Wii Fit

Wii Fit
Recently, Nintendo launches the all new and new accessories for the Wii. Steering wheel for Mario Kart, Wii Zapper for the shooter - and that's Wii Balance Board for Wii Fit. Balance Board compares favorably to its predecessors - after all, not a useless piece of plastic, and high-precision instrument, it is absolutely necessary for the game, which comes in the kit. And the device that is capable not only to weigh, but also to determine the smallest displacement of the center of gravity of a person standing on it. On this he built features and exercises Wii Fit.

Wii Fit is impossible not to compare with other recent fitness project for consoles - EyeToy: Kinetic. And to make an unambiguous verdict does not work: the perception strongly depends on if you are in the target audience of a game. So, Kinetic much more suited for adolescents and young people who are already sufficiently flexible and mobile - the good thence mini-games often require a fair amount of dynamics. Wii Fit is much more forgiving to complete and / or adults and focuses on the discharge of excess weight - not for nothing that the scales in the kit. However, because of the fact that the Wii Fit not too annoying players physically, lose weight with him only through can be difficult.

Wii Fit offers us dozens of exercises, divided into four categories. On yoga and muscle training in detail need not: all these can be free to pursue both at home and in the gym. Wii Fit also offers a choice of two virtual trainers - men and women. Repeat the movement behind them is simple, all the exercises are very clear and easy to understand. And estimates are set depending on how well you keep the balance while charging. Over the same quality performance exercises themselves, alas, you only have your conscience.

Wii FitWii Fit
Set goal: to lose five pounds in two weeks. Why do game offers people with a perfect complexion - is unclear. On the Wii Balance Board can not jump. But this mini-game, by God, provoking!
Others categories - aerobic and balance games - much more interesting for gamers. What's more - they are close to gamers. Due to the fact that the screen has not seen coaches androids, and the familiar faces of your Mii. And often it will meet those who have recently played in the Wii Fit.

Only bad luck here: varieties yoga postures and exercises for the muscles - a half dozen, and mini-games on the balance and aerobics - only nine. Too little will! And because many of them initially closed, to gain access to them will have to spend more time training. So, to discover all that offers Wii Fit, will have to spend six hours - and at the same time other users have to go through the same thing.

In general, when the emphasis that Nintendo usually does to communicate during the game, Wii Fit looks at least strange. Two of us here can only be run on the spot, all the other mini-games - only for one. Also surprising inability to create your own fitness program - all the exercises have to be individually selected. The game, however, will not fail to offer a good combination of classes.

Wii Fit Personal experience
Initially, even waited Wii Fit - too impressed by the mini-game with zakatyvaniem balls into the pockets center of gravity of their body. All the same - a new way to manage, the new gaming experience. In practice, these mini-games were too small to draw away - and so much more persuaded to buy. It's as if Wii Sports, where only two interesting games for the whole collection, not included with the console and released separately, but would be asked to four thousand rubles. Balance Board? Yes, it has already been said a few games (snowboarding, for example), but it clearly is not widely used - its something like a glove compared with the EyeToy.

A train's already frail young man's Wii Fit did not give reasons. Body mass index - in the bottom half of the ideal range. And stoop, typical, perhaps, for all the "living computer", surprisingly did not affect negatively on the result: the center of gravity exactly where there should be. From my own experience and numerous peer reviews can conclude: Wii Fit is almost useless for healthy young people who are not overweight.

Wii FitWii Fit
Remote in your pocket - and ran on the spot. Indescribably tedious exercise. Encountered along the way Mii vain attempt to compensate for the monotony of the process. Perhaps the most interesting mini-game: you have inclinations of the body to drive all the balls in the pocket by not allowing the fall to any of them.
In addition to training, there is also a test - put simply, weighing, which is recommended daily (Professor Kawashima's greetings!). In addition to body weight, the test results can be found and their body mass index - really, do not apply to this indicator too seriously, thanks Balance Board can not possibly know about what percentage of your weight is muscle. And can easily pumped healthy people equate to fat.

At the request after the test, you can participate in a couple of mini-games on balance, on the basis of which you will identify a sports version of the age of Wii Fit. As in the Brain Training, is the schedule of progress, and nice corners waving Balance Board on the TV screen no less talkative than the bespectacled professor with a two screen console. She will share tips, and ask why the sudden started to gain weight and give you all sorts of clues.

The fundamental difference between Wii Fit from Brain Training - the fact that the latter is still perceived as a game and require the user to a minimum - to give it five minutes at any time and anywhere. Wii Fit is far more demanding - in fact raise the body turns out to be far more complicated than the mind! And the simple daily weigh to lose weight will not help.

It is obvious that Wii Fit will interest primarily adult men who are concerned about their weight and correct posture. And so the target audience Bring localization, which is not in the game. However, the translated instructions and common sense would be enough for any non-English person - Wii Fit is simple to use and accessible to everyone. Useful tips, however, pass by you. In general, if you want a good helper in maintaining a healthy lifestyle (ie, doing charging or jogging, go to the pool or gym) and four thousand rubles for you - not a critical amount, the Wii Fit you can and should be encouraged. Gamers also interested in Wii Balance Board as a new management tool, worth the wait before the release of new games for it.

Wii Fit
For some exercises require a lot of space around them.