Name game: Freelancer
Platform: PC
Genre: space simulator
Developer: Digital Anvil
Publisher: Microsoft
Release Date: March 3, 2003
Minimum system requirements:
Intel Pentium III 600 MHz, 128 MB RAM; 3D Accelerator c 16 MB RAM, 1.3 GB HDD
Official site:

Nice now spring has stood out, I tell you. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, butterflies fly, pretty Madame in the spring pad walk, - the beauty ... And against this background that clearly marched one after another from the depths of dusty office developers go long awaited promising hits. The next object of our attention was Freelancer, is occupied by one of the main places in the line of spring releases. So, welcome to space, gentlemen.

I think it is no secret that Freelancer, is in development for several years, according to the plans of the founders was to become the successor of bright ideas Elite and Privateer, the essence of which lies in the immensity of the game world, and almost complete freedom of action. With a deep sense of moral satisfaction we can say that and that and other ideas in Freelancer have found the total reflection: the universe is huge and, accordingly, is rich in all sorts of adventures. On cosmic expanses of games can be quite feasible to fly is not even a minute, and real-time clock, and you never find annoying label "Loading, please wait". Moreover, the path, as it should be seen in many astronomical units forward. So, you quite clearly see the planet, to which - for about an hour flight to the conventional engines. As they approached the planet will increase, vividly recalling images from some Star Wars. Meanwhile, the planets and welcoming (the time) space stations in the game is more than enough flights between accelerated erected in the habitable part of the space cosmic gate.
True, blithely travel throughout the galaxy, as if on his own apartment, is unsafe. In the world of Freelancer every moment something happens, life is seething and bubbling, it beats quite painful, it should be noted. Expanses of the universe is literally teeming with pirates and criminals hiding in a cloud of dust nebulae and among the debris. Fortunately, along with the dashing thugs there are no less daring patrols, has consistently come in encounters with criminals, so that the fighting in Freelancer - business as usual.

It is for the better. What aesthetic abandon such zavarushku? The visual side of the game failed at Digital Anvil to fame: the ships and stations well detailed, the flash of explosions picturesque, plasma clots pleasing to the eye a bright glow - in short, everything as expected, although nothing out of the way. The only thing that somewhat disappointed - the size of "giant" of ships. Numerous demonstrations, games for all kinds of exhibitions cruisers were larger. However, even if such amount to treat a portion of missiles they are quite capable.

Conflicts in the game are between the various political and commercial organizations, and you are free to choose for whom to work. Of course, choosing as an ally of one faction, do not expect a warm welcome in the sector of its opponent.For dozens of activities, which include trade, piracy, police service, working miner, etc., lies and story line that is present is not "for show". History Freelancer thought-out and sufficiently complicated, which makes the game a sort of space opera. Freelancer events unfolding somewhere in the Sirius 800 years after the battles Starlancer. By Sirius left the most reasonable of people in order to establish a new civilization, as old nearly killed himself by years of war. Century of relative peace of new people to break early in the game sudden attack by unknown on one of the neutral space stations. During the attack miraculously survives the protagonist of the game and our alter ego. As you might guess, to unravel this story will be up to us to you.

True, there is no rush, so nothing prevents a player to travel for pleasure and become familiar with the management. The latter, incidentally, requires some "development". Frankly, until the game is loaded, I gently rubbed her long ago who had been in fights an old Logitech Wingman Warrior. The game loaded, and the joystick has returned to its rightful place on the shelf. Alas, he did not need it. Management enchanted by a rodent and a keyboard, and a classic layout Actions, even strafe there. Frankly, after Starlancer, where I served as the joystick is excellent, this turn of events somewhat shocked. However, it should pay tribute to magicians from Digital Anvil: the management of get used to quickly and painlessly, and aim with the mouse, it turns out even better than the joystick, though realism is, of course, less. In general, the physics in Freelancer is ambiguous. Say, to break the ship on a healthy chunk dangling in space fitting is not possible, protective field does not allow, and the body is not cardboard. But quite possible to fly to the planet, and picturesque burn in the dense layers of atmosphere, if you decided to land without the aid of special docks.

On the surface of planets and the depths of interstellar stations you always wait for a bar, a spare parts dealer, a dealer of consumer goods, and merchant ships (found predominantly on planets). With traders, I think everything is clear without words, but on the bar and a small comment. As a tavern in the role-playing games, a bar in Freelancer is a gathering place for gossip and searching quest shabashek. Work can be both placed in the bar bulletin boards, or directly to visitors who seem to not feed them bread, give only to you get worn out. The truth is boring dialog insert except stupid not name, forgive me of their creators. Well, no, is it okay to approach the stranger, quietly drinker your cocktail, and the forehead to ask (just give a literal translation in Russian): "Hi, is there anything for me?". In response, we fly no less silly phrase, "You new here?" To which our space wolf tone Oligophrenic stupid answers "Yeah." And finally, the culmination of idiocy, our interlocutor conspiratorial tone says: "Just between us, I heard something ...." Well, what the hell "between us" if they first see each other? With minor variations, described a conversation the two "intellectuals" is repeated with each visitor to any bar ... But in space, all just fine: ether is filled with various negotiations "on the case, you sometimes associated patrol, talking your buddies are, in short, things are going, the office wrote. " Other sound nothing special surprises, but the music still manages to please. Remarkable soundtrack perfectly match the epic space landscapes and the general spirit of the game in general.

Perhaps, recognition for playing an original style and his "spirit", "air" is the highest praise as a game and its creators.Freelancer, certainly deserves such praise. Combining an interesting storyline, incredible freedom and the beautiful graphics, the game will give you many hours of fascinating space voyages. Despite the minor shortcomings of developers, with all responsibility that Freelancer cost of those years of waiting, we have conducted in anticipation of interstellar travel.