Earth Defence Force 2017

Earth Defence Force 2017
Whatever the pessimists asserted, and the game industry is still capable of surprises - including pleasant. It would seem that one can expect from the game, which is still in its infancy supplied the label "fiscal hack, ahead of time by sending a series of outsiders? Experience tells us - nothing. However, in the case of the Earth Defense Force 2017 experience is a bad adviser. And bad enough that trust in him, you risk to pass one of the most interesting projects, which only appeared on the Xbox 360 over the lifetime of the platform.

Down with the plot!

Actually, why do you plot? Yes, even in a shooter about alien invasion? That's right, the plot is totally inappropriate. And his conversations without further reduced to a few static images at the beginning, plus his short briefings during each mission. If honest, even in this EDF 2017 seems overkill. In the end, anyone interested to listen radiovopli commanders, when the sky over the city soars giant spaceship of the enemy, and on the streets of overcrowded metropolis of ants the size of a trolley and giant robots, shoot everyone and everything? We need to act - and the sooner the better.

Earth Defence Force 2017 Sandlot
Earth Defence Force 2017 - did not debut project Sandlot. Moreover, it is not even the first, and the third game of the series, begun in 2003 on PlayStation 2. The first two parts outside Japan did not appear, but at home have found a lot of fans. What, after all, and worthy to D3 Publisher to try his luck in the U.S. and Europe.

Earth Defence Force 2017Earth Defence Force 2017
In the cave is dark, scary, it is unclear where to go, and the alien contagion fray even with the ceiling. Fight fire with fire - popular wisdom says. In our case - a robot a robot. Although it is possible and on foot - the choice is yours.

Down with the characters!

Fans of charismatic saviors of humanity are likely to be disappointed by EDF in 2017 no less than lovers of intricate stories.'s Character in the game as individuality, silent, never takes off the helmet, and indeed at first glance no different from dozens of the same defenders of the Earth that fuss around and die like flies in unequal fights against alien invaders. Perhaps the main thing that sets him against his colleagues - quite good health. Computer-controlled brother-soldiers usually missing one or two hits for resettlement in a virtual paradise, while our hero is sometimes able to stand up courageously under heavy fire per minute, and maybe more.

Intelligence of the player - the second advantage of an unnamed fighter against the alien evil spirits.Alas, the AI ​​in EDF 2017 does not possess intelligence and wit: people under his leadership as one man seeking to die at the beginning of each battle, flatly refusing to use the shelter, retreat, or pick up kits. Therefore morally prepare for a forced solitude on the battlefield, especially in the later stages.

Earth Defence Force 2017Earth Defence Force 2017
The rifle is suitable for insect control. But for robots cook something more serious. When the enemy too much smarter will retreat rather than tickle shameless pellets of feeble rifle.

Down with the trade-offs!

In recent years, developers are increasingly trying to unite in one game several genres. Action, Adventure, Puzzle, RPG, Platformer - they are thrown into the pot so that the user is not bored. But the creators of the EDF in 2017 and it did not go to the tastes of fashion. Their offspring - one hundred percent shooter, and with other genres do not want to have anything in common. Your first and only goal - to shoot! Shoot everything that crawls, flies, runs, spits acid, spewing the web, rockets, laser beams and plasma clots. Fire on the chitinous shell, pseudopods, steel armor, turbines and mandibles! Enemies must be attacked ruthlessly - from rifles, grenade launchers, rockets, flamethrowers, shotguns ... Minute, lived in EDF 2017 without firing wasted. However, the ability to breathe in any case is extremely rare: still alive at least one enemy, you are required to action. But when the enemy is defeated, once again, to rest, waiting in front of the new test.

Earth Defence Force 2017 Heavy and clumsy life tanker ...
All sorts of vehicles - is another way to diversify stay in the world of EDF 2017. However, with the local fleet from the authors, not all went smoothly. A list of fairly standard technology - Tank, a huge robot, helicopter and a nimble motorcycle. But that's not the quantity but in quality. Tank and the robot turned out so powerful that after a few minutes of your stay "behind the wheel" in the county certainly there will be no "foreign" - and the interest to continue, is likely to be lost. Motorcycles, on the contrary, was incredibly flimsy mechanism. To destroy it is enough for a direct hit; firepower - below average, and the speed obviously does not compensate for deficiencies. As to the helicopter, then you will hardly remember the process of staying in the air. But the struggle with the management of day to remember. Making the "turntable" to move in the right direction - zadachka not simple. Other techniques to control is also not so hot as it is convenient, but the helicopter - just out of competition.

Earth Defence Force 2017Earth Defence Force 2017
If you do not bring down the landing craft, he will bring reinforcements - to keep the pressure will be extremely difficult. To destroy air targets useful rocket launcher with homing missiles.

Long live choice!

Instead of duty two or three levels of difficulty in EDF 2017 there is one point five. And all five really correspond to the declared names. That is to win the Easy can practically anyone who is able to keep in the hands of the controller, Hard to become a serious challenge for experienced players, while the Inferno knock down Even seasoned hardcore. By the way, nobody forces you to define the preferences once and for all: the complexity of the selection screen appears before each mission, and you may facilitate or complicate his task at his own discretion.

At the same time clever developers have tried to inspire us with you on the feats, using a simple but nevertheless very effective system of bonuses. Do not want to risk his head, shooting hordes particularly bloodthirsty spiders? Ok, this one from you and does not require - choose Normal, and have fun. But do not count on the generous bonuses in the form of bonuses to armor and various weapons, they are intended only for the real commandos. In fact, why do you need a compact rapid-firing rocket launcher, when the enemy is so cute, he was ready to die from one of the only kind of an ordinary grenade? By the way, armament of the present and the future of EDF in 2017 - about 150 items. And time for a full arsenal will take a lot. Especially when you consider that the most uncompromising gun can get, just finished the game on a completely intolerable, the last level of complexity. True, carry more than two guns are not allowed.

So before every job will have to think that would be useful - powerful, but not too long range shotgun (an indispensable thing in the melee!), Sniper rifle, flamethrower, cluster bombs, homing missiles or maybe a bunch of the most common garnet. Keep in mind, an unfortunate choice is fraught with swift and painful defeat - aliens barely smarter than your virtual teammates, but all at once compensate for this lack of an incredible number, ass, persistence and a habit of attacking simultaneously from all sides.

Earth Defence Force 2017Earth Defence Force 2017

Pleasant surprises ...

Camera and control - two very important (and in the first place - for three-dimensional shooter) constituents. That is, we criticize them often, even when dealing with doroguschy blockbusters. And hardly anyone would be very surprised, will face us in the EDF in 2017 with the unsuccessful angles, slow response to the character, aiming is awkward and the like, which must be confessed - is already familiar, disease. However, staff Sandlot people were remarkably diligent, but because of serious reasons to nit-picking on all these points, we have found. The camera dutifully follows the hero, never throws it to fend for themselves in the heat of battle, and only during a few scenes on the engine shows donors - such as showing close-ups nearest lamppost. Management, in its part with regard to movement on foot, and almost perfectly: the ward quickly and accurately executes commands damn controller in the heat of battle is clearly not necessary. However, there is a control EDF 2017 and "dark" side, which read more in the sidebar.

Earth Defence Force 2017 About the network
With Xbox Live brainchild Sandlot, unfortunately, is not friendly. And the multiplayer mode is represented only good old split-screen - but only for two people. Next choice is simple: either go along with a comrade chop up strangers in the main campaign, or trying to beat each other in Battle Mode.

Earth Defence Force 2017Earth Defence Force 2017

... And not very

And now let ourselves how to criticize EDF 2017 - especially because until now we play only praise. Meanwhile, a grievance is, and not one or even two.

First things first, try to deal with the graphics, which all leave a disheveled feelings. On the one hand, we have considerable levels of size, interactive scenery (heck, the whole city at your disposal, each house is happy to break apart a pile of rubble from a single rocket!), And hundreds of monsters on screen simultaneously. Plus to this - a very good special effects, primarily, of course, explosions. The death of an alien landing ship, the destruction of giant robots, and similar events are accompanied by a truly monumental flashes clouds of thick smoke and blowing up the rubble. Beautiful! But it is impossible not to notice that the scenery from one level to be repeated, giant spiders (and not one of them) frankly do not have enough polygons, and the animation is obviously podkachala. In addition, from time to time the engine suddenly starts to slow down, not coping with the load, - is at least surprising, given the possibility of Xbox 360.

Sound too frankly disappoint, but on all fronts. Neither we, nor the sound effects or musical accompaniment does not cause any kind of emotion. It is clear that they did in the last turn, and the result was appropriate.

Completes the list of claims is too clumsy and monotonous level design, of which, incidentally, has 53 pieces. And if some high-rise metropolis this defect is not too noticeable, the caves (there are surprisingly many) just right and get bored.

Earth Defence Force 2017Earth Defence Force 2017

By Senka and cap

EDF 2017 - biting rebuke to all the developers claimed that on the platforms of the new generation can not create a good game at a relatively modest budget. And though not all at the Sandlot came as it should, the next studio project, we will wait with impatience.

Earth Defence Force 2017 Opinion Artem Shorokhova
I'll be brief: the game - the plague! From the second-and third-level uncomplicated, like, shooter so tightly clings to acute adrenal hook that several subsequent days of nothing else except the giant ants, the huge metropolis is destroyed by the root, giant robots, fire-breathing Godzilla and firing non-stop (the only way - in large letters), I think it is impossible.

"Scared?" - Asks one of the companions. "Niskolechki!" - Recalled another. "Must Die! Must Die to death by a monster from outer space! "- Screamed a third. And we we press, we press the trigger - and settle down skyscrapers and banging explosions in the sky, and lure funny sprite "lechilki ...

Earth Defence Force as if out of overseas arcade hall distant nineties, clearly reflecting the view of Japanese shooters in general and the war with aliens in particular.And that is precisely the war, no doubt: when you come out with a pistol against his first robot is so huge that the houses below the skyline, he simply steps over, releases his first homing missiles and expecting to charge, took her eyes, mentally blessing, born the idea that it would look so spilbergovskaya "War of the Worlds," if the earth was ready for it. And the earth will be ready - in 2017!

Earth Defence Force 2017Earth Defence Force 2017