Shrek SuperSlam

Shrek SuperSlam
Shrek SuperSlam Answers to the most important issues
Shrek SuperSlam
  • Is Shrek farts?
    - Yes, it superataka called the Green Storm.
  • Who was born in Drakonihi and Donkey?
    - Herd drakoslikov (dronkeys), for they can play, and they also farts.
  • Is the Pinocchio ladies panties?
    - Evasive: he has an alternate costume.
  • Is there a potion in the game "live happily ever after" that turns a donkey into a horse, and Shrek - in person?
    - No, but you can play, and for Fiona, a girl, and for Fiona-bounded.
  • Will we see her panties Fiona?
    - Yes, but only when it is in the guise of restrictions.
  • What will be in Shrek 3?
    - Shrek and Donkey go in search of a new king and nabredut the young Arthur, who was voiced by Justin Timberlake.