After earning a sufficient number of points for the opponents, you can execute spectacular superspace. Which one - depends on what a couple of heroes is now in the game. We must pay tribute to the Bionic Games - graphics and special effects Spyborgs deserve the most flattering words.

GENERAL APPEARANCE Wii owners expect Spyborgs with great interest, hoping to get a beautiful and dynamic fighter. Come true hope? Hard to say. Our attention is invited to the adventures of three Cyborg Rangers, who on behalf of all progressive humanity are struggling with the minions of the evil space emperor. The main characters are tailored according to the standard pattern: strongman, acrobat and medium on the characteristics of a fighter. In the passage of each level involves two characters, among which can be freely switched during the battle ("free ranger quite successfully manages AI). And everything is good, but ... Spyborgs main trouble is that the first level is almost impossible to distinguish between ten: the enemies of monotonous scenery - the same as you and no other entertainment except endless massacre. Themselves fights made as it should, rightly so: the heroes possess many tricks, the opponents are not born yesterday and do not act only considering whipping boys, and the presence of a number of team-mate makes what is happening just interesting. In general, if there is a handy companion for playing together, the multiple levels of exciting action games are provided. It is a pity that you can only use the Spyborgs small doses - in a big game too monotonous acts as a soporific.

DISADVANTAGES Monotonous enemies, levels and gameplay, periodic over-run in the behavior of AI controlled teammate. The plot almost does not develop.

ADVANTAGES dynamic duels, a rich arsenal of techniques, easy management, an interesting co-op mode, good graphics and sound.