Red Dead Redemption, review Gameland. ru

Red Dead Redemption, review Gameland. ru
Genre of westerns, the peak of popularity which came in the second half of XX century, more than once "dying", as many times revived, and seems to have finally outlived its usefulness still myself. Indeed, how can anything compare to the "Magnificent Seven" or "good, bad, evil"? It turns out, may, if efforts in the right direction. Even in the distant 2004 Rockstar tried to travel around unceremoniously balky cowboy style, but because of the hasty venture out just a funny boevichok Red Dead Revolver a couple of evenings. Second attempt - Red Dead Redemption - the project is already a different caliber: to develop it took five years, tens of thousands of man hours and a lot of money. But in the end result turned out quite different: a game show, and Clint Eastwood should be ashamed.

Once in the Wild West

The theater had read from the hanger, and Western - with a plot strings, which certainly appears revenge, betrayal, or search for justice. However, neither the first nor the second or even third in the game there. The protagonist of John Marston - a man with a dark past and a difficult fate. Son of a prostitute and recidivist, he was a child left to himself, and the first years of his life were spent in an orphanage. In his youth, he contacted the company and became a nasty thug. But years later, still managed to get out of the cesspools of lawlessness and even started a family, but another twist of fate put an end to his idyllic future plans. Now he works for state agents who are required to find and catch (or kill) Bill Williamson - a former partner in crime, and the sister of John. This offer impossible to refuse, or suffer family hero.

Red Dead Redemption, review Gameland. ruRed Dead Redemption, review Gameland. ru
John Marston - the protagonist of the game. Rockstar managed to create one of the most memorable characters in the history of igrostroya. The system of shelters from GTA IV came to a place in the RDR, but here it works even better.
Red Dead Redemption, review Gameland. ruRed Dead Redemption, review Gameland. ru
Hunting - an essential element of gameplay RDR, and made it to "5 +". Although, of course, go on a bear with a knife - a stupid occupation. The game has about a dozen different mini-games: from throwing a horseshoe to the bone. But, of course, the main entertainment of gentlemen of the Wild West - Texas poker.
The game begins with the arrival of John in one of the local towns. The script for the game is excellent - with lots of interesting characters, dramatic moves and classic vesternovskim finale. Its contribution to a correct perception of the material and makes himself the protagonist - his sincerity and humanity to believe in the first second to the last. Definitely worth to pay tribute not only writers but also the choreographer. Directing in such subjects is even more important than the well-prescribed dialogues or adjusted to detail the characters. Throughout the action gives the impression that western look "golden" 60-70-ies (and this is the best praise for director). By the way, as opposed to the original Red Dead Revolver, which was a spaghetti western, Redemption - Western classical to the bone, without unnecessary symbolism and antics on the screen. Good or bad - you decide, but the game of changing priorities has matured, and, in our opinion, it went to her only advantage.

Red Dead Redemption, review Gameland. ru All my burdens with me
In GTA, a hero, never had inventory in the classic sense, but were allowed to carry weapons only. But John Marston, part housewifely udelaet even domovenka Kuzyu: he carries around with them not only guns, knives and lasso, but also all kinds of loot and even a camp set out to camp in the open field far away from cities and towns. The last innovation seems particularly good: at any moment can now be saved or go to the desired point on the map.

Red Dead Redemption, review Gameland. ruRed Dead Redemption, review Gameland. ru
What is the western stagecoach robbery without ... ... Or attacks on racing at full speed train?
No less worthy of admiration brilliant work of programmers and designers. Tandem RAGE graphics engine, and Euphoria (which is responsible for physics) - outstanding, in itself, but the RDR has even exceeded our expectations. The game looks better than any other project with an open (and also seamlessly!) World.

Does not lag behind the visual element and sound. Bill Elm and Woody Jackson wrote a great soundtrack, in collaboration with famous singers and groups: Jose Gonzales, Jamie Lidell and Ashtar Command. Dialogues delivered beautifully, but the style is very reminiscent of "Inglourious Basterds" by Quentin Tarantino. Without a literate world the local dialogues would have lost the lion's share of appeal, and largely thanks to the tasty language achieved the desired game atmosphere.

Grand Theft Horses

If you think that the RDR - this is GTA IV with horses, you are absolutely and totally ... right. Rockstar and the GTA - it's like Lenin and the Party: say one thing - mean another, and vice versa. The legacy of the games about Niko Belik project got not only the engine but the gameplay - a huge world that is constantly something going on. Included also: a set of several hundred primary and secondary missions, a wide selection of weapons and support items, and of course the horses, which here, too, countless.

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Six months ago we admired the picture Assassin's Creed II, arrived in time and now the new standard. It is difficult to imagine how the developers managed to make so beautiful world. John can not swim, so that the water surface is better to contemplate from a safe distance.
Nevertheless, the differences between the two games is much greater than the similarities. RDR world is larger than GTA'shny, and, for obvious reasons, there was no place for mega-cities and skyscrapers. Instead of them - the endless scorched heaths, small hick town, plains, prairies, swamps, hills and mountains. The main advantage of the same game that the developers have breathed life into this huge and seemingly "dead" world. Birds flying in the rays of hot sun, field mice burrows, horses graze in rare oases or sadly graze the grass on the verges regulars local saloons something gossip, old pants sits at the threshold of their homes, and all that - regardless of the hero and his action. World - in itself, the hero - all by itself. Case in point: John riding a horse through the canyon, when suddenly a shot rang out, and we are hurrying to the aid of lame duck, who was ambushed by bandits. If you have time to save him - plus the indicators of honor and reputation, but if he miss the point - nothing, in principle, does not change. Man killed, but here is all the time. The entire game, in fact, consists of hundreds and thousands of just such scenes and moments. As such a cornerstone of the gameplay, like in GTA, not - mix together the car chases, shootouts, duels and stealth. But unlike the TV series about Theft Auto, there is no apparent settling of some geympleernoy part, for the first time the gameplay was truly seamless. At any time, even in the midst of the mission, you can escape to rescue the suffering or, for example, begin to hunt. Living creatures in the game a lot - from all the chipmunks and voles to the wild boar and deer. There are also predators: coyotes, jackals, wolves, and bears - the last to fill up the hardest.

At our first meeting RDR is more reminiscent of Mexican prikornuvshego a sultry afternoon under a tree after a glass of tequila. It seems that in the game and do something special there is nothing, but unhurried plot entry only strengthens this conviction. Nevertheless, the first impression is deceptive: in less than an hour later you find yourself on the ears mired in twists and turns of the main and additional jobs, fight, walk away from the chase, save their lives and take away other people's. Duel with the local analog Slo-mo (Dead Eye), performed excellently, and just shooting did not cease to please the eye and after 10 and 20 hours of passage. Redemption, as well as GTA IV, requiring an average of 20-25 hours for the passage story campaign, and somewhere around 10-12 - to a secondary mission. This does not mean that you will pass it strictly for that time, because it the glory of such projects - they can live with.

Red Dead Redemption, review Gameland. ruRed Dead Redemption, review Gameland. ru
Bedolagi wonder people think that the hero caught by surprise - they have not long to live. Local Slo-mo makes the duel a real feast for the eyes and delight for the soul. Woodcock is about to turn into something like a colander.

The top ten

Red Dead Redemption - certainly a new word in the genre of games with open world, the best game in Western history, and while the main contender for the title of "Game of the Year. Is it better than GTA IV? Rather no than yes.But the creation of Rockstar San Diego is uniquely furnishes the famous series on the part of the attention to detail, and the local Wild West is perceived holistic eclectic metropolis of Liberty City. This is the case when the fault does not want, and occasions for quibbles we practically do not. One word - ten points, ladies and gentlemen, ten points!

Red Dead Redemption, review Gameland. ruRed Dead Redemption, review Gameland. ru
The character models and animals in the RDR are made so carefully that even the apparent work of the musculoskeletal system. Especially good is seen in horses - just watch as these beauties walk and beauty. If you find a job bounty hunter, it is better not to kill criminals and catch them with a lasso. So much fun, and profits doubled.
Red Dead Redemption, review Gameland. ru Reflecting on the two?
Multiplayer RDR is very similar to those of GTA IV. Up to 16 players can battle each other online, and about a dozen game modes, including everyone's favorite Free Roam. So, you wait a few varieties of Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and, in fact, already referred to Free Roam. Playing can be assembled into clans, pumping ability, and the cards carefully arranged boxes of cartridges and lechilku. Unfortunately, at the time of writing reviews on the servers could be found only a handful of journalists and to fully appreciate the online carnage we have not succeeded. Nevertheless, what we have seen, it looks at least cool, and in the future online RDR will be a worthy replacement GTA'shnomu.