Fate / Unlimited Codes

Fate / Unlimited Codes

Fighting game based on the popular anime to make a snap: "knowledgeable people" is always appreciated, the production does not require large budgets, known to attract studios to anything. But what if a question of fighting game based on a visual novel?

Original fate / stay night brought to a development company Type-Moon is truly world famous. And let outside Japan, it was not published and numerous artefacts "based on" became famous everywhere. This is the same name and the anime and manga, and action figures of heroes, finally, a variety of fighting games - both home consoles and for the slot machines. Even admirers of the company were not too lazy to translate the source and share the patch-localization with the general public, which, in turn, was surprised by the presence of very explicit scenes. Against this backdrop, the decision to publish Unlimited Codes outside of Japan first met with confusion. Why? Previously, for some reason, not published, and then suddenly developed an interest? Anyway, thanks to a new company Capcom Fighting their favorite heroes officially released in the U.S. and Europe - both on UMD, and through the PS Store. They say, better late than never.

Fate / Unlimited CodesFate / Unlimited Codes
Sometimes the computer opponent gives such a rebuff, that you wonder: just do not even himself, but then suddenly brightened. However, in most cases controlled by the enemy AI just standing around Sakura and Rider prefer ranged attacks, and this is their main advantage. However, Ryder is drawn from their chains to agile, and in the melee can stand up for himself

Unlimited Codes unlucky c graphics: the objects and locations entirely polygonal, and do not say that strongly resemble the cartoon. But it may in no case less categorical, even without the benefit of the typical cel-shading charm game looks quite convincing and somewhat in the spirit of the original source. Devoid of detail and clear impression of the contour graph is quite nice, and beautiful without special effects, dazzling player after every prolonged chain of attacks, there has not been. Does this picture make an impression on the uninitiated gamers? Hardly. At best, try to distract from, frankly, far from perfect character models, but only just. Another thing is that you get used to it quickly and soon simply cease to notice the flaws, completely immersed in the gameplay.

However, it is worth while to expect that, having as source material for a visual novel with a more or less detailed descriptions of battles, Unlimited Codes offer amazing in its depth combat system, a verified all the subtleties of the rhythm of the match. Do not.On the contrary, no matter what character or pick a player, any combination of buttons will open up for him the path to the spectacular and sometimes inflicting big damage attacks. Balance? It manifests itself in strange ways: fast characters at once a blow by blow, while, say, Sakura, make two small steps in a minute, slowly Lupit opponent with a huge range and does not get closer. Yes, to prepare an attack takes some time, besides the possibility of its not unlimited (fans jumping on stage and attack suddenly went out and brought to jump gaps in the defense), and, nevertheless, it is a full-fledged fighter. This is another important feature of all such projects, through which seemingly diverse palette of attacks in fact been placed under a sample - so that no one was hurt not. " During combat, characters accumulate two types of energy: the magic and the Holy Grail. The scale of the first divided into three cells, and allows you to supplement the standard attack more powerful and entertaining, while the second is responsible for the Holy Grail Burst Super Move. Under the name of one can understand that for them, then fight and brewing. Fortunately, the name of these techniques is fully justified: if someone from the participants manage to fight their use, it is in most cases it takes away chances to win another.

Fate / Unlimited CodesFate / Unlimited Codes
Seyber can shamelessly called face fate / stay night. So in what form it not only drew artists and enthusiasts! Damage done is calculated once and then displayed on the screen

It is noteworthy that the game modes are selected to match the other "serious" fighting game. You can pass "arcade", fighting on the line with every fighter, and from time to time, watching the story scenes, but you can turn the battle against any one opponent or try to figure out who of your friends has achieved outstanding success in mastering the combat system. This, incidentally, directed the "mission" in which you want to defeat the enemy with the help of certain techniques. Frankly, no one would not spend on these tasks, if it were not able to get some nice bonus for their performance, whether it's an illustration in the gallery or extra clothing. This is by no means a test, as in Street Fighter IV, but simply a set of not too creative environment for gamers, who decided to kill time before meeting friends, because only the multiplayer allows you to get a full picture of the mortgaged to the game potential. Story? Unfortunately, the script is designed for what the player is already familiar with the original and looked at least of the same name anime, otherwise, he's pretty fast in the local history will be disappointed.

In September, the PSP came out the other fighting game, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, and in comparison with Unlimited Codes looks very much comical: immediately clear where and excellent graphics and combat system is perfected to a high luster. After these findings suddenly wakes up the desire to immediately cancel the Fate in "fanservisnye games, for which there is no need to waste time, but do not allow one important quality: a gamer of any genre preferences can instantly understand it and immediately started to win. And boast not everyone, even the most noble, fighting.

Fate / Unlimited Codes ***
The original game fate / stay night out on the PC in 2004 and belongs to a genre of visual novels. On the one hand, suggests that the plot is all right: in spite of the mandatory "adult scenes", the story itself is quite unusual and surely keeps the intrigue until the very end. Later, she received a sequel, and there it came, and to reissue on DVD and release on the PS2, from which the already modest erotica removed altogether. In all cases, attention is invited to the same concept: there are people with supernatural powers, or just magicians who fight among themselves for the right to possess the Grail, using certain soldiers. This struggle and is dedicated to the game and the anime of the same name. Manga in this case is the source of more information about the fantastic world and not always accurately retells the events of the original. And the anime and manga have been released in the U.S. and Canada, so that characters fate / stay night are well known to American gamers.

Fate / Unlimited CodesFate / Unlimited CodesFate / Unlimited Codes