25 to Life

25 to Life
Who would have thought that a game about black gangsters, with plenty of mat tongue-tied in English and a kind of humor will instantly fly apart from counters and tear ovation gamers around the world? RockStar made the right decision when moved away from the theme of mafia shootouts GTA: Vice City and raised in the dark (literally) "horse" Carl Johnson.

Scandalous popularity of GTA: San Andreas has done its job. Now the games about black criminals do not hang up. We have already seen enough enough (and been listening to) 50 Cent: Bulletproof and Crime Life: Gang Wars, been reading about Fear & Respect Snoop Dogg'om with three-dimensional in the title role, and now continue to shoot the nigger in the 25 to Life.

25 to Life Welcome to the age at low resolutions
Multiplatform 25 to Life, of course, left its imprint on the quality of graphics and control, and even the video settings. The only affordable solution to the PC version - 800x600 pixel and no more! Not sure if the owners of machines in a few thousand dollars they want to go back three years ago.

25 to Life25 to Life
In each mission there are secondary tasks. For example, draw graffiti on the wall or kill 25 bandits. The last police officer, who also deftly managed edged with a wry grin, and wore a starched coat.

Life in black neighborhoods

"Shoot, shoot and shoot again - it is the motto and passes the entire game. Changing environment, changing the characters (you will shoot and for the cops, and gangsters behind), but you always want just one thing: to break forward, paving the way through the corpses of the bandits, police and civilian bystanders. Of course, it does not dive into the viscous slo-mo Max Payne, but not monotonous cut levels of Bad Boys II.

Relax and sit back while you can only download. Enemies relentlessly spit hot lead of the "Ingram, shotguns, cutting off," Kalashnikov ", fill up with Molotov cocktails and grenades. 40 types of weapons, even the most discriminating gangster enough for the eyes.

It is unlikely that 25 to Life will drive them to a screeching halt your CPU or video card under the string to download, but all the effects in the game come to a place and are often the only entertainment at the time of running on elusive line level. On the rare blend in gangsta-action familiar to all blur: when hit gangster or police bullets in the character screen "blurred", the sight strays and a wounded player has already backs to the nearest shelter.

25 to Life25 to Life
Sometimes, artificial intelligence will make you company for a showdown. From the "tan" pictures and pulls the heat.

By niggaz, for niggaz

The game's plot, though trying to cover life at the same time several heroes, but no different from the same San Andreas and 50 Cent: Bulletproof. Family, money, bank robbery, cartels, and betrayal - all this is perfectly familiar not only to fans of "black" movies and hip-hop. But you have the opportunity to look at current events from several points of view. With each new mission the main character is changing, and it is possible that after completing the mission you try on the skin and loose trousers of his sworn enemy. Nothing other than appearance, the characters do not differ, but a fresh plot the course definitely have a lot to taste.

But, despite the seeming simplicity of the plot, follow behind him at least for the Jolly dialogues. In the last game of the series RockStar has established a new benchmark in the conversational genre. " Now the writers of any action games have a good sweat to jokes at their game looked fun, and senses - genuine. To a player with his head engulfed this gangster drama, but not pestered yawning from viewing scenes on the engine. In 25 to Life filament abound: there is a thug who dreams get off the robbery, and the Mexican gang leader, who escaped from America, and, of course, the cop leading a double game. Of course, turned out not so talented, witty and fresh as the guys from RockStar, but some might like.

Fans of hip-hop culture, a thick gold chains and tattoos can buy food without thinking the new disc from Eidos. Others can take the risk, if not already tired of the game about the hard life of "black brothers."

25 to Life No worse than Sam Fisher
25 to Life
In addition to friendly characters and enemies at almost every level, wandering the so-called "casual passers-by." No harm from them, especially if you got the role of gangster. Any funky and zabivshegosya a corner man in the street can be turned into "human shield", putting the barrel to his temple. Not every police officer would risk firing at hostages, and what you can successfully use it. But even if you try on a police badge, should not be particularly tormented by remorse - the game does not inform about the failure of the mission, if you suddenly itch to shoot an unarmed person. It is possible that this nuance will soon again be cause for controversy "about the blatant cruelty in the games."

25 to Life25 to Life