Lost in Blue

Lost in Blue
Guided cartridge Lost in Blue in the console for our own security is equated with illegal possession of weapons.

I beg you will not go in, fed her console Lost in Blue! You will definitely get lost or will hurt yourself, fascinated by the game. More precisely, not her own, and solving a complex issue, "well, why come back game over???» I'll try to help you, at least partly to avoid trouble.

Dispelling the myth of the tropical

Even without knowing more about what this game should be, above all, good to forget the skills to survive in the wild, if you have one. Inspire: you can not distinguish trees from the palm of the hedgehog and the hare do not know anything about that potato leaves is poisonous! Well, now you can get acquainted with Lost in Blue.

Thus, a student Kate shipwrecked and came on a tropical island. But alone, he will hold only the first day and then finds to his head, a lifeboat, but close to it - the girl Skye, completely helpless without his spectacles. Just do not think that here will be found glasses and you'll be the assistant, coconuts from the palms down. Glasses, no options, our hero crush it immediately, and will have you, poor fellow, for the rest of the game to run to and fro, collecting mountains of food for two incredible gluttons! A Sky as the climb in a cozy cave on the coast to lure her out only by force: he sits, spins his rope, and then, if you ask. However, she still cooks, but you first need to find food! Keith. That is us. And for the sake of it and to forget all the skills of survival. Food in Lost in Blue behaves quite differently, as the real thing. Immature coconuts falling from the trees themselves, the carrot is safe to have greasy, but from raspberry is indigestion. Potatoes without thinking put in coconut salad, and seaweed (Remember) satisfy hunger better than fried fish.

Lost in Blue In famine relief
Lost in Blue

The game has a bug it clones the food from a backpack Keith transfer of Skye. Ably enough to poke a stylus, and one fish will turn into ten. Probably, testers, tired gameplay silent about this issue, to be able to devote time catching other bugs, but not painful survival.

Lost in BlueLost in Blue
The icons on the left indicate the quality of the object: the hardness, flexibility, honesty and poignancy. Able to name two more games in which the characters can hold hands?


It is very important to follow the correct schedule and not try to search on an empty stomach half of the island, no matter how attractive it may seem a study area in comparison with the routine collection of coconuts. The developers did their best to quick death of heroes had reported to you this simple truth. Evening? Go back to the cave and make fire. This is the first mini-game you'll encounter. In it you will first take turns pressing Shift, depicting the rolling stick between your hands, then blow on the "glow light". And this game, too, not like in real life - much better not blow, and loudly say "BZ-g-g". Two weeks later, Skye finally think of what can be stacked firewood in store at the corner of the cave, and you'll be spared the obligatory nightly "Bzhzh. Around the same time Kate finds on the shore of the bottle and an empty canister, which was added in the other corner - you can spend the whole day pulling the water in the bottle, but rather a long time will not have to drive the girl to a nearby creek on the handle. But then start another mini-game. How do you, for example, building beds or shelves on speed? That is, of course, hasten to the player - with incredible speed, draw some doodles on the screen until Kate pretends that connects the two logs. Personally, I prefer to be left without a bed, than to break the stylus. Against this backdrop, fishing (you'll first need to wait for the hero to "invent" a lance) and shooting at wild animals seem easy and harmless. Arms, press «Y» in the right place - the sea or near the animal - and waiting for the right moment to strike a stylus.

Lost in BlueLost in Blue
Invisible walls modern games: "here is dangerous! Trespassing! " Each time you will be given only one attempt to shoot the beast, or catch fish.

Click on the button ...

Formally, the game takes full advantage of the console, but in reality they only apply to the mini-games, and the main mode, with one exception, push-button. All attempts to poke into the bottom screen lead only to what we are shown the ground under the feet of Kate, who, if desired, the stylus can also pick open. But the accident so nothing is impossible to find. Search for answers button "A". If you click in an open field, the hero fumbled at his feet. And if you do it at the moment when he "thinks" something like "Coco ..." or "Carrot ...», noticed that the food will go into a backpack. Immediately after the mini-game "dug potatoes stylus.

In addition to collecting items, the button "A" is responsible for the hero jumps across the chasm and climbing on the "top floor" of our amazing square island. And quite difficult to track kontekts change of action. How many times Kate, teetering on the brink, began to fumble at his feet instead of hopping! Well at least, not fall.

How divided the remaining buttons, not too happy. Over time, there is Blue, also known as "the blues".

Lost in BlueLost in Blue
Fishing with a stylus does not soothe the nerves, but rather - shatters. Having Lost in Blue to the end, you get a chance to play for the Sky.

The dry residue

Now, when readers are warned, they can be left alone with the game, that they were their own understanding of life on a desert island.I can only add that, in my opinion, the most interesting thing in this game - the mysterious forest nooks, caves and lakes in the jungle. But the developers are, unfortunately, did everything for us as long as possible not to notice them, carrying a sack of potatoes with a clearing near the cave or buckets collecting seashells.

Lost in Blue Things could be much simpler
Despite the push-button control, the primary mode takes place on the touch screen. The upper output parameters of heroes or the mini-map. Yet it is possible to look at pretty pictures of the island, playing the role of the progress-bar game.

Lost in BlueLost in Blue