Dawn of Mana

Numerous fans Seiken Densetsu certainly with bated breath waiting for a new, fully three-dimensional extension of the series. Colorful screenshots and trailers seemed to add fuel to the fire, exposing the Dawn of Mana almost the main ideological successor of the genre. The first ten minutes of acquaintance with it just leave the same impression - the same incredibly beautiful videos captivate and prepare for the better ... but better you will not see. To continue the acquaintance, and even more so get pleasure from it, will only a few.

Contrary to expectations, Dawn of Mana was not really RPG. That is, before it was clear that the gameplay runs toward Threads of Fate, or Kingdom Hearts, but it was assumed that role-playing elements save the situation and make life more interesting. Not this time - an unusual action given so much attention that the traditional "flow" remains only an empty word. As well as from the dialogue, unnecessary chatter with the NPC, the commodity-money relations, thirty-second sleep in a single city hotel, war trophies, new swords and armor ... The list of deviation from the canon is so great that it seems just right to grab his head and blow the whistle!

Dawn of ManaDawn of Mana
Usually, the helper-fairy gaining levels faster. That, however, does not really matter - still reset. Avoid major battles with opponents fail: they are built on the principle of "no win - do not get the key - you will not pass on."

Boy and girl save the world

Several nice emotion to tell the tale of fairies, the main character is the characters of the game. Saviors of the world just three - is a brave boy Keldi, in some incomprehensible manner different from other hair color ("other" carefully hidden from the eye playing), his old girlfriend Rezia and just learn to speak the fairy Faye. Together they will save the great tree Triánta of bad hands dark army Lorimar. Follow the development of stories several times more interesting than directly participate in its creation. And this is not another rebuke gameplay, this is a compliment responsible for video and gaming graphics.

The narrative is divided into parts, which, in turn, is divided into chapters, and those - at the checkpoint. Possible to facilitate the life of heroes, and at the same time do not bother pumping players and other role-playing challenges, the end of each piece of the history of all the features set to zero. Doubly insulting: Keldi and his assistant Faye managed as a single character, but each gain their levels. Return to its original state after two hours of fighting - he was still a blow to the ego.

Dawn of ManaDawn of Mana
Young Indiana Jones does not understand the ancient writings, but his ears feels that here they are, an adventure. Guess what the wall will collapse, but some - no, almost impossible. It is important to remember that the collapse may even be a platform on which stands Keldi.


Keldi can do everything.Suppose that in the prologue he runs with a worthless stick, and later will sweep from its path of any enemy. Like Sora was the key-sword, so at Keldi of hands sticking out a big piece of wood that can not be replaced by anything else, even the best wood species. But God bless her with a stick, his very hand - a terrible weapon! She shoots an attractive items vine, and even magic balls! Be applied to these skills is difficult, especially because the latter requires necessarily switch to first person and fight with the camera refuses to turn in the right direction with reasonable speed.

Since the Dawn of Mana is not a system for unauthorized communication with other characters, issued a walk to the hero can only thrash the monsters and escape towards the beacon, the arising and disappearing on the mini map. The levels themselves are large and have no divisions in the zone of loading, as well as densely populated of all kinds of wildlife and destructible walls. This is especially angry in confined spaces, where a random attack on the convoy could easily ruin the whole architectural design, thereby forcing you to look for a workaround.

Dawn of ManaDawn of Mana

Cleanse the world from the evil!

Admittedly, thrash monster fun. Not because they can toss into the air and finish off a combination of three punches. No, blame the tricky system of bonuses. Improve performance or improve health can only bringing the monster to a state of panic, in which he will respond to attacks with candy. This requires the boulder to find larger, and kick it in the direction of an accident - from such a shock pink creature with a minute would take the birds circling above your head, not even trying to beat off the assaults of the protagonist.

Similarly to fight with the bosses. The amendment only on the fact that the big villains of bar life significantly longer, and armor - is thicker because of what a battle can last for half an hour, and then an hour. However, for the sake of an interesting and beautifully told stories similar difficulties can be overcome. Another thing that people otvykshie from children's fairy tales and stories were referred to the spirit of Valkyrie Profile, is unlikely to deceive mere external beauty. In fact the actual gameplay here is as simple as boring and monotonous tyagomotny. This is exactly the case when the ingenuity of the creators not only go unnoticed, but went on to harm the game.

Dawn of Mana Awards
For completion episode, players are rewarded with special emblems that increase the performance of the character. Posters can also be bought in a store or receive, gather the required number of medals. The higher the level of complexity, the greater the emblems he can afford. However, if this option can be changed in the options at any time, then fasten the icon is allowed only at the beginning of the chapter. In addition, for the really important improvements to the player will need to achieve a high estimate, and its play will award you only if certain conditions are met. Could not - it does not matter, you can replay. Do not want to overplay plot episode - Welcome to the battle arena, a kind of practice areas, offering to sharpen combat skills and master the intricacies of camera control. Time spent on these arenas, pays a good cash reward. Earned money is being spent largely on songs and clips. The music, by the way, beware of imitations - the famous Ryuichi Sakamoto wrote only the opening and closing tracks, the rest are engaged in entirely different people.

Dawn of ManaDawn of Mana