Order of War. Release

Order of War. Release
The greatest conflict in human history has already devoted more than one hundred games, but he still continues to be the main topic for developers. Wargaming.net, for example, has already released two strategies based on the Second World War. Last year's "Operation Bagration", "left much to be desired - not in the sense that the game was bad, but that the potential of RTS was not revealed until the end. Let's see how it was her heir - Order of War.

Vargeymy before they are hatched

For those who like to command in the fields of World War II, this autumn, of course, turned out to be golden. "1C" continues to develop the hard-core topics "Art of War», Graviteam launched a pilot "The Battle of Kharkov, and Wargaming.net outbreak of the second real-time-project in its history.

True, no hardcore, no experimental Order of War will not name. And with the aforementioned games do not compare - in front of us rather a variation on the theme of World in Conflict and others like her. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Wargaming.net assembled from existing parts is very nice vehicle, the main advantages of which - a nice look and feel in control. With the Order of War cope even novice commander. Here there is tons of statistics for each unit, and the loss of a pair of tanks will not lead to an inevitable loss. And in general rather than personal custody of every soldier we command whole units (ie one yunite could "contain" as four tank or a dozen Marines).

Order of War. ReleaseOrder of War. Release
Graphic illustration of the thesis on the extent of Order of War. This Tank Brigade - only a detachment sent to seize the "key points". If you are entrenched on a hill, the enemy will be repeatedly rolled on impregnable fortifications, not even trying to find an alternative.

Wargaming.net decision to cut up to a limit micromanagement allows you to focus on strategic objectives. Fully justified hike, especially if one considers that under your command is usually quite a lot of combat units. Yes, at the beginning of the campaign for the U.S. you are in command of only two dozen marines, but then charge you grab a piece of Omaha Beach, issuing under the control of a small flotilla.

Special thanks should say Wargaming.net for a good interface that allows you to orient yourself in a situation even in the midst of battle. All necessary information is concentrated on a single screen, and the fact that the call for reinforcements, to test its combat readiness and to send soldiers into battle, you need a few mouse clicks.

Order of War. Release Star World
Order of War. Release
Krupp K5 («Leopold")

Imagine a railroad car, which is installed on the roof of a huge gun in caliber 283 mm. Impressive? Krupp K5 can maintain accurate fire at ranges up to 60 km shells weighing about 120 kg each, with the first salvo knocked out windows in a radius of 500 m from the gun. Typically, the platform was hidden from the air / artillery fire in the tunnel, rolling, just to make the volley. From 1936 to 1945, the Nazis were built about 25 of these guns.

Order of War. Release
Tiger II («King Tiger")

His nickname Tank justified entirely - Konigstiger was the heaviest tank of the European World War II. 88 mm gun, let him hit any technique, and thick plates of armor that are located at large angles of inclination, provided protection from the majority of anti-tank weapons. However, because of the sheer weight of the experimental samples Tigers crept across the battlefield with the speed of turtles, and sometimes does glohli right during the battle. To mass-produce the Germans did not have time - just off the assembly line went off less than 500 models of Tiger II.

Order of War. Release
BM-8/BM-13/BM-31 (Katyusha)

"Katyusha" in Europe were more afraid of the giant guns and heavy tanks. Multiple rocket launcher rockets are not very accurate, but it is not required - many issued by the missiles anyway and hit the very purpose, and all that is near. A deafening howl of shells completes the picture. Of mobility made it possible to quickly change the position, but on each machine was a box of explosives and a fuse - in the event of capture technology crew had to blow up the "Katyusha".

Galloping through the swamps

What Wargaming.net to limit simplifies our lives, does not mean that winning the Order of War would be easy. It is easy in this game just to ruin all the troops within five minutes. Frontal assault on enemy positions is doomed to failure, and at long shootout to tip the scales on its side rather difficult. Have to constantly maneuver to create a situation in which the battle will begin on beneficial terms.In this Order of War is very similar to chess: you first carefully calculate "their actions on a few moves ahead, and then neatly embody the plans.

In chess, however, no landscape. But the battlefields Order of War is literally dotted with all kinds of wetlands, forests and hills that can serve as a natural barrier, or a great place for an ambush. A pleasure to watch for the enemy at the crossing and to cover the cross fire. Or incite the fighters.

No chess and "key points" around which is usually deployed fighting. For control of these sites are given prize points that can be redeemed for reinforcements and air / artillery support. In theory, capturing "key points" are not necessarily but in reality fighting, as a rule, represent a movement from one point to another scoring.

True, there have Wargaming.net got an error with the balance. If you're not in a hurry, you can just dig around two or three "key points" to collect a huge army and a walk on the map steamroller. Such tactics are not justified only on the maximum level of complexity, when the enemy is in any case receive more reinforcements than you.

Order of War. ReleaseOrder of War. Release
With blue silhouettes can estimate the position, which will take your troops. Single mission specific reference to the historical events do not have. But admit the fantasy version of confrontation the United States and the Soviet Union.

Military Geography

With regard to geography, the Order of War provides an opportunity to go on both fronts. Wargaming.net offers two campaigns of nine missions, you can play either the U.S. or for the Wehrmacht (for the Soviet campaign, as we were warned, no place, consolation to serve only four independent mission). Adventures of the American Army built around the Normandy invasion, but as a German general you have to gallop around Europe, jumping from the western to the eastern front.

The first few battles may seem suspiciously easy (especially if you start with the battle for the U.S.) but then the enemy generals no longer play in the giveaway. As a rule, the essence of mission boils down to, to destroy all the enemies and capture all the control points, but the battles take place in completely different conditions. You happen to defend the fortified line of superior enemy forces, to lead the assault the enemy positions, arrange guerrilla raids, escort precious cargo, and perform many other tasks. For Germans, it must be admitted to play even more interesting by virtue of the original compilation units: you, for example, will try to battle heavy tank "King Tiger" and the famous railway supergun Krupp K5.

Order of War. ReleaseOrder of War. Release
As in "The Art of War", the first violin on the battlefield are the tanks.The infantry remains on vocals (unless, of course, does not equip its anti-guns). Often, the enemy somehow mysteriously able to learn in advance about blizyaschemsya airstrike and withdraw its troops from the blow.

By the way, the unit - they sometimes behave very original. That infantry forgets to lay down under enemy fire, the enemy's gun shoot at absolutely incredible angle, managed to get the tank on the other side of the hill. Small problem, of course, although it is possible that because of it you have to start some kind of battle again.

But what of Order of War did not take, so it's cinematic entertainment. Impressive screen saver, which are a mixture of archival books and computer graphics, immersive content for the game engine, and were themselves fighting look quite spectacular: the tanks urchat diesels around blossom fireworks explosions, infantry runs through the black smoke of fires ... issues is really what is so beloved by developers "cinematic" camera: theoretically, it should skip the battle with the most spectacular shots, but in practice it is nothing special with it to see the impossible. Yes, and admire especially the former - and the mission to fail for long.

Order of War. ReleaseOrder of War. Release
Fog of war in the game there. Thanks to this easier to plan their actions, but your troops for the enemy gunners in full view. As air support can cause not only the bombers, but fighters. Past perfect against infantry.

... And again, the attack itself, we throw

Those who are from battles against computer Generals tired, it remains a multiplayer mode. You can play one on one or four. Multiplayer leaves ambiguous impression: seemingly no one has repealed the thesis that the enemy is much more interesting to live a virtual opponent, also online, we can play without any restrictions for the Soviet Union. Yes, and maps that are intended for online play, performed perfectly well.

The problem is that these cards are only six. Available army did not spoil a variety of units and, hence, online contests will be predictable, much sooner than might be desired. Well, let's wait for additional cards. Still would not hurt the campaign over the Soviet Union and a couple dozen new units ...

In other words, Order of War, as "Operation Bagration", "leaves much to be desired. In a good sense of the word, of course. But in any case, if you like strategy of the Second World War, you probably get from the Order of War a lot of fun right now. Without experiments and revolutions Wargaming.net make a game that should please both veterans of the genre and newcomers.

Order of War. Release About Us
2000. Belarusian studio producing his first project. DBA Online - computer adaptation of the famous board game De Bellis Antiquitatis. Vargeym there were 220 Army, and 1220 (!) Units.

2003.Wargaming.net releases Massive Assault - the first game of a long series of vargeymov, which ultimately will bring the studio a reputation as one of the major experts in turn-based strategy.

2008. In December, the release of "Operation Bagration", the first "no-step" project Wargaming.net. The experiment proved very successful.