There are two types of games. Or a large team working for nothing, issuing vague result, or a handful of fans has surpassed themselves. Before us is just the second option. Scratches creators of all three, and they tried very hard. The game they came out terrible. In a good way.

The horrors of our town

Thus, the court of the seventieth year of the last century. Budding young novelist had almost finished his first novel, lacks one thing - a decent finale. For inspiration he settles in an old mansion rented for his close friend. The house's dark past - according to legend, former owners killed each other. Find out the motives and details of the crime and failed. The building is in ruins, everything suggests that left him in a hurry. For example, in the bathroom still hang shown amateur photos. Instead of focusing on the work on the novel, the protagonist decides to find out what really happened in the mansion, and why throughout the house heard mysterious noises ...

Scratches Satanism is for the intelligentsia

In search of clues the novice writer will have to do pretty strange things. For example, make ambiguous actions on the image of Christ: first, to pierce his feet yardstick of a nail, then another disturbing sign INRI ... Yes, and open the coffins of the hero - as nothing else to do.

The former owner of the house for a long time he lived in Africa and brought together a decent collection. Writers - they are. If necessary, and in the coffin zalezut.

Combining incongruous

The search for truth will take three games of the day. Time is measured conventionally - after an important event on the clock in the lobby of changing the position of the shooter. In general, virtually anything is not affected, except that in the evening, instead of continuing to explore the mansion, the main character goes to sleep.

However, even banal action also move the plot. Unfortunately for the players, most of the action in the game differently as commonplace not name. And, at first glance, everything that happens has not the slightest connection either to the disclosure of secrets, nor to write a novel. For example, almost the entire first day of the hero spends on calls to his friend Jerry. No light? Outbound Jerry. Cold, scared? Again calling. Pretty hard to guess that the events have stopped, because we talked to each other only four times out of a planned five ...

Around the house is a garage, greenhouse, chapel and crypt.
However, quite quickly the game becomes more exciting. As befits the quest, we begin to solve puzzles, using all sorts of things. Just do not rely on logical combinations of things! Quite suddenly replaced by traditional solutions exotic. Say, a stethoscope and a locked safe is not suited to each other as we would not want to reveal an iron box, listening to the clicks of the castle. Lockers will be opened in other ways, but we will listen to ... fireplace! Interesting problem on the care side by side with puzzles on the verge of absurdity. For example, present themselves with a pencil, pen and a little bit, you need to guess which of these key items is pushed out of the hole. Despite the fact that we already have exactly the same key.

Scratches Allusions
If during the game will seem that you somewhere have seen or read something like this, do not be surprised. Especially for slow-witted in a row with the paintings of Bosch added a portrait of Cthulhu. Plot twists reminiscent of Stephen King, and some puzzles and a geography of the estate reminiscent of "Phantasmagoria".

Photo-textured work wonders. Sometimes it seems that watching a video, depicting the real situation at home. Unfortunately, the diaries of the font is too small and fussy. Hopefully, in the Russian version to fix it.

Atmospheric pressure

Despite the tedious solving a puzzle, we can not relax and remember that this is just a game. First, in addition to core subjects, the hero can still view a lot of minor things that were added to the game for the entourage: paintings and children's toys, boxes and candlesticks ... Secondly, as the game does not leave us an irresistible feeling of horror. Furnishing the dilapidated house is much more frightening than any monster or zombie. It seems that by turning the corner, will encounter a ghost.

Only, it seems, the only ghost in the mansion - the main character. He was three days without eating, not drinking and not even trying to visit the restroom. However, curiosity and the desire of the hero to get to the truth, do not allow to be distracted by such trifles.Alive - and right, forward, wondering just what will happen next!

Scratches It seems that I hear voices
People voiced the characters, not much more than developers. Although call them professional actors is difficult. For example, the Englishman Jonathan Bouks better known as a photographer and creator of the video game series Dark Fall. Despite this, he coped well. In the domestic industry, even the pros rarely give out so relevant, clearly articulated, rich intonation cues. Soundtrack by Cellar of Rats and above all praise. Sudden chords unhinged piano, piercing the silence of the house, creates an exciting mood.