Chaos League: Sudden Death

Chaos League: Sudden Death
Welcome to the rostrum. Today we are waiting Pathetic! Golf just managed to clear the bodies. Nothing so inspires the players, as the absence of severed limbs. They say nasty goblins again bribed the judge. Yes, it seems to me, count the corpses just any high today! True, attacking hemlock crushed yesterday released from the stands of UFOs. But look at those evil faces in front of ... Whistle!

Chaos League: Sudden Death Bureau of orders and service
Want to earn extra money? Order an enemy player ... himself. For a fee before the game, you can choose one or two enemies to the slaughter. And on the field do not hesitate to tear him a couple of limbs - a solid reward from sponsors secured. Bruised bodies and judges are paid at twice the rate!

Chaos League: Sudden DeathChaos League: Sudden Death
"Crunch rang through the arena. Ah, the sweet sound of the downtrodden skull. Ho-ka-ut! " "This strike fear every man dreamed of a family ..."

Wings? Feet? Tail!

It's time to remind the players the rules. They also need to know how to best break. The basics are pretty simple: one field, one ball, two teams, and half-blind judge. Creating, she reach the ball before the final enemy zone, bringing the team score. After that, their opponents will be thirty seconds to clear the field of cripples, select the building and re-engage in the fight ... Some are betting on speed, others - for agility, others prefer magic. But the crunch of bones like it!

Especially bestiary now supplemented by three is not sports teams. Damned creature from hell only know that the enemies of fry. Gnomes make up for tiny size deadly machines. A hideous form hemlock and the ball in his hands something to hold can not, but the sting of each counter poisonous tail. Chaos League was indeed a bloody sport. Here, winning is not the fastest or smart, but those who survived.

Chaos League: Sudden Death Boxing Ball
Chaos League: Sudden Death

Now, any player can be turned into a killing machine, nearly doubling its cruelty. Here are just a stash experience points on this skill will have about fifteen games. Very successful games. And the most insulting, that only earned a coveted ability, the latter-day daredevils begin to gather on a pension ...

Chaos League: Sudden DeathChaos League: Sudden Death
"I think the count is now dead ... any high kill bastard! Make him suffer! " Tanks shall not pass! Quick feet, clutching hands and poisonous tail - all pales in front of a pair of huge fists. Especially - in front of five pairs.

Chopper! Chlenorezka! Love it!

Back on the field. Receiving goblins just fished the ball out of the remains cicuta - from a lightning strike no one has yet escaped. So, it bypasses the first defender, second ... What trick! Surely it was worth a dozen points of experience. Yes, and transfer of the player from the veteran team flew a lot of money to coach. Remained a matter of meters. Throw ... Goal! The ball into the end zone. What? This head is forward? Yes, the laying of mines is still the best defense.

Now, the attack led by Captain hemlock. Creating leaders are big money, but have an impact directly on the entire team. And with his appearance on the field, the number of injuries has doubled. Until he dies heroically under the hooves of the Minotaur, the defenders decide to have a crowd. Something very beautiful-facilitate a support group of orcs. A little more audience approval, and the coach will be able to use magic. Surely this will be another curse or a power increase for the whole team.

And once again the ball from a fielder goblins. He passes the pitcher, and he directs a cast of clever shot accurately into the hands of tafgayu. Well at least, all the creatures have now obtained a clear specialty, and not have to wonder why the same pass another mutant. Meanwhile, the attack was interrupted by escaping from the stands with a barrel of gunpowder. It was not worth getting the audience to get bored. Defeated the goblins have already trampled into the ground opponents. Beat lying cheating! So give them a couple more times until the referee is not looking! Perhaps, once again counts the money. Bribes, as before, are expensive.

Chaos League: Sudden DeathChaos League: Sudden Death
While the judge was lying in a knockout, dancing on the bodies of enemy players can with impunity. Branchy menu of skills transfer and remind us that it's still football manager.

One head well ...

The coach could not resist the spectacle and fled to the locker room to the fans. Still, the sport in this game there were only traces of blood on the concrete. Do not worry - the players will manage without him. We need only assign them to attack or, for example, defenders and send in the appropriate zone. The laziest generally free to restrict the choice of construction and common tactics, sit back and watch with delight over a monstrous orgy, grinning greasy jokes commentators ...

Chaos League: Sudden Death Home, sweet home
Chaos League: Sudden Death
Among the options the team were two barely noticeable, but extremely useful. The choice of their own stadium and team fans depend very much. One slight breeze helps to give a pass, other logo on the field are encouraged to self-mutilation. From the crazy fans prosecutors much more, but because they show ... Bring Tear head protector, give an accurate pass, runs fifteen meters with the ball and let in sopatke judge - then the fans will drop in ecstasy and hurl at the enemy's deadly spell or twenty pairs of soldiers' boots. Assignments come across and pohlesche, but the result is always worth it!

Chaos League: Sudden DeathChaos League: Sudden Death