Penumbra: Requiem

GENERAL APPEARANCE: The Swedish studio Frictional Games after Valve offered his view on the idea of portals - addition to Penumbra: Black Plague, which bears the subtitle Requiem. In fact, this collection of puzzles, built on the physics of the original game.

The story begins where the story ends with the second part. Protagonist named Philip continues to hallucinate, plunging into the abyss of consciousness. The monsters were flickering shadows so ominous noises coming from the darkness. Former paranoid atmosphere melting before our eyes, and a frightening sounds and negative after-affects not allow to forget about the pedigree of Requiem. The plot is weak, in the first place out gameplay. At this time, Philip dreams of a world of levels connected by portals.

Requiem tries to part with the atmosphere of terror and brings the player with an interesting physical system. A variety of puzzles can often be solved in several ways. Yet addition inexcusably short. If you are not distracted by collecting artifacts, full passage will take on the force for three hours. But all this time you spend looking for elegant solutions of ingenious puzzles.

Although the title referred to a requiem, we hope that the addition will not be doleful song around the TV series - at least, that his tradition will continue in the next game, Frictional Games with the working title Lux Tenebras.

Penumbra: RequiemPenumbra: Requiem
He could tell the main character a lot of interesting things all day ago Bright rooms in the annex has been at times more

Disadvantages: Small length of the game, outdated graphics, poor storyline.

ADVANTAGES: Low system requirements, good sound, believable physics and interesting puzzles.

Penumbra: RequiemPenumbra: Requiem