It is difficult to say why around the "Harry Potter" this hysteria. Maybe all fascinated by the charms of Emma Watson, or the world has not forgotten how to believe in miracles? Whatever it was, the popularity of this tale enjoyed by many, including developers of MMORPG. Wizard101's recently game could well be called the «Harry Potter Online», truth instead of Harry is a lot of novice wizards in the hat with a brim, and hand-owl is not all, but only at the main mage.

On this same magician will meet at the beginning. "Who is with us there? Does not the hero, possessing immense magical potential? "- Asks the white-haired old man, looking at the monitor. "He's the most" - responds to him a wise owl. And, without asking permission from anyone, the sorcerer takes us to another dimension ruled by magic and miracles. Then you can pass a simple test to determine to what school of magic is drawn character, or to make a choice manually. All in game six schools, plus another one that stands above all:

  • fire - for the fans to burn all the napalm and inflict maximum damage;
  • ice - gives a more stable and controlled damage;
  • the magic of myths - is built on illusion and dreams;
  • School of the storm - commands the elements of nature;
  • the magic of life - makes it possible to heal wounds;
  • death - on the contrary, sucking force of the enemy;
  • School of balance - taking from all other kinds of magic, a little, as the universal weapon of enlightened wizards.
Initially, all players pass a simple tutorial, during which you can get acquainted not only with the city of Wizard City, but also with teachers from all schools. Each of them has unique character and at this very colorful appearance. For example, a teacher at the magic of life - Asian Burenka with rouged cheeks, and is responsible for ice magic blue fairy-fatty. However, one teacher in the city lacks. Professor Death Magic tired of messing with the newcomers - he appeared more grandiose plans, and who, if not we should stop him? The hunt for a villain (his name is Malistar Drake) will take place in several parallel worlds, and during these wanderings, designed the characters will continually gain strength, preparing to fight the greatest villain.

The old man and an owl to discuss the new adept of magic. Another couple of sentences, and we will call in the Wizard City, to stop evil The first opponent will be the toy wizard, is simply to win. Any spell will turn it into a pile of sawdust

Arise, children stand in a circle

Although selected at the beginning of the school of magic for the hero is the main, if learning to accumulate enough points, you can add to your book Arcane abilities from other schools. In contrast to the standard MMORPG, where magicians with one click send a fireball at the enemy, the combat system in Wizard101 is based on a deck of cards. Every spell and ability - it is a separate card (a total of more than 300), which can be embedded in spellbuk and then apply in combat. Basic spells can be used in battle several times, while the most rare and devastating abilities require a lot of time to recover. All spells its mission: fighting urge creatures attacking the target (unlike, for example, from Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon card caused by the assistant does not stay on the field, but only once attacking the goal and disappears), and general help solve a variety of tasks - by reducing the effectiveness of enemy attacks to heal allies. When you use each card consumes mana and action points, the player, one for each round of battle, and if the spell requires three points, you can not use it in the beginning. In addition, if specified in the description of the stability of less than 100%, the spell can not work.

Initially, opponents of the very frail, so it defeat the monster of its level can even a child. But after the battle of health and mana by themselves are not replenished, so the climb immediately into a new fight is not recommended. It is better to walk the streets of the city and look for flying balls, which restore power. To duel anyone can run past a player - just stand in a circle, which appears early in the fight on the ground. However, when the battle joins a new hero, monsters, too, cause reinforcements, so that battles can drag on. Do not get bored players helps spectacular animation spells. Every time you use the card in the middle of the circle there is some mythical creature that throws the enemy or allies envelops glowing aura.

Due to this combat system players will not necessarily find a group for playing dungeons or quests. If you are unsure of the strength, enough to stand in someone's circle, and trophies for the slain monsters will be divided among all participants. If a whiff of fried, any time you can escape from the battlefield. In this case, you will find yourself in a safe location, but with absolutely no mana.

Players can fight not only against monsters, but also with each other. Duels take place exclusively in the arena of Wizard City, and since the combat system - a step by step, usually win those players who have the deck and the beginnings of strategic thinking. Premium duelists developers encourage special awards and high places in the ranking. The only pity is that there is no possibility to establish a permanent team, as implemented in WoW, with its system arenas. Wizard101 but still no PvP-game, and a duel here - brief entertainment between visits to different worlds.

NPC, which have a task for the player, you can see from afar. On the right is seen the same attraction, offering to try the mini-games This cheerful little cow teaches at Wizard City magic of life. The interior of her house is designed in shades of green

Return to the classics

Graphically, the game resembles World of Warcraft. Developers have sacrificed for the sake of polygons unique style and system requirements. Each of the Worlds Wizard101 has its own characteristics. Wizard City - a wonderful place, full of bright colors.Next to the houses of teachers living trees grow within itself runs chalk, painting fun phrases, near the broom sweeps the floor on their own. A little later, the player can enter the kingdom of darkness, where horrible creatures live. And still is pay a visit to the eastern world, where there are pigs and cows ninja-samurai.

Quests are very simple. The aim is visible not only on the map - it shows the direction to the arrow on the screen, so to get lost, you need to try very much. And although most jobs fairly primitive, developers diluted their thin jokes. Awards - pretty standard: experience, money and possessions with bonuses. The only pity is that a solid wardrobe characters can not boast: a hat, pants, jacket and a magic wand - that's the whole outfit. In addition to side quests, there is the main story, which centered the same Shadow maestro. But on the way to it is our ward became acquainted with many other key characters. As reported by the developers themselves, they drew inspiration for the plot of the books about wizards-educated, such as Terry Pratchett stories about Rincewind or "mythical" epic by Robert Asprin, so that fans of these authors' works will certainly feel at home in Wizard101.

A nice addition to the fights and plot are the mini-games through which players can make mana after a battle and just have fun. To start the mini-game, you need to go into a special area of ​​Wizard City from attractions and peek into one of the tents. The idea is borrowed from classic puzzles and computer desktop activities, such as Tetris, "pyatnashki and Digger. "Many of the old games that we once played home to the Spectrum, now long forgotten. Around reigns 3D. Adding Wizard101 mini-games, we tried to remind people that the old ideas have the right to life, even now, "- explained the staff KingsIsle Entertainment. So that gamers can at any time to distract from the search for Drake's uncle and try to beat someone's record in some of the "classic disciplines".

Each card has its own characteristics. Initially, developers planned to build one hundred one card, and why the game got its name. But then decided not to limit myself and added a couple of hundred Besides the usual monsters, players will have to fight with the bosses. For example, with this cute cyclops

Since the game is aimed primarily at children's audience, the developers have taken all precautions to protect students from the maniacs and trolls (internet, but not fabulous). If parents choose a strict censorship, their offspring will have when communicating using the standard phrases and will see themselves in chat only words from prefabricated kit. "Kit" expression templates pretty decent, alone options welcoming provides more than a dozen. But even if we remove the restriction, the filter does not miss a chat any suspicious phrases.

In general, the game, in our opinion, failed. The only problem - Wizard101 is ideal for kids, but our students can not appreciate it because of ignorance of the language.Maybe someone will notice the creation of localizers KingsIsle Entertainment and wants to present it to the Russian market?

Wizard101 ***
KingsIsle Entertainment founded in 2005 by game industry veterans from Wolfpack (studio, known for MMORPG Shadowbane), Ion Storm, and other companies. Total number of employees on his shoulders for more than six massively multiplayer release. Since its inception KingsIsle worked on two projects: one of them - Wizard101, the second is still not known. Wizard101 idea was to build a fantastic world for kids, for its implementation, developers use a proven concept MMORPG. And the school of magic were a great way to explain to the player, what is its role in the new world, why did he get here and what to do.