Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Unleashed

The incredible speed, blue needles, shiny red shoes, and perfectly-white gloves - the famous hedgehog is re-emerging on the warpath with the global scourge. And in this round is at stake is not only the welfare of civilians, but also the reputation of the hero.

Reviewed next game with Sonic, according to the already established tradition of bad, should begin with a story about former merit prickly runner and ... transfer of its failures, the list of companies whose efforts Sega continually replenished. But this time we have nothing like this will not do, but it is better to try to figure out what the new Sonic Unleashed is good, but what this project is not enough to be an absolute blockbuster. So there you go.

Sonic UnleashedSonic Unleashed
Case clearance levels, as always, varied - from buildings that resemble the Great Wall ... Lack of high-resolution versions for PS2 and Wii do not spoil Sonic Unleashed - looks like a game to cheer

Let's start with praise - primarily, to the graphics, paying tribute to both versions of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and less eye-catching options for the PlayStation 2 and Wii. The first two can be safely regarded as a kind of non-pecuniary damages at the time the appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog nightmare of 2006. Brand-new Hedgehog Engine, developed by Sonic Team, suddenly appeared to be surprisingly competitive and not too prone to long-standing attack, like the "fall out" elements of scenery. Add to that markedly increased the number of polygons in a frame, excellent animation, and colorful special effects, and certainly successful design of many levels, and get an almost idyllic picture. Almost. Because of the technical component of the ideal Sonic Unleashed is still separates some small things, like slowing down arising out of place.

At lower platforms of Sonic Adventure, of course, simpler, but nevertheless, there are no negative emotions do not cause, despite the lack of high-resolution, textured textures and the like tinsel. Scene scene, too, look at the "five plus" even make sense to them still do not have nearly nothing. Special mention deserves music: listening to at different times, a lot of blame for the hobby of rock motifs, the authors unexpectedly sudden preference for orchestral music. To rejoice or grieve this circumstance - a matter of personal preferences; us, anyway, the soundtrack any negative emotions are not caused. As to the Voice Dialog, then with her as with the already mentioned in passing plot, obviously, need to accept as a necessary evil - and, as far as they are simply not paying attention.

Sonic UnleashedSonic Unleashed
Most of the old tricks still relevant - so that we are only happy Most enemies die with the first blow. But the blow that must be accurately calculated

In the light of the sun

We now turn to the principal - the actual gameplay, which will analyze in two steps. Perhaps, even two and a half. After all, for the beginning of Sonic Team officials did not deny myself the pleasure of once again force us to communicate with you with the local population. For good cause within the designated "neutral zone", where you'll run for city dwellers trying to extract from them more useless information and collect orders, which are performing, you can get many "gifts" from sponsors, including images, videos and music tracks .

As to the basic levels, according to the will of its creators Sonic Unleashed is conventionally divided into two quite dissimilar parts. First, and most enjoyable of them seem familiar to anyone who has dealt with the classic "speed" release series Sonic the Hedgehog, regardless of year of release. Attention Users Sega offers a line-level, stuffed with a fork, opponents, simple traps and secrets. Your job - in record time to reach the finish line, as far as avoiding the dangers and collecting prizes, including gold rings are indispensable. Often achieve the desired result in practice is far more complicated than in words, since so much depends on the conditioned reflex - a furious pace runs, and the desire to save precious seconds rarely leaves time for reflection. However, you are at one with the protagonist somehow interested in is to open as many additional routes and find the maximum number of points. And that, and another is a great incentive for repeated runnings of familiar territory for the sake of improving athletic performance. The design of the levels used and 3D-elements, and 2D-component: there are traditional camera hangs behind barbed back a hero, sometimes we see what happens from the side, as in any two-dimensional saydskrollere. On the general perception of the game such a change perspective, oddly enough, almost no effect, but it will make the steps a little more dynamic and visually diverse. Another lucky find developers have special moves to help Sonic to bypass obstacles, not reducing the typing speed. For example, Quick Step allows a hedgehog at full speed and move right or left, continuing to move forward, and Speed ​​Drift succeeds in tackling another calamity of three-dimensional "Sonic" - steep turns. Earlier to smartly turn, we perforce went from a gallop to a trot, but Speed ​​Drift makes it possible not to lose speed. Do not forget to Sonic Team and the traditional acceleration - it is called Sonic Boost and at the time of Sonic turns into a missile capable of joking disperse most of the obstacles and enemies encountered on the road. Alas, with the setting sun on the virtual Sonic Boost and other listed talents have sadly forgotten: as soon as the sky lit the first stars, it's time to hedgehog-werewolf and begins a completely different game.

Sonic Unleashed He must be one
Now it is hard to believe, but once Sonic safely managed without the active support of various friends and associates, whether or Teylz fox echidna Knuckles. From a certain point of view of Sonic Unleashed is a return to the roots of the series: despite the frequent presence of characters of the second plan in the narrative scenes, the way to the game levels they closed - there is allowed to run only the main character. Of course, such a decision immediately made several counter-intuitive appearance of multi-user mode - and without him this time, it was decided to do.

Sonic UnleashedSonic Unleashed
Hefty paw Sonic werewolf can extend a considerable distance, which helps to reach out even to evade melee enemies Rings - Sonic's only protection from serious injury - received, for example, as a result of a missile strike on the head

Howl at the moon

Make a reservation at once - in itself the idea of ​​Sonic turning into a toothy, shaggy and pugnacious burglar is not so bad, and could pretty variety of gameplay elements beat'em up. Failed, as so often happens, the implementation plan.

Grow a thick fur and pood fists, your pupil becomes clumsy and slow. Yes, the arsenal replenished special moves, combos and hooks. But managing a relatively-tuned during the daytime, at night, oddly, loses its former lightness - the feeling that the hedgehog-heavyweight bad obey commands regularly poisons the life of a player. And the most serious problems arose in cases where required by ezhoborotnya not someone beat him and, say, jump from one platform to another or to bridge the gap, catching clawed paws for the special "hung" on the occasion protrusions. Primitive puzzles too for some reason, not enthusiastic, as well as the need to regularly something somewhere to move, whether it be a wooden box or ice block. Finally, a great love for the werewolves (or just tired of the night?) Does not show the camera - remember her valiant mot be quite often, as the default viewing angles often leave much to be desired. In general, summing up the interim, is to recognize the idea of ​​transformations of a curious but somewhat ... unnecessary. Pluses Sonic Unleashed, it does not add, but the flaws in it enough.

Talking about werewolves would not be complete without the story of how Sonic came to such a life. Blame for everything, of course, the ubiquitous Eggman (aka Robotnik) - tubby evil genius is once again trying to conquer the world and to achieve the cherished goal of a weapon designed under the influence of which the energy of Chaos Emeralds, Sonic's earlier protects the planet, freed from the earth creature named Dark Gaia. Strength of the monster was so large that the continent is literally torn to pieces - they return to a normal state and becomes your priority. Well Ezhova lycanthropy - it is only a side effect of the simultaneous "exposure" Sonic chaos energy and weapons Eggman.

Sonic UnleashedSonic Unleashed
Some techniques from the vast arsenal of ezhoborotnya easily help you get rid of the crowds of enemies at once Rushing to the finish line, think - is it worth risking the time and the rings in a fleeting encounter with another foe

Werewolf in the thorns

Not getting rid of all ills predecessors, Sonic Unleashed, however, provide decent future extensions of the game - an interesting, first of all, fans of the hero, the second - people just do not indifferent to the genre of platform games. Let the levels of ezhoborotnya seem redundant and boring, catchy graphics and supersonic speed daytime stages outweigh the bad. And yet we can not afford not to warn the dear reader: the contrast between the two "halves» Sonic Unleashed too powerful - how good are daily jogging is just as boring and strange looks walking in the moonlight. And while much smaller than the first! So if you're not ready for "good" Sonic put up with his bad antipode, then ... It turns out that you Sonic Team once again failed to please.

Sonic Unleashed Around the world
Dealing with a multiplatform project, we have repeatedly faced with obviously dismissive attitude of developers to a particular console - for example, because of technological limitations or lesser popularity. The situation with the graph shows that in the case of Sonic Unleashed to please as much as possible to all. If the version for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have an advantage due to more technology-image, they released on Nintendo Wii «Sister" tried to take revenge by imprisoned under the Wii-remote elements of gameplay. Most of them are implemented in a "night" side - for example, different abilities Sonic werewolf can be activated not only by the PDC, but also a "nunchuk". Furthermore, levels of Wii-version was miraculously spared from some of the problems with the camera, and play for the werewolf has much more often - the number of relevant phases of increased right up to two dozen. Also be worth noting that versions for Wii and PlayStation 2 is not boring "neutral zones" - they were replaced with text screens romp that takes much less time.

Sonic UnleashedSonic Unleashed