightened the bitter reality.
Trails familiar and cause strong deja vu: the lifeless room, kitchen, beach, eerie kind of garden ... and stuff like that. It seems that the original ideas have long been exhausted. Digging in the menu, find the lucky editor tracks (sounds tempting, does not it?). Just right, it is better not look, watch out nerves. The player only free himself scatter bonuses and first-aid kit, but to change the location of checkpoints already finished tracks. In addition to racing fast, and simple races for a while, we have been blaming a monstrous number of various tournaments and cups. Only about 70 races. The goal? Reach out to more tedious trial and get another "unique" car.

The main type of competition - the battle for points, which the player receives a sharp separation from opponents. Finish as such do not. It's simple: dial up a certain number of points, the victory is yours. No - hi great the buttons Restart. Initially exciting, but here in the case enters the camera, as uncomfortable as before. Dirty trick is that during the check-in mobile camera is always kept within sight of all the drivers are constantly rising and falling.

Micro Machines V4Micro Machines V4
Aged Renderware engine gives a very bleak landscapes.
Looking up at a decent distance, you need to try very much to see those two pixels that remain on the machine. In the appendage - a couple of modes: team battle for the points, the cynical destruction of rivals, and the usual race in a circle.

Artificial Intelligence in V4 flatly denied the instinct for self-preservation. Stupid cars and asked to under the hot hand. Clear unreasonable to the ground, fortunately, a breeze. To help the player is offered a flamethrower. Everything else was already in the third part: a hammer, a shocker, machine guns and rockets. On the tracks is a "place of danger": then an iron steam blow, the crab claw slap slapped.

Micro Machines V4Micro Machines V4Micro Machines V4
By the way, clout and would not prevent people who worked on the graphics. It was not much better Micro Machines V3 for the PS one. Square shadows, strange textures, zero interactivity environment and fantastic special effects.

5 years ago Acclaim rolled out on the counters Re-Volt, which is relished almost everything. Here is someone with Codemasters would cost to take an example, and not bending the second decade his line.

Micro Machines V4 Cause of bygone days ...
Micro Machines V4

Fun for the first time under the name Micro Machines the world can contemplate in 1991 on the then all platforms. Toy race occurred on the public taste, and in 1994 published a sequel. The third part appeared only 4 years later, and the current quarter - across all 8 years. Apparently, V5 have to wait in 2022.