Cope with nameless henchmen Claudia guest from the future will poudachney than Hamlet.
Translate classic literature into kompyuternoigrovye rails of our compatriots have already tried a year ago. Experience "Eugene Onegin" though was not entirely successful, but his place in history deserves. The creator of "Hamlet" Denis Galanin, known online as mif2000, as if mocking all the negatives of creation Dreamlore Games: his play also puts on a visual style, but the humor and arbitrary interpretation of the plot would not make the product in the trash, and vice versa - it adds new faces . Main merit of Dennis that "Hamlet" (in contrast to the aforementioned "Red Space") is a game in the fullest sense of the word. Normal quests sin sheets dialogues, but in "Hamlet" the whole story handed down in comic bits between the acts of the story, leaving only part of the puzzle game. The structure of the game is absolutely linear and resembles Windosill: the player does not want to reel in circles on the location and replenish inventory of various debris. Everything else is in there: the game is reasonable quest gameplay alternates between classic (which has to click on random objects on the screen in anticipation that something will happen) and original puzzles. If the clue is in no hurry to come to mind, you can take a hint. In "Mashinariumu to open the hint needed to pass the mini-game," Hamlet "offers only wait (try!) For ten minutes. During this time you can have time to admire the handsome design of the game, which the author very much a success. Game, of course, too far to the charm of the same "Mashinariuma," but it "fleshevaya" schedule is still head and shoulders above most modern quests. Oh yes, it is worth warning: in Hamlet Prince of Denmark himself almost did not appear - at the very beginning of the game on its head falls off the stranger from the future, and will play for him.

The only annoying little thing that can spoil the pleasure of shopping, is that all too quickly it ends. On the other hand, trial-version includes half-hour "trial" of gameplay, and during that time smart player can quite manage to beat the game entirely.

Hamlet Mythic Gallery
Game designer by vocation, Denis Galanin puts his work in the blog (mif2000.blogspot.com): apart from the illustrations of projects on which he was engaged, you can find there a comic about the history of domestic igroindustrii, covers a nonexistent Soviet comics and even the pilot episode of a fan to continue Games Neverhood (zaglohshego, unfortunately).

Hamlet Hamlet
Level is almost empty and lifeless ... ... But only a few obvious manipulation - and he shone with new paint, and simultaneously open the way to the exit.