Genre: platform
Platform: PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, PC
Publisher: Namco
Developer: Argonaut Games
Number of Players: 1
Game site: http://www.ininjagame.com

A British company, Argonaut Games, not so long ago celebrated mediocre shooter SWAT: Global Strike Team, has decided to once again assert themselves on the stage platform brodilok. Subjects were chosen rather trite and quite unoriginal: a ninja. Yes, again a ninja. From time immemorial, these "shadow warriors" inhabit the games of different genres, whether it's fighting games, action or RPG. Over the years, playing the public and seen a ninja-mutants in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the true followers of the teachings of ninjutsu in Tenchu, and did not are those heroes Shinobi. I-Ninja invites us to see how such a theme feels a platformer.

This is our way of the ninja
Background on the new project Argonaut Games does not shine with originality. It all begins with that little round-Ninja (Ninja; yes, with capital letters - is the name of the protagonist) finds Stone Fury (Rage Stone) and, in a rush this very rage, accidentally kills his Sensei. Only the ghost of his beloved teacher Ninja learns about a certain tribe of synthetic ninja who must be destroyed. Of course, as anyone not Ninja destined to deal with these pathetic likes of this war ...

Trite? To a disgrace. Perhaps the only pleasant part of "domestic content" I-Ninja - humor. Although the joke here at all, and not graceful, but its main task - playing a tune on the merry way - great to handle. What good are nothing but a replica ghost Sensei or prolonged cries of opponents "And despite the fact that they are accompanied by all the story rolls and a considerable part of the game, this comedy does not get tired even to the end of the game (and for the average platformer is a very long).

Model gameplay similar to the other creatures in the genre of 3D-platformer. The world of I-Ninja is divided into locations, each of which, in turn, is divided into several stages. Since Ninja - Warrior beginner, he must learn and acquire new skills belt is a kind of pass on the stages of a certain level of complexity. Happen to the hero skillfully cut and shred clouds of "synthetic imitations, collect precious coins, rolled the ball in the style of Super Monkey Ball (GC, GBA), run on the walls, thus resembling the distant relative Hotsume of Shinobi (PS2) and make a whole a bunch of tricks, complete list that does not make sense. The main plus of gameplay I-Ninja - its richness funny and original details, which are by no means allow to quit the game at half-passage. developers have invented so tortuous and constantly changing, "track" of gameplay, that the same methods repeated passage not something that is not a time - much less! Another question is whether this will have to "track" the taste you personally ... but there's nothing to do - if not yours, so not for you. The main thing - in any case did not think to compare the project Argonaut Games with a new generation of Shinobi - This game has no virtually nothing in common with the failed crafts Overworks. With such a variety of options for passing, the ultimate goal of all stages, usually the same - to get the order needed to improve the grade.This is the way and we can move on "hierarchy" ninja, get better and better weapons and new skills. In general, all quite logical - as far as learning and improving Ninja gets access to a more severe test, so that the balance can not worry with He's all right. In addition to all of the above, we are waiting for the battle with the bosses and small branches in the form is not the most trivial of mini-games: the brave hero to pilot a giant robot, rule the roast sea defenses, try yourself as a submariner and mess things up for many more useful things . gameplay I-Ninja may seem anything but just not boring - diversity and humor, the game does not hold!

It's a shame, but the schedule is not as good as we would like. No, no, it is not bad to such an extent as to force the player to saw the drive and burn his ashes fired from a gun, but the game in 2003 much to be desired. Detailing is low, though the game bestowed us with the Dreamcast, about the same hang around special effects. But not only in I-Ninja even with the tight level design! Dull plants, monotonous caves, jungles mediocre ... Is it possible? It is impossible, but if you really want, you can. Apparently, Argonaut Games wanted, so we are to travel to such places nabivshim nauseam. Better things with the design of the "shadow warrior" and its enemies: a little boy with a tremendous head and a thin sword, tadpoles, pseudo-ninjas, giant robot a la Grendayzer and "big scary ninja" look impressive, though the title of something something special and original is not intended. As you know, decent characters on the frankly mediocre backgrounds do not look very impressive, so the graphics and design, the developers made an unfortunate mistake.

Musical accompaniment I-Ninja gameplay perfectly suited. Almost every track is an explosive mix of techno, hip-hop and rock - in fact it's much more fun than in words. We see that the soundtrack was paid enough attention to - as a result, hack vrazhin in cabbage or worn on the troughs over the ball to a very fiery and upbeat music. Not worse things with sounds: a replica Ninja strikes and explosions sounded quite natural.

Despite the unattractive appearance, the game turned out great. Varied gameplay, interesting mini-games, funny humor and literate soundtrack leave a good impression so that the graphics are generally no longer play any role. Strongly doubt that the holding of I-Ninja time will seem dull and wasted - a project Argonaut Games earnest does not release dzhoypad playing out of the hands, or yawn, leaning into a dream. And by this I-Ninja favorably with many platform games, people-centered is not the gameplay and other aspects. Did not these games are valued in our time?