Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII
More than 700 years the rulers Dalmaski held a small but strategically important area between Arcadia and Rozarrskoy empires until arkadiytsy overnight was deposed king Raminasa and began hosting in the country, greedily looking at Rozarriyu. "Oh, if this is not a traitor, Sir Bash! - Whispered among the people. - After all, he insidiously invaded our sovereign and gave Dalmasku Imperials on a silver platter! Oh, the poor Princess Ashe, at first she lost her husband and her father's death and did not survive! And now there is nobody to fight off the throne of the governor of Wayne, who had already settled down in an abandoned palace. " But the governor Wayne was not a tyrant and petty tyrant, and far-sighted politician. "Unbearable taxes, harsh military regime? No, Arcadia came to Dalmasku not to plunder and pillage, and to keep the peace in this country, for which so many worked her prematurely deceased master! ".

Revolutionary sentiment quickly faded away. Unrest only to those who feels the trick for the eloquence of the governor, and those who are obsessed with revenge.

Final Fantasy XIIFinal Fantasy XII
Give orders to the team leader can be in two modes: suspending the tide of battle or letting events take their course. New superpriemy (Quickenings) can be chained together. If you are lucky, this trick fails, even when the characters ended mana.
The sinister Dark Empire, awakened an ancient evil - the myth, scary story from the previous Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy XII, as well as Final Fantasy Tactics before it, above all, tells about people: the political intrigues, the temptation of power, responsibility, and that the road to hell is often paved with the most that neither is well-intentioned. And that is why the unexpected intervention of supernatural beings in the event worthy of a historical novel - a far greater shock than, say, news of the innocence of Sir Basha or miraculous rescue Princess Ashe. In the end, not for six years, we admired the look of the characters and vyznavali details about the new "Final Fantasy" to kupitsya such a "duck"!

Final Fantasy XII Easy share exorcist of spirits
Final Fantasy XII
In FFXII Eons newly replaced Esper, ancient creatures that want to win first, to enlist their support. Espero can learn to call any character, but the rule: if, say, Vahan, was right to call Beliasa, anyone else that did not get it.In exchange for his help Esper otzhirayut so much "magic glasses" that impose them witches even ashamed - who will treat the command if pomoschnichek not cope with the enemy and restore mana potions run out?

Surprising, because we had to wait twelfth of for so long that at times it seemed - we had already in her play. Stories about the picturesque landscape, a complex plot, and incredibly easy combat system in the spirit of online RPG turned it into a romantic reverie, the skeptical argument that the rat race for the throne not beat the antics of Genova in scope and genetic experiments FFVII.

World Ivalis indeed remarkably picturesque. Grandiose castles, stately tomb, science labs and a fantastic maze of amazing bizarre mix of medieval and futuristic architecture: up masonry want to touch on the extraordinary air motorcycles - ride. The abundance of sand shades in the palette hints at a hot Mediterranean climate of the countries where the main action unfolds. And at the sight of numerous representatives of humanoid races, like krolikouhih Weir and pangolins, Bangala, already familiar from FFTA, compared with the "Star Wars" suggests itself. Moreover, different races, in addition to appearance, more and said - an unusually compelling touches to the portrait! As developers and warned for the character models used much less polygons than in FFX (for example, move his fingers to the heroes succeed only if required by the script), but the armor textures (especially in the metal clad from head to toe judges) are impressive - according to the riches mintage they are not inferior armor from Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria.

Final Fantasy XIIFinal Fantasy XII
Unlike the heroes, for example, games, TV series Tales of, though FFXII characters and battle in real time, but can not immediately carry out the orders. In FFXII the contents of the trunks depends on the will of the case: from the same egg capsule can be stretched into a valuable weapon, and can be - pathetic 10 giley, which is not enough even for the drug.
But the most surprising, perhaps, not landscape Beauty (each Final Fantasy makes us a great platform for his landscapes), but how deftly transferred to the illusion of life through all the same donated polygons. For example, in the capital's streets no room to swing a cat: scurry back and forth dozens of residents engaged in daily affairs. True, the heroes are ready to communicate, not all: it's daunting at first, but then you realize - and it should be. Otherwise, out of fear to miss a key to the story of the character is easy to get caught up in empty talk, and there is no way to have all found a good word or useful information to strangers.

The path to each attractions - also a kind of labyrinth (as in the online RPG), but guess this is possible unless a glance at the map. On the contrary, it seems that the team really travel: crossing the desert, make their way through forests, mountain storms without any discounts to the conventions of console RPG. Rejecting the traditional series of random encounters with battles playing out in a separate arena, the developers have made ​​convincing: the time is not wasted on indispensable viewing the start and final battle, and enemies do not lurk, and active fighters tushuyutsya for the broad back of the leader only in areas where clashes not expected. Endless expanses of impressive, but towards the end, when the two penultimate maze more like glued together a chain of dungeons, it seems that Square Enix slukavili by staging a marathon on the survival and saving on the videos. It is not surprising that the plot begins to sink DATA: in the remaining scene news literally pressed.

"Did not I - the protagonist of this FF?» - Vahan, a petty thief.

Although we are long argued that it was a street urchin Vahan - the protagonist FFXII, in fact, it was found that led a small detachment of fighters for freedom Dalmaski does not he. I suddenly resurrected Princess Ashe furious and determined to have more than enough: it wants to personally pay Imperials for the death of her father and husband. And, if possible, at the same time to regain the throne. A novel twist on the side - not the widow-to-face, and how to think about personal happiness, when the ghost of a loved spouse restless wandering around? Even advisers to her nabitsya easy: seasoned knights, or the ubiquitous hijackers far more versed in the battles for the throne, than the petty thief. And remains Vahan most viewers who shpynyayut all and sundry, including a reasonably girlfriend Penela.

Characters of the outlines of what is called, in broad strokes: the events lined up so that the most frequently offered insight into the essence of another political zavarushku. And at the same time, given the number of actors (after all, pull a few states!), It is amazing how even a short appearance on the scene still have enough to get an idea of ​​heroes. Suffered, perhaps, only Justices: the faithful servants of the Arcadia Empire, and not too great for all sorts of revolutionary-golodrantsem chase, but at the same time there are too many to look for every excuse to not play the role of the checkpoint.

Final Fantasy XIIFinal Fantasy XII
With ill-sorted gambit team will have tough, but men can always be "reprogrammed." Sometimes an active team joins the fourth character. Manage the impossible, but many guests are treated injured teammates drugs.
"Poor Princesa, as she worries about her subjects! When she turns on the throne Dalmaski for the country come happy days! "- Sir Vossler, a knight of the princess Ashe.

The combat system FFXII - to match the changing conditions of battle. At the same time in a fight involved only three men (occasionally they are joined by "guest" character, which can not be controlled), but the heroes from the "bench" can always replace comrades, including the victims, without losing speed. While people are still alive at least someone from the reserve, the defeat does not count. Comes to mind SMT: Digital Devil Saga, in which, on the contrary, the death of an active team meant the end of the game - a very cruel injustice! Moreover, in FFXII developers does not even think put a pig for those who, for example, do not want to see in the thick of battle Penela or Vaan. None of the six main characters do not bye with a company half-way, and be sure to improve the skills of all soldiers are also not required.

In combat, the player controls only the leader (it can be reassigned at any time with one click buttons). Unlike adopted in other games, the series of ATB, the command in FFXII are not performed immediately, but after a while. However, follow every attack on the ward and his colleagues do not need: the so-called gambits - the easy way to program the AI ​​heroes to taste. Are issued, they gradually, so at first the battle is not much different from traditional ones. But as soon as the list expands gambit, open expanse for strategic combinations. Fully provide the fighters will not allow the case as a worthy opponent (rare Final Fantasy so often leads to sweat for victory), and the probability that the "healing" gambit or salvation from the harmful status actually work much later (tips gambit, read our tactics on Final Fantasy XII).

Final Fantasy XIIFinal Fantasy XII
Esper is on the battlefield as long as he has not run out of enemies, the stock attacks or do not run low health. His or caster - it does not matter. "Force is not, I want to change!" - Wayne governor, envoy Arcadia empire.
"My children! Here nearby there is a tomb, where hidden ancient magical sword! A powerful, deadly weapon! Even nuts pricks! "- The current head of the teachings of the Prophet kilt.

When the Square Enix created the Sphere Grid, a system of purchasing skills and bonuses to the characteristics of the characters in FFX, the path of the heroes were hard coded, but in the European version of the game gamers can choose: to rely on ready-made solution, or to distribute the roles in the team. Genuine FFXII - more democratic. Initially, the characters do not differ too much, and only a choice of the skills and weapons will decide who will be the magician who call defenders, Espero, who deftly chop enemies skating, and to whom - contrive to survive against the most aggressive assailants. No limits, such as "fragile Ash will not lift a hefty ax 'does not exist. Standing character to acquire a license to use certain weapons, and he instantly enrolled and "Bloody Sword" twirl, and the "Luke Perseus shoot. That's only for the very weapons have to lay out money to merchants.

Points on license acquisition (License Points) are obtained even heroes are not involved in the fighting. Afflicts only one thing: not always obvious where among the not yet produced the required license is hidden (this is particularly annoying when the subject - already in the inventory), and spend LP on experimental search for sometimes costly.

Final Fantasy XII Where is Ivalis?
Yasumi Matsuno, the creator of the series Ogre Battle, joined Square in 1995, not only to gain experience in creating tactical RPG and with support from the artist Akihiko Yoshida, who has been responsible for the appearance of characters in its projects: with Matsuno company acquired a whole new ( albeit fictional) world called Ivalis (Ivalice), where the magic exist side by side with the latest technological advances such as guns, aircraft and stills. He first served as an arena for political intrigue in the Final Fantasy Tactics, and from the dialogues of characters followed that Ivalis very reminiscent of medieval Europe - with many feudal states, and only universal religion preached by the Church Glabadosa. However, this is not a continent or a whole planet. Until the world grows in Ivalis Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, when four characters through the magic of the book transform his hometown of Forest adventures. Although Vagrant Story came out long before Final Fantasy XII, it can be considered distant future Ivalis of the twelfth of: the game is referred to the kingdom Walendu and teaching Prophet Kilty preserved only in ancient scrolls. And the official guide to FFXII (FF XII Ultimania Omega) argues that events and FF Tactics deployed much later adventures of Princess Ashe.

Think, is ready to chronology? Not at all! Unraveling the secrets Ivalis akin to chasing the White Rabbit. The version of Final Fantasy Tactics for PSP penetrated pirate Baltic! We can only guess whether he fell on Ramsey and company by the time paradoxes, like the Cloud from FFVII, or just lived? And in the Clan Primer records are sought brave researcher Melrose. Veterans Vagrant Story is the name will be familiar - the so-called inkvizitorshu, went with an agent Ashley Ryot investigate the mysteries of the city of Lea Monde. Furthermore, according to FFT, St.Adzhora opposed the teachings of the Prophet Kilty for 1200 years before the events of the game, but FFXII is reported that the split occurred over two thousand years before the partition Dalmaski, and St.. Adzhora actually was a woman.

Theme Ivalis not be considered closed and Square Enix. In addition to the remake for the PSP has announced Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and the continuation of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the DS.

Final Fantasy XIIFinal Fantasy XII
New licenses for the opening, as the acquired skills and abilities in adjacent cells. "Custom" hunting for monsters - a sure way to find a worthy opponent for the team!
"And it is - a huge treasure?" - Baltic skyjacker (fishing expedition bag with 10 gilyami from the trunk of an ancient tomb of kings).

Resemblance to the online RPG world does not end device. On the merry shopping trips require more money than the usual passage would not be enough: at the sight of so many varieties of weapons and armor eyes begin to diverge at double speed. Require cash injections and merchants spells, and sellers of special skills (technics), and even the distributors' Gambit! Provoke the player, click on the livestock of inciting mobs in the near maze or trying to force in the hunt (Mark Hunting). Oh no, he expects not only for money and experience points! His lures "loot" (also useful to catch the murdered creature - from the claws and teeth to weapons), so the lovely lovers "Ragnarka», FFXI and WoW. Lute is offered exclusively to sell. So the developers are trying to convince us that saved us from having to collect twenty bottles of something and thirty-edakogo ploshek something else for another "Diamond Breastplate", and then carried with it good in a specialty store or the author of the quest. In every little shops will welcome prey, and if found enough in the market (which is also available from any shop) suddenly begin haggling novelties (optional weapons or conventional drugs and ammunition at a discount price).

How then, and what you want, hints Clan Primer - replenished as it passes Encyclopedia of World FFXII. Alas, no hints at all times. Pages with tips only appear after a team wins a certain number of monsters of one kind, and it is not always clear how to figure out what is missing. So it turns out that some items appear when the characters are already "outgrown" them.

Of course, there is an option to buy only the most necessary and not to indulge in the hunt for treasure. But how to resist when the eyes are simply run away?

However, pumped makes not only a wide choice, but also an abundance of worthy opponents: for men at any level and there is a match for the dungeon, and a special boss. When the details of state redistribution podnadoedayut or, conversely, studied the length and breadth, Ivalis still do not want to leave.

"Come on, you all now take me to one very important mountains and help our heroic empire did not get involved in a bloody war? And I will restore the throne of the Princess Ashe Dalmaski. "- Lars, the son of the Emperor of Arcadia.

Until FFXII yet none of the "Final Fantasy" could not boast of such a degree of freedom in all that relates to the fighting and planning team, and a determination to abandon tradition. We are inevitably forced to worry about: whether or not to neglect the pumping of annoying character, whether or not to ponder over the choice of fighting techniques, because the really tough fights almost never happen. Finally, we were firmly convinced that without touching love interest to submit Final Fantasy impossible. It turned out - it is quite possible. And even though the generous portions of videos, the twelfth part of it is converted into an interactive movie game remaining - fascinating, in spite of minor shortcomings.The European version, whose release we had to wait even longer than counterparts from the United States does not please us the same radical additions, as his time in the European version of FFX. In fact, we got the same thing that Americans do: scan 16:9 and a few extra scenes that were not included in the Japanese edition. Meanwhile, in Square Enix already hard at work on the Fabula Nova Crystallis: whitelist three games with a mark FFXIII. Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII will come to PS3, and Final Fantasy Agito XIII is designed for mobile phones. It is time to say: always another "Final Fantasy", which will seek to fans RPG.

Final Fantasy XII Expert opinion
Final Fantasy XII Red Cat - The best part of Final Fantasy for me personally is still the ninth. And FFXII is rightfully share second place with FFVII, managed to stay within the series and thus enrich lots of new features. It is a pity that the judges are writers paid much less attention than might be supposed.
Final Fantasy XII Eugene Zakirov - only disappointing lack of a strong love interest in the story. Presented to the political part competently, but the accompanying elements (when the tearful "lavstori" ceased to be an obligatory attribute of JRPG? ..) You can not miss. And we are talking about Final Fantasy.
Final Fantasy XII Sergei «TD» Tsilyurik - In Suikoden III for the sake of perfect plot sacrificed gameplay in FFXII in the shadow of history goes, but the gameplay is amazing. No, the story and characters are not bad, but we learn about them just enough enthusiasm to continue their journey on Ivalis. Yes, Final Fantasy XII is not ideal, but impossible to tear myself away from it.
Final Fantasy XII Natalia Odintsova - zadumok writers would not have enough for one novel: perhaps that's why it always seems that someone from the characters desperately did not have enough screen time, and the retelling of events - thoroughness. While on the horizon FFXII, in Ivalis want to return again and again: addictive!