Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3
Imagine if all the journalists of our planet has unusual abilities. Instead of bringing people bad news for breakfast and criminal chronicle for dinner, they would have themselves struggled with crime. And after a decent win excitedly scribbled b autobiography. Well, not a utopia? Ah, dreams, dreams ... Even in the virtual world we have only one such - and even that did not really even a journalist, and as a freelance photographer. But he can run on the walls, jump across the ceiling, and photographing a loved one in the most impossible angles, earning a living obtained images. In addition, he has devoted more than a dozen games on various platforms, and recently released third full-length movie. And with it - and the eponymous game, which we will tell.

By pervosti authors of the movie plot and did not remember: Peter Parker, on his ears caught in a multi-colored tights, methodically eliminating the city from crime, occasionally bringing eternally bored Mary Jane in different parts of the city. On the way the photographer found a mutant comic book heroes, about whom the movie and no one remembered - Electro, Kingpin, Kraven, Rhino and many others. Is not it a gift for the true fans?

And yet, the plot inevitably will turn to the motion picture rails are laid, but ... this time you'll be almost my only weapon is not in the middle of the game. And then jump out onto the stage noisy and Sandman and Green Goblin, and Venom. And every battle with the boss - fresh, not repeats from the previous battle, with all of them have pretty tricky. After the bout with the leaders often consist of multiple "hits". Typically, the key battles can not do without QTE-episodes (case Shenmue is alive and flourishing). These tests on the knowledge dzhoypada not only difficult in themselves - to set aside some fraction of a second! Developers ruthless - will have to memorize the combination and acquisition controller stronger. Coped with nazhimaykoy? Do not relax - Agility has come in handy. Uncomplicated first combo over time become more complex: a shallow and unsophisticated combat system in the Spider-Man 3 only at the beginning - you still have time to get lost in the buttons. And because a large part of all the techniques required have to be applied: even quadruple the enemy poses a risk to life, but if you're surrounded by seven or, God forbid, more enemies, will have to give everything to the fullest - wimps do not take into superheroes.

Spider-Man 3Spider-Man 3
If you do not listen carefully to Bruce Campbell, incessantly chattering during training, to advance beyond the first room will be very difficult. (PC) This is not a monster from a horror movie, but only peace hostage. The other characters in the game does not look better - mostly you will recognize them not puffy persons (how much they drink?), And their voices. (PC)
Additional features that appear as you progress through the game, too, will not be superfluous. Say, learning to shoot a web at once with both hands (respectively - to cling to the two buildings at a time) or by increasing the speed of movement through the city, you can greatly simplify your life.

A run would have done.In addition to the forty-plus story missions, the developers have prepared a lot more, which include both civilians (eg, moving from one city to another point on the speed), and fighting. In the second case, the main entertainment will be luptsovka New York Gopnik and other criminal elements. Tired? Have fun catching up with car thieves. All of this is the first time brings a lot of fun, but over time, still bored, forced to return to the rails of the plot.

Incidentally, at some levels is not without possibility (or rather, strictly necessary) to try on a black suit, which has become a real headache for our hero in the film. If someone has not had time to see "Enemy in the reflection, a little gossip: With no one to an alien substance, Parker had the opportunity to become darker Spider-Man. Of course, it gave Peter an amazing effect, but that's bad luck - an alien plague gave vent to all his dark character trait.

Spider-Man 3Spider-Man 3
Do not try these tricks at home using a keyboard and mouse - dead! Consider buying a more suitable manipulators in advance. (PC) Flying over the city, may not be noticed, but most cars are alike as two peas. But different models of the residents are not so little - and thanks for that. (PC)
Change clothes when you can really want that in some versions of the game, Developed by Vicarious Vision (in particular - PS2 and Wii). In this case, the longer you'll be flaunting a black dress, the darker will become the city: the level of any high level of crime on the streets of nowhere will the mountains of rubbish, and municipal law enforcement officers and physicians will no longer protrude from the nose areas and hospitals. That is, the play eventually becomes not easier, and more complex - think once again: it is worth it to produce evil? But all this is, again, only a weak set-top boxes. But the owners of PS3, Xbox 360 and PC cherished black robe destined to only get after completing the game.

Spider-Man 3 Meanwhile, the neighbors ...
If the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC differ mainly in a graphics and what must be confessed, quality of execution, for Game Boy Advance, for obvious reasons, we have a completely different game. In Spider-Man 3 for GBA is no freedom of movement and a lot more than they can boast of "older" version - in front of us just a good platformer based on the movie. For owners of the Nintendo DS interesting news: using a stylus to make different combos. Spider-Man 3 for Wii boasts the original management and new moves (which is the case with the Wii is not uncommon, of course), graphically the game does not look as good as the Xbox 360 or PS3, but it is much better than the PS2. The latter, incidentally, absolutely nothing to boast of - it can only disappoint his worthless graphics. Well, a version for the PSP, is likely to be considered separately: it will arrive in stores until November.

Spider-Man 3Spider-Man 3
If you prefer, you can hang the offender to the nearest pole.Benefit from this not very much, but before pokrasuetes girlfriend, a younger brother or Mary Jane. If you are lazy to go to the enemy - just pull it through the web to itself, and the pounding from the soul. This is especially useful if in the hands of rogue gun.
In general, anyway, the game is good. But it was not without flaws. Reluctantly forced to conclude that the city ... dead. Does not save the day and night, strode through the streets of crowds of pedestrians and road traffic liveliness. Numerous residents of the city did not respond to the emergence of the superhero and his opposite number, if they are not orders of the script. And it is here travel - basically, only in the story missions. Noise of the city is missing - no honking cars and drivers in collisions silently sit behind the wheel and after a while just leaving. They are zombies, they do not care.

But most of all the charm of Spider-Man 3 suffers from a sudden and usually unwarranted drop in the number of frames per second (Rejoice, the owners of PS3, your version of the basic, you are almost no threat). Optimize graphics designers, as can be seen, not felt it necessary (or important?), But such an approach points are not added. Another trouble is, this time almost all versions of the game - the camera. Poor thing literally pounding with fear at the time of approaching each second wall, if it happens inside the building - it is better to have such levels are not at all.

However, most of the spiders are not lucky owners of PC. And for the third time (though Spider-Man Universe was all a decent game). At this time for arahnofiliyu have to pay the maximum. Get at least the video card, the minimum system requirements - GeForce 7300 GT or ATI Radeon X1300. Of course, today this is no surprise, but even at the recommended 7800 GT and X1800 manages to noticeably slow down your game. In other words: like cobweb, love and upgrades. But even buying up polmagazina latest piece of iron, hardened pisishnik will hurt his forehead on the absurd and even blasphemous constraint: not more than 30 frames per second. " Particularly dissatisfied with Beenox Studios have already written an angry letter, and the developers in return ... not going to fix it right now under preparation patches. Optimize the code, they are also likely not going to because they have very different plans - this fall will release a new game Spider-Man. But this is a topic for another article, and other expectations, but for now let's conclusions.

Spider-Man 3Spider-Man 3
(PC) (PC)
First of all, Spider-Man 3 is much more interesting than the recent Superman Returns. If Clark Kent ruined at root, the Peter Parker is just unwell due haste own creators - anxious not to miss the premiere of the film, developers not only managed to keep all the promises, but failed to properly tune the game. But here is everything you need to hit: a decent graphics, good animation, interesting missions, easy battle system and so on. Even the plot does not have time to get bored within 10 hours of playing time: all 40 missions flying for a couple of evenings literally in one breath. Spider-Man 3 very nearly reached out to a full-fledged hit ... But if you're a real fan, feel free to throw a point or two - disadvantages you will be able to overlook.

Spider-Man 3 I hear a voice from a beautiful far
Basically, the game involved the voices of those same actors as in the movie. But still voicing their characters do not all agree.Same Kirsten Dunst (Kirsten Dunst) cited lack of time - and the role of Mary Jane Watson went to Kari Wahlgren (Kari Wahlgren), took part in ozvuchke games such as Armored Core 4, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, and Tales of Symphonia. However, the most responsible for his work came only two people: Makguaer Toby (Toby Maguire) and loquacious commentator. It was he who first annoys his chatter in the first mission (which is also a kind of exercise routine), but then it becomes like a family. His unique voice and unique sense of humor is not for nothing that will seem familiar - ignites himself, Bruce Campbell (Bruce Campbell), the famous "Ash Williams» (Ash Williams) of the trilogy, "Evil Dead". Do not remember? Immediately read the article Katie Tonechkinoy in Strange Games »№ 231!

Spider-Man 3Spider-Man 3