Metroid Prime Trilogy

Metroid Prime TrilogyMetroid Prime Trilogy
Excessive complexity of some of the bosses in Echoes "Trilogy" has been corrected. (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes) In different parts of the game, Samus helmet different functions. In the third example, with the help obtained call for suitable landing sites for the spacecraft. (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)
GameCube was not nearly as successful as the PlayStation 2, and most gamers prefer the console from Sony, conceding more than worthy exclusives from camp Nintendo. Such as Eternal Darkness, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and the first two Metroid Prime. Now, with the increasing popularity of Wii, reissues of old hits have become more urgent.

Many will say - why, they say, these reissues, when the Wii full backward compatibility? Well, it is necessary to find "kubovskih" games memory card and controller are not very easy (especially Russia), and the extra costs will please few people. Some GC-games are not compatible with progressive scan (as, for example, Resident Evil) - this can easily be remedied by moving them on the Wii. However, the recently released Resident Evil Archives - just a bad example of Wii-Maika. Whether business Metroid Prime Trilogy.

That there is only one fact that the price of one game, we get three whole - and how! Sing the praises of "Prime" can be endlessly, but we do note only that the first part of the aggregated rating reviews collected, is in the top 5 best games of all time. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was originally released on the Wii, so the compilation appears unchanged, but the first two issues much prettier. They have already supported the 480p in the kubovskie "times, but now have learned to give out a large-format picture and neat look at the HD-screens. Developers from Retro Studios took advantage of growth in output during the transition to a new console and improved the quality of many textures. But most importantly - they changed the control scheme, adapting it to new possibilities.

Metroid Prime TrilogyMetroid Prime Trilogy
Shoot over the shoulders of Omega-pirate is now a breeze. (Metroid Prime) The battle with Meta Ridley early in the third "Prime" - perhaps the most spectacular in the series. (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

There should pause and recall that the Metroid series is devoted to adventure hunter Samus Aran, bounty, dressed in chudoskafandr.Thanks to him, Samus can roll up into a ball (allowing to penetrate into the most inaccessible corners), shoot missiles, and various ray bursts right out of hand, scanning the neighborhood and is doing all a bunch of different tricks - subject to the availability of the suit upgrades, of course. Their search for the most part, and is dedicated to the gameplay. Metroid Prime series differs from the progenitor, mainly just a change of perspective. Therefore, it is not FPS, but action-adventure with a first-person, and therefore the accuracy and speed of reaction is a big play no role. On the GameCube for the movement and rotation of the sight and did use only one analog (rather than two, as usual in shooters). To look around, we had to stop and hold down the right "Shift"; left same fixed view on the desired subject (for example, on an enemy), and Samus had begun to walk around the target. This control scheme is excellent "Prime", but required getting used to - and repelled many of the first two parts (especially those who started with the third and was spoiled by conveniences console). In Metroid Prime Trilogy All three games use the scheme presented in Corruption - that is, you can freely turn my head on the run, and autoguider the desired goal is still working. On the one hand, it became somewhat easier, thanks now to choose a target can be a simple turn of hand on the other - more complicated, because now the accuracy of several hit plays an important role.

Metroid Prime Trilogy
In all parts of the "Trilogy" now have awards, which debuted in MP3. For the victory over the bosses and the achievement of certain gameplay tasks players are given different colored icons that can be redeemed for all sorts of bonuses: the soundtrack, concept art and even the possibility of taking screenshots by one click button. Also in the first two "Prime" added difficulty mode Hypermode (as if they were not at the Hard complicated, really!). Back in the "Trilogy" pilot survived the multiplayer of the second part of the MP - purely for form's sake, I suppose. It is still only six arenas and play over the Internet can not. However, Kensuke Tanabe, Producer of the series, recently let slip that "continues to think about the multiplayer for the line Prime». That is, the chances that the "Trilogy" - not a requiem for the "Prime" and maybe we will see the continuation of the Wii. With a cool running, diverse characters and online games. However, right now at Retro Studios busy with other projects - has not yet been announced.

The first Metroid Prime was, in fact, adaptation of the original Metroid in 3D. Absolutely the same Samus flew on a planet where the dastardly Space Pirates have built a base and woven plots, the same way without a word, researched it, figured out what was happening, simultaneously cracking down on the villains. In this case, unlike the 23-year old game for NES, «Prime" pleased a decent enough plot - or, more precisely, prehistory. Samus, scanning the neighborhood, learn more about the planet itself Tallon IV, and its former inhabitants (Chozo race, creators superkostyuma heroine), and about the everyday life of the Space Pirates. Neither give nor take - "Bioshok", right? Only when this is no dialogue, no scenes, nothing that could prevent a player to associate themselves with Samus.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes has stood out far less chamber. In it the heroine travels to the planet Aether, which has appeared dark twin. Most of the game Samus main goal is to transfer energy from the generators of the dark world of the generators of the world bright, and during the passage of a fearless hunter constantly dart between hypostasis of the planet, like Link from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.Hence the negative: the passage goes too linear, the size of the gaming world because of the presence at each location "double" seemed to be decreased, and the dark side, everything looks too monotonous. And the struggle of Light and Darkness "Metroid" is not a person.

Metroid Prime TrilogyMetroid Prime Trilogy
Garb heroine changed repeatedly. (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes) Pull the door with nunchuk will be possible only in the third part - the first two have remained true to the functional geymkubovskogo controller. (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

But in the third part of the studio is fully rehabilitated. It is here that there was cinematic, which was totally devoid of the first Metroid Prime; Corruption suddenly appeared very real blockbuster. Samus herself has acted as an agent of the Galactic Federation, saving the planet one by one, and on the scope of what is happening, as well as the climax of "Trilogy" was breathtaking.

Therefore, if you have still not been at one time the GameCube and, if you even slightly interested in the genre of action-adventure, you just have to buy Trilogy. Believe me: it's worth every ruble spent.