007 Quantum of Solace

Overall impression Pale. Perhaps, these words can describe almost all aspects of the new James Bond game. Graphics suffers from the monotony of texture, completely inept work with lighting and clumsy animation death of the same opponents. "Cinematic insert" on the spot, but after "The Bourne Conspiracy" They look very convincing: special moves are not spectacular, and QTE-fights are boring. But it is clear that the developers at Treyarch really tried. The levels are scattered with a lavish hand scripted scenes and all sorts of "exploding objects" - not a minute goes by that something does not loudly "bumknulo. Effectively? Perhaps. But the game itself from it no easier.

The plot is fed from the hand out - while we slip download these files with the comments of the MI6 Bond and his colleagues, but there is not even any video inserts from the film that for the game under license from more than strange. Instead - a pair of screen savers on the engine (the longest of which - in the beginning), and ... everything. If you have not watched the original film, did not even notice that there is a general plot. In all of this is played Quantum of Solace quite briskly. Places - very much so. But here is predictable does not find anything innovative - it is the most that neither is an ordinary fighter from the first / third person gameplay with a standard set decorations - there's even a multiplayer. He is the same pale, but it may inspire amusing and not hackneyed mode of a-la «Bond against all." In general, the bezrybe and "Bond" - a good game.

007 Quantum of Solace007 Quantum of Solace
If desired, almost the entire game can go with a third-person shooting enemies only from shelters. Yes, so it is safer. Can try to play Quantum of Solace as a first-person shooter - without shelter, but far from you so do not go away.

Disadvantages ugly graphics, stupid story flow, elusive ... everything.

Advantages of time-tested and an army of clones gameplay.