Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: 1C/Nival
Developer: Wanadoo Edition

It has long been said that the quests are dead. Each new release of the cremated, buried, and then commemorated. And since a few years. It just seems that the whole diaspora Quest forgotten dead sleep, there came another member of the family and everything starts anew: cremation, burial, funeral ... Good quest, we are respected, not to eat is a very long time. Well, I do not get upset, there are many other good genres, regularly delight us interesting releases. A adventyur no more, Humble. Well, let's take a quick obsleduem recently posupivshy labor ... that is a convoluted quest called Necronomicon.

Another cataclysm

At this time, the body cover up various birochkami like a Christmas tree garlands. First we saw come across the tab for "a breathtaking scenario." So, what is the story of this quest (or adventyury as you like). As usually happens, the world is threatened once total Khan. At this time it happened this way: open certain gates, certain ancient return to Earth, and reigned in her Hell. Ancient receive power over the souls of the living and the dead. Sky, of course, will disappear, and all living creatures, the survivors after this, turn into flatworms. All you need to open the Gate - is to read the Necronomicon spell. Once Gateway was almost open, but prevented the occurrence of the Apocalypse man. For the salvation of the Earth he has lost his mind and body. Nobody will ever know what happened to this man actually, because the horror stories that can kill. That is to say, if you think big, as part of the universe, and it is possible because more and landed. For example, from the perspective of a young architect William Stanton. In the beginning, from the whole affair with her mortal terror, we are far. Our problem is a mere trifle, compared with a world cataclysm. Only, a childhood friend of Stanton, Edgar resorted to the hero, puts some obscure thing and says to William it to anyone, especially himself Edgar did not give. With these, at first rich, knowledge, we are to save the world. The plot, as you can see, intriguing, so we will not withdraw from the Cold-corpse birochku "a breathtaking scenario." Developers are proudly poked us a sign "based on works Lavkravta. Well, well, let it be poked, superior to what? Correctly, that game was good. That's what we'll talk.

Aesthetes Trespassing!

The first thing that catches your eye after loading a game - it's graphics, undeserved title developer of 3D graphics. What more 3D? Gentlemen obviously have no concept of the normal three-dimensional graphics. No, well let them in Quake 3 that I play, so they do not embarrass more people, calling it a paucity of three-dimensional. Yes already grizzled Grim Fandango more three-dimensional! Thus, the tab for the three-dimensional unjustly hanged, tear it to hell and will inspect the body further.

My soul long ago stole the suspicion that now play in 640x480 resolution can not be beautiful (and not tychte me my Diablo, I will not accept this), and this is another confirmation of this. Backgrounds were made, obviously, armless painter and the slogan "There Makhno and Makhnev here, here and left us a house. There smear, smear out there, here and went Berezhok. Well, that does not know me at all this ... " In the end, turned out they do not understand that.More precisely, it is understandable, but to talk about it in our obscenely polite society would be too unseemly:).

And look at the screenshots and hold them look a couple of minutes. That looks exactly the Necronomicon in action. That is, with rare exceptions, the image is static. Only characters that are rarely, but still occur to you during the game, at best, perform repetitive actions such as scratching and picking his nose. And now look at the screenshot, which shows the sea. So, it is also absolutely do not want to move and will be exactly like the image below for an unlimited time. So, judging by the chart, the atmosphere - potentially the most basic trump game based on the works of HP Lovecraft - trampled on the tonsils. Tablet "based on works Lavkravta" threw rotten tomatoes, as in general, and the developers themselves. Let's see, what to do with sound.

By himself

With sound no better. That is better but not much. Voice of 1C traditionally earns "4" on a scale: all the same professional actors (one of the character voiced by Zach from Cursed Lands, that at first amuses), the same emphasis on each syllable ... It would seem that what is easier - to write a good mood music (or, once splagiatili Lovecraft, and it can borrow), make it interactive (including strict linearity, to do so by simply brilliant). Come to the gloomy house, began to play somber music, come home, and now the quiet track, which symbolizes that we are safe. Create a mood of a player is not so difficult, if necessary. In our case, did not want. The fact that the Necronomicon is you often have to be content with surround sound: the wind, the noise of the real sea gulls, and occasionally there will be music that is totally out of place ... Perhaps counting to Lose a Lovecraft and his "3D graphics" and found the sound just does not fit. But hang birochku not forgotten - the original music in stereo. " What do you think, I just burn it, or first cut into small pieces?


And now for the most important thing - gameplay. You can move only on certain points. I mean, there is room, and players will be in it only a few specific locations. For example, a table, a closet door near the window and everything. At the site, we can rotate in all directions at 360 degrees. The whole game we will observe only the surrounding scenery (as I said, a horrible sight) and kursorchik middle of the screen, that's it! No menyushek, inventory and other items of decor in the main game window there. Inventory, map and everything else is called by pressing certain buttons. In general, the interface is intuitive (cursor-hand - take the arrow - go), but it is unpleasant to look at and made disgusting, from an aesthetic point of view.

And you still broke through kilobytes of information about the graphics, sound to the most important. "But still, I wonder whether the play?" - You ask. Ugly, slow paced and not so entangled plot, a terrible situation with the sound did their dirty deed. Play is not something that is uninteresting, but simply and even disgusting. Another great idea ruined by sloppy execution. Expected to leave on a Lovecraft? No, dear, now this will not work.

Well, what can I say in the end.Game, we have already buried, but because I did not even mention the fact that all homes, regardless of their appearance, inside look the same, I did not mention the fact that a handful of coins - it's first 40 evergreens, then 5 more, plus all The same handful of coins surrender, and so much more, that does not even require mentioning. And so it is already clear from what we're dealing with. I do not know how long before the end of the world, but before the death of quests we, ladies and gentlemen, have survived. Tamp the grave ..