NHL 2k2

Title: NHL2k2
Platform: Dreamcast
Genre: Sports
Developer: Visual Concepts
Publisher: Sega of America
Website: http://www.segasports.com

NHL 2k2
Life, friends, an interesting thing: I recently actively hovering your brain about the "superiority of arcade sports games on the same sports simulators," and suddenly gets assignment to write a review just yet itself that neither is a sports simulator - NHL 2k2, who saw not so long ago light, and, as already guessed the most intelligent, not at some there or GameCube Xbox, and the good old Dreamcast. Here, logically, I should make a sad song on the untimely defunct console, telling all progressive mankind that NHL 2k2 is almost the last game for DC, to put away a tear and sprinkle his ashes on your heads. In short, to observe all the rituals of relying, as much oposlya proceed directly to the story about the game. But, my dear, I will not do that, so as not to spoil his mood, live in the role of the undertaker, advertise their sad good, so that no unnecessary pathos get down to business, I mean a story about the game NHL 2k2.

As you have probably guessed, if the title is the number 2, it must necessarily be "something" that has, relatively speaking, the number 1. So it is: in the quite distant year 2000, Sega Sports has released for quite alive then Dreamcast game called NHL2k. Moreover, the significance of the product as the only hockey simulation for the console is difficult to overestimate, because Electronic Arts new console from Sega in emphasis have not seen and, accordingly, games for it are not produced. Fans of the genre, and your humble servant, too, among them, were looking forward to NHL 2k2 and still waiting. If we express the impression of playing in a few words, then they will be extremely enthusiastic epithets, equipped with exclamation marks. Like this: Be realistic! Beautiful! Insanely fun!

NHL 2k2
And now a little more about all this. First of all, on the schedule. In this respect, I tell you, Sega Sports has made a fantastic breakthrough! Movement of players up to realistic impossibility, and it will not be some hyperbole, but a real fact. Already at the time of departure teams on the ice with joy notice of their incredibly smooth glide, was surprised to behold the only plausible warm-up goalkeeper at the gates, and notes with satisfaction that the players waving in greeting viewers spent just a bunch of polygons that are so bulky and they turned out real . But the real shock is waiting for you immediately after the first throw. When players start to wear on the field, gracefully circling the defenders to hook or by crook to get through to the gate, a tear rolls admiration for professional red and swollen eyes mossy gamer, so here are all thought out. And nimble pirouettes around a defender of the enemy, and a cloud of cold dust, cock out of skates forward with a sharp turn, and dazzle the hockey field, which, as expected, fading to the middle period. All these moments so vividly creates a sense of reality that simply amazed.Paint graphic charms NHL2k2 can still very long, but the trumpet summons to flee ahead!

NHL 2k2
Every word of praise deserves AI computer players. Where there with his EA NHL2002, where I was even at the highest level of scoring at least 5 goals, almost without meeting any resistance! Here the computer is already on a normal Level sets of the heat that will not find it! Powerful clicks your opponents to sleep gate just a barrage of pucks, perepasovki skillful, deft passes one on one with the goalkeeper, well-coordinated team play, all in full you will experience the hard way, or rather, the goal at which well-aimed hand computer opponent zasandalit a lot of pucks . So, get your lazy waving a curved stick called stick and sybaritic sliding on surface of ice! We'll have to think about defense, already in the middle zone to intercept the attackers, press and put pressure on the entire field, in every way trying to take away the puck, and only then manage to hold sensible attack using tactical thinking. All this, coupled with workshops perepasovkami and well-aimed shots on goal, might allow you to finally score a one (1) goal against an opponent. Perhaps this is the first hockey simulator (and I've seen them in my time a lot), in which the main thing - do not manipulate a single player and crazy shots "at random", but a sensible team game, where equally important and the strikers and defenders. Significant role in this matter is believable physics players: you no zhist fail to score a goal out of the situation with his back to goal. And even if you get hit, it will be weak and may lead to nothing. Again, in order to carry out a powerful shot in one touch, you must first "reeling out" in the zone of the enemy, and the player receiving the pass must be ready. And this, believe me, it is not easy. Plays a significant role, and "dimensions" to an ice-making fight for the puck in the border just as desperate as it really is. In general, paint all advantages HL2k2 no space or time. It is better to get a drive and experience all the vicissitudes of ice battles personally.

With regard to the sound of the game, it is simply gorgeous: the impacts of clubs, the rustling blades players rushing at full speed, the crackling of broken glass with a powerful hit by puck, it's all pretty aggravated the atmosphere of a true hockey reigns on TV. Throw in a couple of lively commentators cheerfully telling us about the situation on the ice, and we get a true hockey, not worse, but thanks to interactivity, even better than the present.

NHL 2k2
Well, have trumpeted the retreat, but I'm still not told, and half of what it conceals our new product, not told about the repeats, which are now (at last) show not only the goals or the breach, but also all acute game moments like a dangerous shot on goal or successfully held the power of reception. And that's what I say at last: those who are armed with DC, must buy NHL2k2, this is one of the best if not the best racing simulator for consoles. It has long been known that "a coward is not playing hockey, and I believe that among us there is no panties! So, lucky you ice and a beautiful head! Whereupon all.