Blitz the League II

Blitz the League II
The first part of Blitz the League has shown us what happens when you cross American football and MMA. Second, in general, does not contribute to this situation is nothing new, it just develops it.

Before us is the same field, the same sixteen people that make up two teams, and an oblong ball. And most are not driven by a man who keeps the ball in his hands: everyone is trying to hit him harder, faster and drop more bones to break. As before, the American football in Blitz different severity, accompanied by black humor and does not accept any even slightly humane rules. Although the basic - especially sports - the rules still retained the full Sanctuary: Each team has four attempts to pass desyatiyardovuyu mark, and the player who managed to reach the end of the field, makes a touchdown and brought the team six points. But no restrictions in choosing the means of selection goals, and no prohibitions on the use of physical force is not in sight. That's what the rules stipulate beloved by all fans of the sport associations NFL: «attack players without the ball can not attack the host can not pass, attacking player who has already rushed for a field or lying on the ground, can not miss the opponent's mask, you can not" ... It is impossible, can not, not ... agree with the rules of real men would rather play golf!
Blitz the League IIBlitz the League II
Cruel and very believable video demos, lets see what you have broken your opponent. Mature age requirement is fully justified. Turmoil, creating in the defense, about spectacle zone is incredible, the gameplay in these moments forever turns into a violent swotting for some horrible buttons.

Whether business in Blitz the League! Would you like to call the opponent's head with his foot? Please. Would you like to make crafty reptile after a stoppage of play? But for the lovely soul. Grab a mask? Yes, everything here is doing! Break my ankle? Oh, for this is even a separate mini-game. Here, you can not just be aggressive, you for it yet, and encourage. Compelled to hooliganism so-called Clash Meter, which, after each successfully executed action slowly filled - until the state of Unleash. And these "efficiencies" range from a successful pass before applying particularly sophisticated trauma. When the line is filled, it becomes possible to hold a special reception, similar Gamebreaker'u of Street-series from EA. Only instead of a beautiful goal Blitz the League shows some brutal submission. For example, if you were on the defensive, you can contemplate, as one of your defender jumps to the attacker with both feet, and then poor finishes second shoulder your player.In the attack, one of the scenarios is as follows: the defender rushes to the striker, but he stops him nicely kicked in the head and pushed off from the knockout of the body continues to move forward, to the coveted touchdown.

Blitz the League II Rules of the game
For those who are completely unfamiliar with the rules of American football, but eager to get on Blitz the League II maximum pleasure, we give a brief statement, the good, the rules in this sport - simply nowhere. So marked is a field, its length is one hundred and twenty yards (about 110 meters) every five yards prochercheny band, and both ends of the field are desyatiyardovye ophthalmic area. The task of each team to bring the ball to the spectacle of the enemy zone (the opposite end of the field) and implement a touchdown (a symbolic blow the ball on the ground in the area). Unlike other sports, are encouraged aggressive style and close contact, thus, if the ball touches the ground, the game stops. Thus, the task team advocates - at any price drop of the running with the ball and the goal of the attackers - carry a projectile as far as possible (just throw it "to be" impossible, a touchdown is scored only if the player himself is in the area). Attacking team is given four attempts to smuggle the ball for more than ten yards. If they succeeded, they get four more attempts on the same ten yards, if not possible, the teams change places. In the attack every time there is only one attempt to pass the ball forward, and he scored only if the ball passed just-in-hand. That is, in general, and all. Time to go out on the field. And - well you play!

And, of course, most of these "tactical tricks" ending injuries. And if in the past often regaled us a short video, where X-rays break down "like a bone or tear a very conventional" muscle ", the sequel might well serve as a real tool for novice surgeons. From now on every screen incident accompanied by a colorful high-definition video, in detail showing that and, more importantly, how to break or break in a brittle body of the enemy. With a good savory sound, relying blood and unappetizing spectacle of bone broken off, hanging in the most unnatural position. Such an unsightly naturalism many puzzling, even disgust. At a time when even any appearance of a completely innocent red splash on TV already supposedly makes people become mass madness, a sort of bloodlust looks real slap in the face every Censorship Committee. Be careful and keep themselves away children.
Blitz the League IIBlitz the League II
So now tricks the defenders stopped the attackers in the Unleash-mode. Between games will not only have to pump the team, but also enjoy the storyline cinematics.

But the juicy crunch of bones and savoring the human suffering in themselves are not able to write a sports game in the category of egregious trash.Believe it or not, but Blitz the League II boasts a competent mechanics and excellent career mode, where your attention will be offered also a good story, capable of the unexpected surprises, like being caught for using doping, followed by imprisonment. Inveterate sports gamers will love the well thought-out and well-tested mechanics and let the game at first seem burdensome and even prostetskoy, some time later (about mid-career), you already will have no choice but to master the use of different protection schemes and attacks, to learn by circumstantial evidence to predict intentions rivals, to properly apply doping and to plan training to wards the athlete gets stronger and hardier. And all this - not to mention the fact that it is necessary, taking advantage of the slightest opportunity to fill Clash Meter - in any way, whether it's a chance to escape the assailant by jogging on the twenty yards or Duty beating a fallen enemy to the ground. But there is also mini-games. For example, when you have successfully jumped on the opponent and is about to cause him injury, time slows down, giving the chance to manually choose what body part you wish to injure. And if the injury caused to your ward, prepare a field medic to stay: In this mini-game will have to reduce a bone, and the squirming victim player really sorry, and he really wants to help.

Blitz the League II SECRET!
For anyone who wants to not only win, but do it nicely, give a full list of combinations for a Touchdown Celebrations, which allow you and make fun of the opponent, and replenish the Clash Meter. List compiled by the Xbox 360 version. On the PlayStation 3 gamepad buttons indicated correspond to the following: X = Square, Y = Triangle, A = cross, B = circle.

XYXB - Air Traffic

XBYB - Back It Up

AAAB - Ball Spike

AABB - Beer Chug

YAAB - Clothesline


YYYA - Dance Fever

BBBX - En Garde

BABY - Get Down

AXYB - Golf Putt

AXBY - Grenade

AABA - Gunslinger

BBXA - Hand Exchange

AXAX - Helmet Fling

AAYX - Knighted

XXYY - Knockout

XXXY - Man Crush

YYBA - Nutshot

YXBA - Pinned

BXBA - Proposal

ABAB - Pylon Darts

BAAB - Pylon Kick

YXAX - Tango

YXXY - The Fiddler

YXAB - The Pooper

Finally, we note that for all its many virtues Blitz the League II, certainly not the ideal game. This is not the most advanced graphics, sometimes very clumsy animation, especially when athletes just walking around the field, and besides, the gameplay in any moment may descend to the feverish threshing for all buttons. Nevertheless, we have a good alternative nabivshim nauseam, "the annual simulations, especially the stellar and gorgeous, but still not half such a cheerful and turretless Madden NFL. If you want to look at football through the eyes of a mad fan, the game really rough, extremely cruel, but let the rest bloody, but in sports, exciting than ever, Blitz the League II - for you.
Blitz the League IIBlitz the League II
In the second half of the game inscriptions «Fumble» and following immediately behind it «Interception» get ready to see often. AI will take you the ball in the most unimaginable situations, for which you do not just curse him. One of the novelties of the second part. Now the enemy can not just lay on the ground, but also the foresight to finish. The stronger he will get, the more stamina he will lose. Often, after those cheat maneuvers that performs on the field of AI, this is the only outlet for the player. Well, not counting, of course, the burning desire to "catch up bastard and break him something good."